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myhauntedsalem: The Falling Body


The Falling Body

As the Cooper’s move into their new home in Texas, they take a photograph of the family sitting together, but as the photo is taken, a body falls from the ceiling.

myhauntedsalem: The Nurse of St Crispins Psyc…


The Nurse of St Crispins Psychiatric Hospital

Uploader Writes

This is a photo I took at the beginning of this month at the now abandoned Psychiatric Hospital, St Crispins in Northampton, UK.

The night was warm and cloudless with a prominent full moon and the building, of a large Victorian Gothic design was and has been abandoned since 1995. I used a 20mp Nikon bridge camera and took random pictures of the building as and when I felt. The building has been heavily vandalized and was recently partly burnt out in 2014. Most of the upper floor floorboards have either been burnt or removed to deter vandals so the chances of a living person being on an upper floor is next to none.

The windows shown consist of no glass or plastic sheeting on the upper floors, they are either boarded up or gaping maws and that is what makes this photo, to me, quite exciting. There was no reflection possible, no one in the burnt out room and nothing in the frame to suggest any paredolia. I had taken half a dozen shots of these windows and only this one exhibited anything out of the ordinary.

I am not saying it is anything supernatural but, considering the building’s age and history, this image, when zoomed in, looks remarkably like a Victorian lady with a ruffled shawl over her shoulders, next to her, less clear could be another figure but I cannot make it out. This was a third floor room with no floor.

myhauntedsalem: The Return of Catherine Howar…


The Return of Catherine Howard?

Do this photo show the ghost of a slain queen? Taken at England’s Hampton Court Palace, the photo appears to show a woman in white standing in front of the banister. The bus driver who snapped the photo believes the woman is Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of King Henry VIII. Catherine was imprisoned at Hampton Court before her execution in 1542. She was just 21 years old.

Legend has it Catherine now haunts the historic palace which today serves as a tourist attraction. Visitors and staff report seeing her ghost racing through the gallery where Henry’s guards once dragged Catherine back to her room after she begged the king for her life.

Do you think the stories are true?

myhauntedsalem: The Face in the Mirror


The Face in the Mirror

Uploader Writes:

The photo was taken of my twin sister and I on our 8th birthday. We had a very angry ghost that lived in the home with us. My mom had a dream about him, and the name ‘Thomas’ came to mind. Thomas would slam doors, whisper in our ears, and stand over our beds as we slept.

The encounters felt like they never stopped. Night or day, he would make his presence know. My mom did some research and found a census. It turns out a man named ‘Thomas’ did live in our home, and to our chilling discovery, he had a set of twin daughters who passed at a young age. I believe he was obsessed with us, and the day we moved, we all prayed and warned him not to follow us. This photo goes to show just how obsessed he was.

What do you think of the eerie image?

myhauntedsalem: Joshua Ward House Salem, MA


Joshua Ward House
Salem, MA

148 Washington Street lies the Joshua Ward House. Constructed in 1780 the Joshua Ward House occupied Sheriff George Corwin who is best known for imprisoning over 150 people during the witch hysteria.

George Corwin’s uncle is Judge Jonathan Corwin who tried and declared the residents as guilty witches. After George Corwin died his family feared the public would be angry at him because he declared their friends and family as witches that they would desecrate his grave and body so they buried him in the basement of his own mansion. Years later they exhumed and reburied him in the Corwin plot in the Broad Street Cemetery.

Many people still believe he haunts his own mansion along with a woman who have been seen wandering the halls. They claim the second floor is freezing cold.

After locking up at night the next morning employees find candles bent in the shape of an “S” and trash cans are tipped over. Often alarms go off that engage calling police and fire departments.

A janitor quit his job right on the spot after bumping into a woman with long black hair who’s thin and very pale. She has also been seen sitting in a chair upstairs staring out the window.

myhauntedsalem: The Figure in The Underbrush


The Figure in The Underbrush

A man hiking through a remote forest in Toowoomba, Australia, came to a watering hole and decided to rest. But he had the feeling of being watched, so he took a couple of photos of the surrounding forest and moved on. When he went through his pictures later, he discovered what looks like a full-body apparition staring from the underbrush. After doing some investigation into the area, he discovered the area is a hotbed for suicides.

myhauntedsalem: Ghost in the Tower of Londo…


Ghost in the Tower of London.

myhauntedsalem: The Girl with no Face


The Girl with no Face

Uploader Writes

“I do not speak English, I use the Google translator. I live in Hungary and the Hungarian language I speak. The photograph was made in 1943 in Hungary, in Kaposfüred. My mother is in the foreground, photo taken by my father. A little girl standing in the background but does not know anything, just to show that there are no arms, no face, it’s like a ghost or a demon.”

myhauntedsalem: St. Augustine Lighthouse Flor…


St. Augustine Lighthouse

Throughout the years, many ghost facts have been established about the St. Augustine Lighthouse that sits on the Atlantic Coast. When it comes to haunted places in Florida, this particular lighthouse is considered to be one of the most popular. The main reason for this is the location. This structure is located in what is referred to as the “Nation’s Oldest City” or the “Ancient City” . St. Augustine is a location with a violent and extensive past. Due to the age of the city itself, there are many ghost facts surrounding many of the historical buildings and locations throughout the area. All in all, the city as a whole is considered to be the most haunted out of all haunted places in Florida.

The lighthouse in St. Augustine is considered to be one of the tallest among lighthouses located throughout the United States. It is one hundred sixty five feet past sea level and contains an amazing two hundred nineteen steps that visitors must climb in order to reach the observation deck that oversees the Ancient City. The land that the lighthouse rests upon has had a sea guiding structure on it since the early 1500s. However, the lighthouse that currently stands has only been on the property since the 15th day of October 1874. Prior to this, the lighthouse that guided the sea ships in the Atlantic Ocean was only forty feet tall and was constructed of wood, contained only a lamp, and displayed a large number of flags.

In order to understand the ghost facts associated with the St. Augustine Lighthouse, it is important to gain an understanding of the history of the location. By knowing a bit of the history of the area, you will be better able to appreciate and understand why this is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Florida. Despite the fact that the current lighthouse was finished in the year of 1874, the actual construction originated in the year of 1871. Shortly after the completion of the lighthouse, work started on a home that would serve as a residence for the lightkeepers and their families. This was designed to house up to three individual families. This structure was designed using Victorian architecture and was completed within the year of 1876. It was common for a head keeper to oversee the structure and operation and for that keeper to have up to two additional assistants to assist in the responsibilities. In the year of 1955, lightkeepers were no longer necessary – only lamplighters were required. These individuals did not live on the grounds.

The ocean is often associated with many tragedies. This is particularly true of the Atlantic Ocean. Tropical storms and hurricanes throughout the years have caused many ships and liners to sink and many to lose their lives. In addition to this, many ships have been unable to withstand the harsh waves and currents of the open waters. As a result, many water vessels have collapsed under pressure and have sunk into the dark depths of the Atlantic Ocean. One of the ghost facts associated with the St. Augustine Lighthouse is that it appears – throughout history – that the light emitted from the tower not only attracts the living, but also the souls of those that lose their lives at sea. For well over one hundred fifty years, many ghostly tales have been told about these lost souls by those that worked at and lived around the St. Augustine Lighthouse. These stories have contributed to its reputation as one of the most haunted places in Florida.

The next story associated with this haunted Florida lighthouse surrounds a little girl dressed in clothing that is appropriate to the era of the early Twentieth Century. Upon investigating deaths that occurred in the late 1900s, it was found that a small girl was killed by a train that often ran near the grounds of the lighthouse during the time period. The documentation surrounding this child’s death is not at all specific enough to give a set age, but the individuals that have claimed to have seen her spirit tell that she looks as if she is ten to eleven years of age. Many witnesses to this real ghost claim that she is often seen walking around the structure that the lightkeepers resided in as well as the tower itself – just behind the bushes. Paranormal investigators feel that this young girl could be a residual haunting, or a recording of past events that occurred during her lifetime. She is believed to be connected to the St. Augustine Lighthouse in some way or another.

When researching ghost facts associated with this haunted lighthouse, there is another story associated with children. While there are many different versions of the story, the most basic story is that in the 1870s, when the current lighthouse was being constructed, two children of a lightkeeper as well as another girl that may have been the daughter or a maid or slave were playing on a railcar that was used to bring construction supplies in from the ships on the ocean. Unfortunately, the railcar crashed into the violent ocean. It is believed that the African American child was able to successfully escape the violent sea, but that the other two girls were not successful and died. Since then, many reports have been made of a small girl lingering in and around the lightkeeper home, as well as the tower itself. Today, many still claim to see this young girl staring out of the window of the lightkeeper residence.

While the stories of children spirits are the most commonly expressed ghost facts associated with the St. Augustine Lighthouse, several other spirits are believed to haunt the grounds as well. One tale involves a man who lost a large fortune in the stock market crash that occurred in the year of 1929. It is believed that he was so shaken over his financial loss that he took his own life by hanging himself. However, it is important to understand that no documentation actually supports this claim

myhauntedsalem: This pic comes from the San R…


This pic comes from the San Remo Hotel in San Francisco, CA. Though a number of ghosts reportedly haunt the 107-year-old property, Room #13 was home to an elderly woman who died in her bed when the hotel was a boarding house