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The Case that Shook (literally) Real Estate Law

In the late 1960s, George and Helen Ackley purchased a fixer-upper…a Victorian “mansion” located along the Hudson River in Nyack, New York. The home, which sat at 1 LaVeta Place, was about 20 miles north of New York City, and already had a reputation. As the Ackleys moved in, neighborhood children were sure to let the family know that the deteriorating Victorian was “haunted.”

The family shortly found out that there may actually be something to the children’s tales. Over the years, the family, most notably Helen, went through plenty of strange, poltergeist activities. In one tale that is often told, the daughter, Cynthia, was awakened every morning for school by someone shaking her bed. When Spring Break rolled around, she told the ghost that she would like to sleep in…and the bed did not shake. Other family members constantly received small gifts that materialized out of nowhere. Babies were given baby rings that disappeared as quickly as they appeared, and other gifts included silver tongs and plenty of coins. Fortunately, the family was able to peacefully coincide with their resident ghost(s) and lived rather happily.

In fact, Helen was so proud of her ghosts that she made no attempt to hide them. The haunted house was mentioned several times in the local newspaper, and Reader’s Digest also did a story on the home’s ethereal residents. The house was so well known that it even became a stop on a local ghost tour.

When property values declined and taxes increased in the late 1980s, Helen decided to sell the home, and move to a warmer climate. Luckily, even though the market was “soft” she did eventually find a buyer: Mr. Jeffrey Stambovsky and his wife, Patrice of New York City. They agreed to an asking price of $650,000 and put up a $32,000 down payment. And then…they heard the rumors about the house being haunted.

Although a skeptic, Stambovsky said the rumors made his wife nervous, and that the thought of ghost hunters and curiosity seekers traipsing through the property did not interest them. They backed out on the deal, but Helen refused to return the down payment. In retaliation, a civil suit was filed against her, and her real estate company, Ellis Realty, and a lower court actually ruled in her favor. It was deemed “caveat emptor,” or buyer beware. The house was sold “as is” and therefore, the Stambovsky’s were not entitled to anything for breaking the contract.

However, they appealed, and it was ruled in their favor on July 18, 1991. Since Helen did publicize the hauntings, the house, for the purposes of this case, was deemed “legally haunted,” and it was ruled that this fact should have been disclosed to potential buyers. Luckily, the same caveat that dissuades some, actually works in others’ favor. The house was sold in 1991 and Helen moved to Florida. She passed away in 2003.

myhauntedsalem: Signs of a demonic haunting


Signs of a demonic haunting

1. Sounds that go in threes – three knocks, three scratches, three bangs, etc.

2. Peak of a paranormal activity around 3 AM

3. Recurring nightmares filled with feeling of dread, violence and terror

4. Unexplainable growling sounds

5. Hearing voices, whispers, screams, crying…

6. Physical harm – being pushed, pulled, scratched, etc.

7. Strange feelings of being watched, uneasy feeling

8. Strange smells – chemicals, fire, rotten food, feces..

9. Negativity between members of the household – anger, arguments, fights

10. Sightings of shadow people or shadow animals, writings on the walls or furniture

11. Objects being moved or destroyed

12. The electrical devices in your house start malfunctioning

13. Your dog, cat or other pet starts acting up

14. Feeling cold/hot spots or unexplainable cold/hot breeze

One or more member of the household may experience:

1. Depression, anxiety, sadness, withdrawal

2. Memory blackouts

3. Being touched, scratched, pulled, pushed, slapped, kicked, bitten…

4. Being violent, angry, aggressive

5. Weakness, nausea, sickness, pain

6. Sexual assaults by unseen aggressor

7. Strange behavior

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The Mason House Inn

One of the most popular haunted places in Iowa is the Mason House Inn which is located in the city of Bentonsport. Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, this magnificent structure is loaded with intriguing history, and a mysterious present. Individuals around the world who are interested in the paranormal flock to this spiritual haven in order to conduct research and conclusive evidence of the stories that float around this hotel, while others visit this structure out of natural curiosity.

There have been a wide number of ghostly encounters at the Mason House Inn. This is, in part, why it is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Iowa. Joy Hanson is the current owner of this particular hotel. Recently, this woman was interviewed and questioned about the spiritual occurrences that exist within the hotel. Here, I will summarize some of the paranormal activity that Mrs. Hanson shared in her interview. If you are a ghost hunter, or just an individual who is interested in haunted tales, you are sure to enjoy the stories listed here.

• At one point, there was a guest to the hotel that resided in room number five. This particular guest was a minister who did not believe in ghosts and other types of paranormal activity. As he lay in bed and slept, he woke up to feel a tugging on his sleeve. As he looked in the direction of the tugging, there was absolutely nothing there. As he tried to get out of bed, the tugging continued.

• At one point, a couple of visitors came to the Mason House Inn and these individuals expressed the fact that they were able to physically observe a boy, who seemed to be approximately thirteen years of age. The hotel staff has actually named this particular spirit. He has been known to appear to guests, knock on doors, and similar types of activities.

• The room which is numbered as seven has been said to issue “bad feelings” when it comes to guests. It is said that there is a documented case in which an individual by the name of “Mr. Knapp” was murdered in this room. It seems he had mistaken the room for his, but another man had paid for seven. When Mr. Knapp tried to get into the bed, not realizing the other individual was there, the main guest stabbed him and he died. Accounts by guests of this room have noted steps, sounds, and other unexplained events. The daughter of the owner has had her behind patted while making up the bed, and has yet to return to the room alone.

There are a number of hauntings and experiences that have occurred at the Mason House Inn. This is why it is noted as one of the most haunted places in Iowa. Guests have experienced seeing foggy apparitions, for with no origination, knocks, tugging, touching, and similar types of activities.




This picture was taken in Japan by my father. It was after a major earthquake where many people were killed. It was very strong and caused much damage. No living people were there in front of the camera at the time the picture was taken. So whatever is in this picture are some type of invisible beings. My father believes they are shadow ghosts coming to take away the dead.

Submitted by: Dane Morre

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Olivia, Aiden, and Husband Travis

On the morning of March 13th, 1990 Olivia, Aiden, and husband Travis were at their home in Celina, TX. According to reports, Travis went to look for Travis after not hearing from him for an abnormal amount of time. Travis looked for Aiden in the family’s sprawling backyard and found the boy laying face-down in the small lake on the property. Aiden was dead.

After Aiden’s death Travis and Olivia grew apart and Olivia became increasingly reclusive. Travis ultimately moved out of the Celina home, but Olivia stayed. In the years leading up to the discovery of her body in 1994, she was scarcely heard from or seen from.


On February 27th, 1994, Olivia’s body was found in her home. Police entered the residence after receiving several silent 911 calls from the house. She had seemingly been dead for months already and was sitting in front of a makeshift shrine in Aiden’s bedroom, which was the only room in the house that had been cleaned and cared for. In her hands she clutched a crude doll made from sticks and Aiden’s clothing. On the shrine was a cryptic note that read:

“My Aiden,
I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.
I should have never let it get like this.
I’m leaving.
I will not let you keep me
Mommy’s coming for you,
Aiden, my sweet
Mommy loves you.“

The altar was filled with letters and drawings as well as possessions of Aiden’s. On the front of the shrine was Sanskrit word that has not been printed in reports but apparently means “construct” or “to build”.

After Olivia Mabel’s shrine and cryptic note was discovered rumors began to circulate that Olivia had made a Tulpa, or mystical being born out of pure mental concentration and will. Some believe the Tulpa to be the “vile, evil creature” mentioned in Olivia’s note and that feeding the entity her own energy is what led to her death.

But Did Any Of It Happen?

While many actively believe or want to believe the bizarre story of Olivia Mabel, many have come to the conclusion that the whole story is a viral hoax or marketing for a movie in the works. Here is what is currently known:

No obituaries or death certificates under the name “Olivia Mabel”, “Olivia Jane Mabel”, or the maiden name listed on the Aiden Mabel death certificate; “Olivia Renee Harper”.

A death certificate for Aiden Travis Mabel Jr. does exist, but its authenticity is unverified. It lists Aiden’s date of birth as 01/18/1983 and the date of death as 03/13/1990. The cause of death is listed as “Death by Misadventure”, a common term used for accidental deaths wherein only the deceased party was involved.

Aiden’s death certificate is signed by “Jackson Rhoton Earl(?)”, the supposed undertaker. While there is a Rhoton Funeral Home in Carrollton Texas, it is located around 40 minutes, driving, away from Celina and is in a different county than Celina. Even so, it is still possible that the body was taken to Rhoton, but whether Jackson Rhoton Earl ever existed is unknown.

Celina, Texas exists, but the address of the residence has been redacted from the few documents related to this case. Some reports claim that the home is now owned by one Christopher Hagen and has been put up for sale and has been on the market for 22 years. There are no current listings that fit the description of the Mabel’s 13 acre Ranch with a pond in the backyard in Celina, TX built before 1990.

No family members of the Mabels have ever been interviewed or contacted for information or insight into this case. Travis Mabel is possibly the most undocumented person in the story. Some report that he moved to New England and remarried before Olivia was found but no records or social media accounts can be linked to anyone that fits his age, name, or background.

Tulpas exist and are integral parts of certain mystic practices, but there is no evidence that Tulpas conjure evil entities that feed on energy nor is there evidence that Olivia had any knowledge of mystic practices. It is reported that before her reclusive period she was an avid christian churchgoer.

There are also very few pictures of those at the center of this story. Only one picture of Olivia is ever shown and only one photo of Aiden in used in articles about the Mabels. There are no pictures of Travis

myhauntedsalem: Indian Burial Grounds


Indian Burial Grounds

The origins of the “Indian burial ground” legend come from sightings of Native American ghosts near areas rumored, or even proven, to be the final resting place of a local tribe. Such areas can be an old farmhouse in a Midwestern town or even a multimillion-dollar mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

In fact, the remains of the dead were blamed for the vacancy of the Hollywood mansion on Solar Drive, and a murder was rumored to have occurred there. It was deemed uninhabitable after squatters, drug dealers, and thrill-seeking teenagers ravaged the place. But, in the case of the house, the existence of Native American graves was unproven, and it becomes a perfect example of the power and potency of the lore.

Strange occurrences are attributed to burial grounds automatically, without even needing to research the history of the area. It doesn’t take a master’s degree in anthropology to see that this stems from our fascination with a mystical and highly spiritual culture and religion perceived of the American Indian. Instead of the body resting and the soul rising, the soul lingers, especially when disturbed.

So, why does this legend still capture our imagination and frighten us today? Even a skeptic can be spooked by visiting one of the many burial grounds in the United States at dark. Thousands are drawn, for example, to a suburb in Long Island, New York to see the actual house featured in the movie The Amityville Horror. The house, purported to be built over Native American remains, was the place of the horrific murder of six people. Even after the murders, strange noises and footsteps, foul odors, and foreign substances were reported when new owners took over.

Although the experiences of the new owners were dismissed as false, the site still brings visitors hoping for a paranormal experience. These visitors are drawn the experience of the supernatural; something abnormal and other-worldly. Perhaps they are there to confront not only the fear of death, but the possibility of life after the death, and the power that a bodiless spirit could retain.
Whatever the reason, the legend of the Native American burial ground still fascinates us today. We seem to be drawn to the power and possibility of life after death as well as the potential the “spirit world” has to disrupt our own lives. Perhaps we are also drawn to the mystical religion of the Native Americans that seems both foreign and palpable.

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The ghost of a cavalry soldier appears near an old inn

The picture was snapped by paranormal investigator J.J. Rice, who is the founder and president of TexPart Paranormal, based in Northern Texas, according to an article in Dread Central. One evening during an investigation of the property, once known as the Lady Amber Inn, Rice was standing in the backyard and took the picture shown here with her digital camera.

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The story behind this interesting pic is that a police officer snapped a photo of the abandoned truck before it was towed away. However, there appears to be an apparition inside.

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Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh, Scotland has long had a reputation for being haunted. This photo from The Real Mary King’s Close, a company offering tours of the underground street, reportedly shows a ghost after hours. – “Apparition at Mary King’s Close”

myhauntedsalem: A Drowning Victim’s Goodbye


A Drowning Victim’s Goodbye

Frank Daniel Austin, 34, drowned at California’s Salt Lake Beach last Labor Day. According to his family, Frank’s spirit appeared in this photo to say goodbye. A family member snapped the pic a few days after the drowning.

“The picture was taken where Frank went into the water the last time he was seen entering the water. We are all shocked and very happy with knowing that Frank was with us that day.”