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First Nessie Picture of 2019?

First Nessie Picture of 2019?: undefined



cryptid-quest: Cryptid of the Day: Abington K…


Cryptid of the Day: Abington Killer Dog

Description: In 1976, in Abington, Massachusetts, fire fighter Philip Kane discovered that his two ponies were killed by a large, black dog. The dog had ripped out their throats, and Kane witnessed it gnawing on its corpses. Searches for the dog commenced, but the canine eluded them. 

Six Monsters That May Exist

Six Monsters That May Exist:

Monsters are monsters are monsters. Big, small, hairy,
slimy, finned, clawed, two legs, four legs, or none; unknown to the world,
except to those who encounter them. Or are they unknown? Some common animals
were once myths.

The giant panda was considered a folk story told by
locals but dismissed by Western science until German zoologist Hugo Weigold saw
one in 1916.

Zoology considered the North American wood bison extinct
until a population of two hundred was stumbled upon in Alberta, Canada, in

Tribesmen in the Democratic Republic of the Congo claimed
a giant ape that killed lions and howled at the moon lived in the Bas-Uele
District. This fanciful story of a creature dubbed the Bili Ape was finally
validated by science in 1996.

Science is sometimes slow to come around because it needs
to be right; gather evidence, observe creatures, and record data. And, legends
are just that: legends. Sometimes, however, legends turn out to be true.

The okapi, the megamouth shark, the mountain gorilla: all
once considered myths, they are now in textbooks and, in some cases, zoos.

What legends are hidden in the great wide world,
slithering, waiting, lurking in the dark?

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On a dark spring night in 1977, the Dover De…

On a dark spring night in 1977, the Dover Demon sprung from some dark corner of the universe and into our world, capturing our imaginations. Forty years later, we are still searching for the answers to what the Dover Demon might have been.

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The Mike Wooley Bigfoot EncounterWhat would yo…

The Mike Wooley
Bigfoot Encounter

What would you do if you found yourself being chased by
not one, but two angry Bigfoot? In the case of the Mike Wooley Bigfoot
encounter, that is exactly what he had to contend with.

Mike Wooley was out deer hunting in the woods near
Keatchie, Louisiana in December of 1981 when, instead of him finding
deer, a pair of Bigfoot found him. As he recounts his encounter, he
was in his deer stand, when a deer that was obviously being chased, broke out
of the brush and stopped to rest at the base of his stand.

When he looked up from the deer at his feet, his eyes
fell on a 7′-8′ tall black, hairy, humanoid creature. His first impression is that
someone was trying to scare him out of his deer stand and so he started chewing
out what he thought was a person. When it didn’t answer back, he raised up his
rifle and looked at it through the rifle scope. This is when he realized it
wasn’t a man in a suit.

Pararational for the full article.

cryptids-of-the-world: The Turner Beast is a …


The Turner Beast is a dog-like creature found in Turner Maine. The Turner Beast is described as a dog-like creature with grey fur, small ears, and is known to be territorial and killed pets and livestock. The Turner Beast was eventually shot and killed and was DNA tested and proven to be the hybrid between a dog and a wolf.

A New Photograph of Nessie?

A New Photograph of Nessie?:

Judge this for yourselves. Is this one authentic?

Why I Spend Hours Searching for Creatures That…

Why I Spend Hours Searching for Creatures That Might Not Exist: undefined