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Stalked by Huge Biped in West Virginia

Stalked by Huge Biped in West Virginia: undefined

Mysterious and Mystical Cryptid Plants

Mysterious and Mystical Cryptid Plants:


Since time unremembered we have held a certain fascination with the forests, trees, and plants of our world. They infuse much of our planet with verdant green, and although in more modern times they are something we mostly take for granted, a part of the background, there have always been mysterious plants and trees that have puzzled and perplexed. While mysterious animals and mythical creatures are fascinating enough, just as intriguing are often the equally bizarre and enigmatic plants and trees that have been reported throughout the ages, and here are some of the stranger of such accounts.

Small Town Monsters’ ‘The Bray Road Beast’ Tra…

Small Town Monsters’ ‘The Bray Road Beast’ Traces Occult Origin of Wisconsin’s Werewolf:


Look for Small Town Monsters’ ‘The Bray Road Beast’ to be released this Friday.




A Doppelganger is believed to be a spirit double of a living person that when encountered is said to be a harbinger of bad fortune even death. The term itself is German in origin but the phenomena is reported world wide.

In many high level haunting environments the energy present has been known to mimic people involved. This could be throwing their voice to full bodied apparitions identical to a person present in the environment.

Some very famous haunted locations seem to play host to this kind of activity. The one example that comes to my mind is the famous Doppelganger of Waverly Hills in Kentucky. Visitors to the location have long reported coming in contact with an entity that resembled someone in their tour group or someone they know in their personal lives not physically present.

Data for this phenomenon is sketchy at best but with a rich history and thousands of reports it certainly merits our continued research and investigation.



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WAMPUS: West Virginia’s Black Panther Sightings

Growing up in rural West Virginia talk of large black cats roaming the hills and stalking farmlands was pretty common. There was no doubt or question as to the existence of such creatures. My high school was named after the beast and I know of dozens of people who have had alleged encounters with the creature over the years including my father.

This belief is not without documented evidence. Every year pictures and video emerges claiming to depict the panther but yet the mainstream scientific community approaches the subject with a very strange and negative bias in spite of the overwhelming data that suggests something is out there. That tends to be the song and dance all to often these days unfortunately.

Tracks, prey animals found in trees with large puncture wounds to the neck, loud screaming calls heard deep in the night, face to face sightings like the one in going to mention below that leave no doubt as to what is being seen.

My father got up one morning and got dressed and headed off to work. It was a clear, sunny, fall morning but something happened to him that day that changed him forever. In fact, not a day went by after that he didn’t mention his encounter and he went to his grave never changing a single detail. Anyway, there was a lound screech of tires out front and dad came running back inside completely out of breath and in total shock and awe. He proceeded to tell me that on the way to work he was traveling the dirt road up the mountain and there on the bank less than 30 yards from him was a large black cat that he said looked like something right out of Animal Planet or the Zoo and there was no doubt that he was face to face with a black panther. He said the beast had the body size of a very large dog with a long, curved tail and overall kept very low to the ground. He said it looked him in the eye and sort of growled a little revealing a nasty set of teeth. The beast shook it’s head, got up and walked up the hill and out of sight.

I remember him getting furious with the show Monster Quest which did an episode about the Black Cats of West Virginia in which they concluded it was impossible for such a creature to live in these parts which goes in the face of centuries worth of reported sightings.

The Native Americans witnessed the creature regularly and recorded it in their art, stories and oral culture passed down through generations. Wampus Cat they called it. Same description as the creature seen to this day. To simply cast all the data aside and say there is no such thing Is completely ridiculous and unscientific. There is more evidence for this creature than there is for most widely accepted scientific fields of study and yet most won’t even consider the possibility or give it the serious inquiry it truly merits.

For now sightings continue to pour in as they always have and parents are teaching their children to fear the woods and the many creatures within. The only ignorance found in this case is on the part of the scientific community which has failed to act accordingly to one of the greater mysteries in US History.

cryptid-wendigo: This image of a supposed Alie…


This image of a supposed Alien Big Cat was taken in August of 2016. The photograph was taken by retired police officer Kevin Pitt in Cumbria, England. Pitt claimed that he could tell it was a large feline due to how it walked and the size it was from the distance he and his wife were from it. Danny Bamping, a member of the British Big Cat Society, stated: “The photos are interesting but too far away and too poor quality to be able to tell if it’s feline, canine, a large cuddly toy or a cardboard cut-out.”






West Virginia

Everyone in the Paranormal World knows all about the legendary Mothmad sightings that occured in West Virginia in the 1960’s. My team and I have spent several nights out there in the old TNT Area in search of anything Mothman. There are a lot of rumors and theories as to what the creature might have been. Ive been in this field a long time and believe me Ive heard them all. A quick walk through town and you will find out that The Mothman is central to the atmosphere and culture of the town.

Theory 1: Misidentification

This seems to be the go to explaination when people are initially confronted with the Mothman tale. From Owls, Cranes and Herons onwards there never seems to be a lack of natural wildlife people go to for a quick fix. In reality there really is nothing native to those woodlands that even comes close to resembling the creature witnessed in the area.

Theory 2: Toxic Waste/Mutation

Another theory comes from the horrible enviornmental damage the military inflicted in the area when they had a secret facility in the woods for the purpose of manufacturing and housing explosives during wartime. The base was also said to have been used for other more mysterious and sinister purposes as well. Many in the town will tell you that biohazardous materials were designed and tested on site as well as top secret weaponry being developed with reports also claiming an Extraterrestrial presence which they believe the Mothman originated. All speculation aside the whole are had been declared an ecological disaster and some believe these chemicals have mutated the wildlife in the area causing severe deformities and thus explaining the strange creature sightings. Ive been to the area and the chemical waste does seem to have an effect on atleast the local plant life and swamp land ecology. Perhaps this could be true.

Theory 3: Native American Connection

Another claim suggests that the Mothman isnt a creature of flesh and blood at all but a protector spirit of the native tribes that once flourished in the area. Chief Cornstalk was said to have put a curse on the town and that the Mothman was the climax and flfillment of that curse. The TNT area also sits on Native American burial sites which were disturbed in many ways over the decades. I dont doubt at all that there is some spiritual element at work in the area but I cant be sure that the Mothman is part of it.

Theory 4: Alien Connection

Reports have risen about supposed Men In Black agents in the area questioning witnesses at the time of the sightings. Rumors say that a military experiment or an escaped Alien being was the cause of the creature sightings. This is an exciting theory and with any secret military opperations the conspiracy theories fly so I can understand the jump to this explaination.

Theory 5: Harbingers

All over the world and throughout history there have been reports of spiritual beings coming to warn people of impending disater and doom and to most residence that can remember the horrors of the Silver Bridge Collapse this theory rings true. They either believe the Mothman was sent to warn the people or they believe he caused the accident directly but either way he is fully suspected to have some involvement in the matter. The Mothman was spotted on the Silver Bridge the night of the collapse and the days leading up to it. Also the creature wasnt seen in the area again after the collapse. This could also be explained by the sudden jump in attention and emotion from one viral story to another. Add in some PK manifestations and the story takes a strange turn and explains the sudden disappearence of the being and the more strange encounters like home visitations and its apparent ability of aportation. Similar beings were also seen in China before the big earthquake, before the nuclear disaster in Ukraine, Hurricanes in Texas, Septmber 11th and various other disasters. Perhaps this theory is correct.

In the end what you believe is yours to decide. The facts are that something was seen by countless wintnesses over the course of weeks and months. Lives were lost and changed forever and the whole ordeal went on to become a legend of international fame. I look forward to heading back to the area this new season and seeing what new data we can come up with.