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A Look at a Recent Nessie Video

A Look at a Recent Nessie Video: undefined

cryptid-wendigo: The Beast of Bladenboro was …


The Beast of Bladenboro was also called the Vampire Beast. The creature was known for killing animals in the town of Bladenboro, North Carolina. On occasion, the beast would kill and the victim would appear as if “there wasn’t more than two or three drops of blood” in them – this gave the creature its name. However, other times, the mystery beast would “crush and chew” its victims. Newspapers referred the the creature as

a “mystery killer beast with vampire lust”.

cryptid-wendigo: This video was taken by Pete…


This video was taken by

Pete Bodette and Dick Affolter during the summer of 2005 and later was shown on ABC News. The creature in the video is thought to be none other than the famous Lake Champlain Monster. Two retired FBI agents reportedly viewed the video and claimed it was authentic. According to the fishermen, the creature was never fully seen but they did see its nose and head surface occasionally. 

Bodette was quoted as saying, “I’m 100 percent sure of what we saw. I’m not 100 percent sure of what it was.”

cryptid-wendigo: A specific Bigfoot-type crea…


A specific Bigfoot-type creature called Big Red Eye is said to call New Jersey home. It is generally seen in Sussex County and has glowing red eyes that its name is based on. It is said to make a unique noise that many people have heard, including a man named JD Grant:

“It was horrible, just this horrible, blood curdling wailing sound. I’ve never heard anything like it before. I have heard coyotes, bears and fox and it wasn’t like anything. It was this low guttural sound, it went right through you.”



Cryptozoological Resource Blogs and Websites:

ShukerNature: Cryptozoologist Karl Shuker’s blog. He writes updates to this blog often and writes about many lesser known cryptids.

CryptoZooNews: Loren Coleman’s website and blog posts. Updates with things you may not find elsewhere. 

 Cryptomundo: This blog is written by numerous Cryptozoologists including Loren Coleman, Craig Woolheater, and John Kirk.

Strange Ark: This is a simple resource website that is hosted by Cryptozoologist Chad Arment. 

Virtual Institute of Cryptozoology: French Cryptozoologist Michel Raynal’s basic website with a few resources. Also available in French. 

Centre for Fortean Zoology: The official website for CFZ, an organization based on the search for unknown animals. 

Here’s the ‘monster’ mystery behind the ‘creat…

Here’s the ‘monster’ mystery behind the ‘creature’ in Samish Bay: undefined

Backpacker claims to have taken a photo of elu…

Backpacker claims to have taken a photo of elusive ‘black panther’: undefined



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The British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club (BCSCC) is Canada’s own Cryptozoology organization. It was founded in 1989 by

James A. Clark, Dr. Paul LeBlond and John Kirk. “The BCSCC is committed to exploration, research, investigation and also to maintaining databases on cryptozoological animals from all over the globe”. They go on many expeditions, including searching for the Mokèlé-mbèmbé and Champ. The BCSCC is a purely scientific organization and tries to debunk any paranormal surroundings around a creature. 

cryptids-of-the-world: Mussie is a Plesiosaur…


Mussie is a Plesiosaur-like creature living in Muskrat Lake in Ontario Canada. Mussie is described as a living Plesiosaur with a large body, a long neck, and large flippers which help it move through the water. In some depictions Mussie has been made to look like a walrus or a sturgeon and sometime even a three eyed Plesiosaur. The first written account of Mussie dates back to 1916 but some locals believe that Samuel De Champlain encountered it on his travels. In 1990 a tourist group offered a $1 million dollar reward to anyone who could capture Mussie alive.