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Cryptid of the Day: Tskhiss-Katsi

Description: The Tskhiss-Katsi is a cryptid reported in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia. It’s name means “Goat-Man”, and is described as a bipedal fawn man. Cryptozoologists have inaccurately described the creature as a Bigfoot, a Neanderthal or some kind of primate.

The Noble Beyond

Searching for Sasquatch

Reviewed by Lisa Gresham Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Standing between six and 10 feet tall, long-armed, stooped posture, giving off a strong bad odor, primarily nocturnal and shy, possibly displaying aggressive, territorial behavior. These are descriptions that Sasquatch experts and enthusiasts mostly agree on.

But are they animal? Supernatural? Extraterrestrial? All three theories have their adherents; differences of opinion abound and bona fide data is sorely absent.

With these questions in mind, journalist John Zada left his home in Toronto for British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world, and a place where centuries of Sasquatch stories thrive. Initially intended to be a magazine article, as Zada followed lead after lead, he realized there was a book worth of stories waiting to be uncovered. In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond: In Search of the Sasquatch is the result of that journey.


Cryptid of the Day: Turtle Lake Monster

Description: Starting in the early 19th century, lake monster sightings were reported in Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. Natives of the region described the monster a massive fish, while modern day witnesses describe it as a plesiosaur. Its head has been described either as a dog, a pig or a horse. 


Cryptid of the Day: Trauko

Description: The Trauko is a dwarf or goblin creature of Chilean folklore, specifically Chiloe, a small island in Chile. Described as feetless, hideous and can lure young women into the woods using magic. Cryptozoologists have inaccurately described the creature as being the Chilean Bigfoot.


DAVID PAULIDES TALKS BIGFOOT AND MISSING 411 – Lexington, Kentucky. Former veteran police detective turned author and mystery investigator David Paulides talks Bigfoot case evidence at the 2019 Cryptid Con held in Lexington, Kentucky. A researcher with the North American Bigfoot Search, Paulides is quite knowledgeable in all things Sasquatch. His real expertise, however, is demonstrated through his “Missing 411” investigations into cases and patterns in which people have disappeared under mysterious circumstances in our National and State Parks systems. Mr. Paulides’s Missing 411 books and documentaries are quite popular among researchers of the Unknown, as evidenced by the packed house at this event. Intriguing stuff. Photo by Michael Huntington – September, 2019. @Huntington_Strange_Travels #MichaelHuntington #StrangeTravels #HuntingtonFamily #HuntingtonAdventures #DavidPaulides #Missing411 #NorthAmericanBigfootSearch #CryptidCon #CryptidCon2019 #CryptidConference #SquatchParty #Cryptids #Bigfoot #Sasquatch #ClarionHotelLexington #LexingtonKentucky (at Clarion Hotel Conference Center – North)


Cryptid of the Day: Toongie

Description: This was the name given to a 30 ft lizard seen in Fly River, Papua New Guinea by missionary Henry LeClerc in 1960. According to LeClerc, the creature was sunning on a log near the water. Other reports claim that the creature is a sauropod.