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“When I was about 10 years old, I was sleeping over my cousins’ house. After a long night of video games and movies in his room it was really late and we decide to head to his kitchen to get something to drink. It was very dark in his house as his parents had long fallen asleep and his bedroom was at the end of a long hallway that you can see straight across the house into his kitchen. As we leave his room and take a few steps towards the kitchen, the house only being illuminated by moonlight, we stop dead in our tracks as we notice two people standing and staring at us from his kitchen. 

It was us only it wasn’t us, we were totally transparent. There we stood for a good 10 seconds staring at ghost versions of ourselves, their eyes piercing deep into my soul, the feeling of which I cannot even describe. Then suddenly the intense stare off was broken by when these two doppelgangers start slowly walking towards us. I make a break back into his bedroom and my cousin darts into his parents’ room. I hid as best I could under his bed for what seemed like an eternity, trying to control my heavy breathing down to a silence, when I see two sets of feet walk into his room, stop at the bed for a few seconds, and then walk back out. 

I was so scared that I fell asleep after a few hours still under his bed. After waking up in the morning, still under the bed, I look around for my cousin whom I found sleeping in his parents bed. We talked about it in the morning and both our stories matched up with what I saw. His parents never believed us but years later I brought it up to him at a family gathering and he still remembers it exactly the same. I never really tell anyone this story in person cause it still terrifies me to this day.”

By: orlyr21 (What is the creepiest and most
unexplainable paranormal experience you’ve ever had?

Tracing the Development of the Doppelgänger

From ancient Egypt
to the Victorian era, an encounter with one’s double has proven inevitably

Before people
began taking photos with our twin strangers on social
media, meeting your doppelgänger was considered a bad omen. According to both
English and German folklore, seeing your own double three times could mean that
death would soon follow.

The German word translates to “double-goer,” a name given
to the specter of a human being seen while the one it resembles still lives.
While the term “doppelgänger” was coined in the late 18th century, myths of
spirit doubles have persisted for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, the ka
was one aspect of the soul, depicted as a spirit identical to the body.
Throughout Europe and parts of Africa, changelings were thought to be
supernatural children left in place of human infants. The Norse vardøger was
less ominous in nature, simply appearing in a place before the person it
resembled, leading others to believe they had already arrived. English and
Irish literature of the 18th and 19th centuries speaks of the fetch, an
ethereal double whose appearance, like the doppelgänger, signaled death.

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