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Rumour of New Sighting and Photograph

Rumour of New Sighting and Photograph: undefined

Mysteries and Oddities: Mysterious Sasquatch…

Mysteries and Oddities: Mysterious Sasquatch Tree Structures

Here’s the link to the amazing website showcasing so many pictures of this phenomenon:…

generationexorcist: 10 Philippine CRYPTIDS …


10 Philippine CRYPTIDS You’ve (probably) Never Heard Of. 

Cryptozoology is the study of creatures whose existence has yet to be—or else cannot entirely be—proved or disproved by science. These creatures are known collectively as cryptids. Around the world, these include the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Mothman, the Himilayan Yeti and others.

The cryptid category in the Philippines is a bit trickier than in other countries around the world. You see, folklore and mythology in the Philippines is already full of colorful beings and creatures, so it is often easy to overlook stories that fall into cryptozoology.   I mean, how can an unconfirmed sighting of an “ape-like” being contend with the Manananggal (self segmenting fetus eater), Tikbalang (part horse, part man), Kapre (giant, cigar smoking tree-dweller), and the Sigbin (were-dog) – all of which I have seen incorrectly placed on cryptid lists.

To compile a proper cryptids list for the Philippines, we must first realize the foundations in early animist belief structures. We need to examine the influences from the Indianized Kingdoms, China, Islam, and Catholicism. To complicate things further, there are 7,107 islands, 81 provinces, 19 regional dialects, and 182 native languages in the Philippines. This results in similar creatures having different names with different evolutions over time. But that’s the easy part! Now we have to look at what is considered a spirit being that can appear in physical form, and which is believed to always be in physical form, as a cryptid would be. For the sake of this list, I have excluded beings which transform from human to creature.

With over 200 beings in the Philippine creature pantheon, there are dozens of fascinating beings that you may never have heard of? Here are 10 which I believe fall into the cryptid category – meaning they do not transform, are not spirits, and do not have the power of invisibility.

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little-tunny: ive been reading @unexplained-e…


ive been reading @unexplained-events nonstop so i drew some cryptids <:-)

‘Bat-like’ Winged Being Reported near Oak Park

‘Bat-like’ Winged Being Reported near Oak Park:


Was the creature this witness spotted a large bird, or something far stranger?

Oddity File: Harrodsburg Herald (spirits tell …

Oddity File: Harrodsburg Herald (spirits tell their side of the story) – ODDITY FILES:

The Oddity Files crew takes a road trip to Kentucky, to visit the first ever CryptidCon, visiting with paranormal celebrities like Greg and Dana Newark and Nick Groff of Paranormal Lockdown fame.

Along the way we meet a BigFoot hunter names Greg Yost who tells us about his bigfoot adventures and shows us his actual picots of baby Sasquatch.

We then head to the Hearaldburg Herald in Harrodsburg Kentucky, formerly known as the Benjamin Passmore Hotel 1843 also known as Mercer House 1900’s.The local newspaper purchased the location in 1951.

The claims at this location are just as huge as Bigfoot himself. From Shadow figures, to poltergeist activity, to even a local investigator being thrown across the room.

See for yourself what the Oddity Files Crew finds out about the Harrodsburg Herald.



Map of bigfoot sightings by state.

please please tell me all the weird stuff!!!!!…

please please tell me all the weird stuff!!!!! I love the paranormal!

Wow were do I start?! There’s The Beast of Bray Road a well known dog man which I live close to (36 mins) also there’s this place called St Coletta (It’s also haunted) which I guess it’s easiest to describe as a mental asylum but it really nice but they’s also sightings of a dog man in the fields around there and I live about 15 mins from there. We have several lake monsters. Devil’s Lake Monster – Baraboo (I swam there before I know about it and now I don’t know if I’d swim there again lol), Rocky of Rock Lake, Lake Koshkonong Monster, Jenny of Lake Geneva, Pewaukee Lake Monster, Lake Mendota Monster. (Minnesota is called Land of 10,000 Lakes but we have more so.) We’ve had sightings of bigfoot and goatmen (Goatman of Hogsback Road) Even a vampire Mineral Point Vampire, We have Trolls and Gnomes. Hodag a beast the size of a bear with the head and face of a grinning frog, stumpy legs, and the tail of a stegosaurus from Rhinelander. An my personal favorite Thunderbirds the bird with wings so big it sounds like a clap of thunder. We have a quite a bit of hauntings and other creepy things. To be continued in reblog.

paranormal-europe: Duchna – The Haunted Road …


Duchna – The Haunted Road

There is a road on the edge of Kampinoska Forest, between the towns of Laski and Izabelin, known as the “Duchna” on which a strange things happen.

First, and frequent apparitions are strange orbs of eerie light- here in Poland we call them ‘błędne ogniki’ and they’re believed to be the spirits of victims of court injustice (ex. Alleged witches) or people who committed suicide.

It is a natural phenomenon for swamp areas, except the fact that there are no spamps anywhere near, and the terrain is very dry.

Another strange phenomenon is directly related to the sense of smell – it is possible to smell a nice, sweet aroma in two places of the road. Source of this phenomenon has not been determined yet. This phenomenon has been noticed during spring as well as winter. People say that the aroma comes in waves, and there are few seconds between each wave.

In a few places we can notice growing birches, curved in unnatural way. Trees have been checked by dowsers, and as they admitted – such unnatural trees are prove for negative earth radiation. The very same radiation is causing electrical equipment malfunctions, just as it has been reported in famous Bermuda Triangle or during poltergeist activity.

You can sometimes hear he audible sounds of a marching army, a metallic clash of weapons, or receding figures.

Finally, witnesses say they have seen apparitions of horse raiders, soldiers from different periods of Europe history, and finally, a woman with huge, black dog.






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