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Mysterious Inhabitants Of The Tower Of London …

Mysterious Inhabitants Of The Tower Of London Part One: undefined

Spontaneous Human Combustion (Documentary)

Spontaneous Human Combustion (Documentary): undefined

Skinwalker Ranch is one of the most mysterious…


Hunt for the Skinwalker,” inspired by the book of the same name by George Knapp and Dr. Colm Kelleher, will be released on iTunes on September 11. Its director, Jeremy Corbell, says he has been giving unprecedented access to the Utah ranch, and the film will include rare footage from the past 25 years, across three different investigations of the property and two different owners.

The ranch is infamous for having a range of different paranormal activity, from UFO sightings, to poltergeist activity, to reports of shape-shifting creatures, to bizarre and violent attacks on animals. Some speculate that the ranch is a portal to other dimensions, and it also has ties to the recently reported Pentagon investigations into UFO activity. The film will explore all of those stories and connections.

“My film will have impact on the study of this subject and the field of phenomenology in general,” Corbell told Mysterious Universe. “It’s a huge injection of information to the public on this topic.”

Reincarnation (Documentary)

Reincarnation (Documentary): undefined

Grim Reapers: Deathbed Visitations And The A…

Grim Reapers: Deathbed Visitations And The Angel Of Death | Documentary

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Death is incredibly difficult for many of us to cope with. For centuries, mankind has searched for a means to make sense of the end of life. The grim reaper, or the Angel of Death as he is sometimes called, provides us with a tangible creature to embody the confounding concept of death. Some even claim to have had deathbed visitations.


Castle Ghosts of England (HD) (1995) (COMPLETE…

Castle Ghosts of England (HD) (1995) (COMPLETE EPISODE): undefined

A Strange Harvest (Alien Documentary)

A Strange Harvest (Alien Documentary): undefined

Castle Ghosts of Wales (HD) (1995) (COMPLETE E…

Castle Ghosts of Wales (HD) (1995) (COMPLETE EPISODE): undefined

Ghosts on the Underground

Ghosts on the Underground: undefined

Reincarnation II (Documentary)

Reincarnation II (Documentary): undefined