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This apparition photo comes from the Marietta Museum of History in Marietta, GA. The museum, housed in the old Kennesaw House, once served as a hospital and a morgue during the Civil War.

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Do demons really exist? 

Demons are often the subject of many modern horror films, with the prospect of possession being one the most terrifying plot lines out there. But is there any truth behind all the Hollywood makeup and special effects? 

Paranormal investigators such as the Ghost Adventures team insist that a demonic entity in the home is very real and it is extremely dangerous. Here are some warning signs they think you should to look out for: 

Activity that starts at in the morning 

This hour is widely thought of as being linked to demons and the devil, as it represents an upside down cross when shown on a clock face. If the paranormal activity you experience in your home starts around this hour, then it may be a bit more sinister than a haunting from an old-timey widow or sorrowful ghoul. 


Demons can supposedly haunt your dreams while you are asleep and give you terrible nightmares. These nightmares often contain violence and dark images that may upset the sufferer. This weakens the subject so they are more likely to give in to the demon. The demon may also be able to control behavior during the dream state, such as making seemingly asleep people sit bolt upright and have disturbing conversations with others. 

Sulphur smell 

If you smell rotten eggs frequently around your home, don’t be too quick to blame the dog. It has been documented that demons give off a foul smell when they manifest themselves in our homes. 


Scratches, bruises, or any other unexplained injuries may be the work of a demon trying to harm you. As most aren’t powerful enough, they rarely do any real damage. A good example of this would be the incidents recorded at the Sallie House. 

Shadow people 

Three knocks 

This one is debatable, as it’s unknown whether this has actually been reported, or if it’s another Hollywood legend. A demonic entity will reportedly only knock in three as this mocks the Holy Trinity. 

Growls and hisses 

If the spooky ghosts in your home are mostly communicating to you with a range of guttural growls and hisses, then you should be alarmed. Ancient-sounding languages are also said to be spoken.

myhauntedsalem: George Reeves’ Ghost


George Reeves’ Ghost

In the 1950s the actor, George Reeves was best known for his portrayal of Superman in the television series, Adventures of Superman.

Reeves died at the age of 45, from a gunshot wound to the head. He was found dead in his bedroom at 1:59 a.m. on June 16, 1959 in his modest home in Los Angeles’ Benedict Canyon. It was just 3 days prior to his marriage to a young socialite.

The cops ruled his death a suicide but others felt it was an accident or even murder.

Reeves was a personable and charming actor that was liked by most people who knew him. But it appears he had a darker side.

Those who support the theory he committed suicide point to the fact that by the late 1950s Reeves was having trouble finding work as an actor after his popular series ended. It appeared he was to be forever stereotyped as the caped crusader.

But this belief left out two other important aspects in Reeves life at the time of his death. He had just begun a career as a Hollywood television director and he had recently put his personal life in turmoil when he left his lover of several years—a woman 8 years his senior.

His mistress, Toni Mannix had bought the Benedict Canyon home for him. She became extremely jealous when Reeves dumped her for a younger woman, Lenore Lemmon who he intended to marry.

Mannix, a former showgirl, was married to Eddie Mannix, a former MGM vice president who was in good with the cops and had connections to organized crime. Hence, the speculations that Reeves’s death may have been a murder that the cops conveniently covered up.

Some believe Mannix or even Lemmon murdered Reeves.

To add to the confusion, Reeves state of mind at the time of his death was muddled. Lemmon told the cops one story—while other’s who attended a party she threw at the home—the night Reeves died– conflicted with her account of what happened.

George Reeves’s death today still remains an unsolved mystery. But what happened after his death has been well documented over the years.

For over a decade, Toni Mannix had trouble selling the home on Benedict Drive. It quickly gained a reputation of being haunted by George Reeves.

People who believe the murder theory point to this reason as to why his spirit lingers.

One young couple that rented the home were entertaining guests one evening in the living room when all of them heard noises coming from upstairs.

They followed these sounds to Reeve’s ex-bedroom, where his body was found. The room that they always kept neat was in complete disarray. The bed linens had been torn off the bed and clothes were strewn across the floor.

When this group returned to the living room they discovered that all the drinks that they had left on the coffee table had been moved to the kitchen.

Later this couple found their German shepherd barking furiously at the door to this bedroom. They watched as he cowered and slinked away with his tail between his legs. When they opened the door they found the bed had been moved across the room.

Early one summer morning, around 3:00 a.m., they both saw Reeves ghost in his ex-bedroom. He was wearing his Superman costume. They moved out of the home that same morning.

After this, other renters claimed to hear a single gunshot in the middle of the night as well as smelling gunpowder in the Reeve’s bedroom.

The young couple was not the only witnesses to encounter Reeve’s apparition. A film crew and actors making a documentary about Reeves in the home also saw him standing in his full Superman attire in his old bedroom.

At one point two sheriffs were called out to watch the Benedict Canyon home because there were so many complaints from neighbors. These reports included people hearing screaming, gunshots and seeing the lights go on and off in the home all in the middle of the night. The home was empty at the time.

These neighbors also reported seeing Reeves apparition standing on his front lawn.

myhauntedsalem: Clifton’s Gates of Hell


Clifton’s Gates of Hell

From the outside, the Gates of Hell, located behind the old Black Prince Distillery in Clifton, New Jersey, look like any other collection of drains. But once you climb inside you’ll see that the drains,—the home of the devil according to an old urban legend—are covered with satanic graffiti and murals from generations of those who have dared to enter.

The Gates of Hell drain stands out from others nearby because it is square in shape and dry, while all others drains in the area typically have streams of water flowing from them. A ladder allows visitors to climb inside the drain, actually a series of connecting drains. Reportedly, the drains go on for hundreds of feet underground, layered seven times just like the circles of hell, and are filled with the remains of satanic sacrifices—bones and decaying carcasses, crosses, and more.

According to the legend, there is a room deep underground that can only be entered by those possessed with the powers to lift giant axes that weigh thousands of pounds and block the doors. The room is filled with a glowing human skull that is the last sign before you encounter the devil himself. Other, slightly more plausible legends, tell of people drowning in the drains, while trying to explore them and the rooms underground being used as meeting places for devil worshipers and members of the KKK.

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Bird Cage Theatre: A Strange Photograph

Uploader Writes:

This photo was taken in the main theater area, overlooking the area underneath the stage. I did not notice the figure in the top left of the frame while taking the picture, but my brother claimed to have seen something very similar about 5 minutes later.

The one thing I love about this photo is that this isn’t just some mysterious black mass. Even with the crappy image quality, you can make out quite a few details by zooming in. A necklace is quite easy to make out, and you can also see the shoulders and where the dress begins. I *almost* want to say it looks like she’s wearing a bird mask, but that’s definitely harder to make out.

myhauntedsalem: Church Hill Tunnel


Church Hill Tunnel

The Church Hill Tunnel in Richmond, Virginia existed without incident from 1873 to 1902. It was closed until 1920s, when the town decided to reopen the tunnel. In 1925, men working in the tunnel were trapped by a collapse in the tunnel. They found some of the dead, but there were a few who were never found in the rubble. It’s believed that the legendary Richmond Vampire had a hand in these deaths, as he was seen feasting on the bodies in the aftermath of the collapse. The tunnel was sealed with concrete after the tragedy, but many residents claim to still hear the screams of the men trapped inside, urging someone to let them out.

myhauntedsalem: Ably House


Ably House

The story of the Ably House began with a young family living in a rural area near Galena, Illinois. Garrett Bias and his wife had three beautiful children. They hired a young woman named Catherine to help with housework and childcare and within a short period of time, the man’s wife fell ill and died. People grew concerned when the wife was buried very quickly after her death.

Within six months of her mother’s death, the Bias’ daughter also became ill and died. Again, the girl was buried very quickly following her death. Soon after that, Garrett and Catherine married and had children of their own. Garrett then hired a man named Jacob Ably to help out on the farm.

Strangely enough, Garrett himself soon grew ill and died. Again, he was also buried very quickly. With everyone in the original family dead, the hired woman, Catherine, inherited the farm. Soon, Catherine and Jacob got married.

At this point, local people say they noticed that Catherine stopped coming to town on a regular basis. When Catherine was seen, people often say she showed visible bruises and signs of abuse. Catherine and Jacob then had children of their own — but Catherine didn’t seem happy. One day, Catherine’s body is found hanging from a tree in front of the home — an apparent suicide. Jacob Ably is found dead some time later. One of Catherine’s children says he murdered him because he killed his mother.

The real story behind the Ably house is not that different than the legend.

Garrett’s wife dies. A man named Garrett Bias purchased the home in the 1830s, after relocating with his wife and their two children from Chicago. Mrs. Bias passed away and was quickly buried and the family’s young servant girl, Catherina (or Catherine), was advanced to a position of housekeeper. Shortly after, Catherine married Mr. Bias.

The Bias daughter dies and Jacob Ably is hired. Six months later, the Bias’ daughter died suddenly and was quickly buried. Then, Garrett Bias hired a man named Jacob Ably who had arrived from Switzerland.

Garret Bias dies and his son leaves. In 1847, Catherine gave birth to a daughter named Emily, just shortly after she married Mr. Byers. Another daughter, Catherina, was born in 1849. Then, Garrett Bias dies suddenly, supposedly from cholera. Although, he was previously in very good health — this raised suspicions of murder. A few weeks after, his son, Hiram Bias, left town and was never heard from again.

Jacob and Catherine marry, the remaining Bias children die mysteriously. Next, Jacob Ably and Catherine get married. Mr. Bias’ two remaining daughters, Emily and Catherina, die within a few weeks of each other in 1860 from mysterious causes. With none of Garrett’s children around to lay claim to his estate, Catherine inherited the farm.

Catherine dies. Catherine and Jacob go on to have five children of their own. There is some indication that Jacob was abusive towards Catherine, and the oldest son, Henry, was run off the family farm for trying to protect his mother from Jacob. One morning in January 1877, Catherine is found dead, hanging from a tree in front of the Ably home. Although there were rumors that Catherine was murdered, no arrest is ever made. Two of Jacob Ably’s sons accuse him of murdering Catherine.

Jacob dies. Jacob Ably is eventually shot and killed by an unknown killer. Ably’s three sons, Joseph, Henry and Jacob Jr. are charged with his murder, along with Peter Miller Sr and Peter Miller Jr. Peter Miller Sr’s charges are dismissed, and the four boys stand trial for the crime. Peter Miller Jr was the only one to speak about the crime. He said that he and Joseph Ably had walked to the Ably farm to steal grapes. Upon arriving at the farm, Joseph went to look for his father. Peter Miller Jr overheard gunshots and ran toward the sound to find Joseph running toward him, screaming that they must run, or they would be caught.

Joseph Ably is convicted of murder. In September 1877, Joseph Ably was convicted of the murder of Jacob Ably, while the other boys were acquitted. Joseph later confessed to the murder while in Jo Daviess County Jail and was transferred to Joliet Prison and then Chester Penitentiary. He died there ten years later.

In addition to the facts from local newspapers and historical reference books, there are a number of unanswered questions surrounding the Ably house:

The other mysterious deaths. Although only one murder definitely occurred at the Ably farm, there are five other mysterious deaths associated with the property, and the mysterious disappearance of the Bias’ son, Hiram. It is possible that the first Mrs. Bias, Garrett Byers, their daughter, and Catherine and Garrett’s two daughters, were also all murdered there. It is also possible that the Bias’ son, Hiram, was murdered because he stood to inherit his father’s estate if he stayed in the area. However, some evidence in the public census records of 1850 indicate he may have left to go to California during the Gold Rush era.

Was Catherine Ably’s death actually a suicide? Although Catherine Ably’s death was ruled a suicide, her children believed otherwise as confirmed in court documents from the murder trial. Catherine’s autopsy revealed that she died from strangulation. Did she die from strangulation by hanging or was she strangled before she was hung from the tree?

Whatever happened to Hiram Bias? Local historical accounts claim that Hiram Bias left and was never heard from again. Public records, the 1850 census documents, indicate that a 25-year-old man named Hiram Bias lived in El Dorado, California. The census information also stated that he was born 1825 in Illinois. Hiram was living with three other young men around his age. It seems possible that the story of Hiram leaving and never contacting anyone in the area again may be true.

Who was the first Mrs. Bias? A search of historical documents suggests that the first Mrs. Bias was named Polly (Linscott) Bias. Historical marriage records indicate that Polly and Garrett Bias were married on March 1, 1821 in Ohio. Polly and Garrett Bias had a son named Hiram, and a daughter whose name is not known. Little more is known about the first Mrs. Bias.

Where did Catherine come from? Little is known about Catherine’s background. Local legend says she showed up in the Galena area with no family. Records on suggest she was from Prussia (which is now Germany). Her maiden name is also unknown, which could explain the lack of information.

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Will-o’-the-Wisps / Corpse Lights

Little balls of fire that are known by many names, will-o’-the-wisps have been sighted all over the world. They usually appear in swamps, bogs and forests and usually appear as bluish flames, blue or yellow globes, or as candle lights that float and bob mysteriously through the countryside at night.

There are many stories about the origins of will-o’-the-wisps. The most popular being that the lights are the souls of sinners who have been doomed to remain on earth forever. According to English and Irish folklore they are caused by mischievous fairies, usually a Púca . In German folklore they are a forest spirit or wandering souls that are accompanying an invisible funeral procession. In Swedish folklore they are the souls of unbaptized children who try to lead travelers to water in hopes of receiving baptism. According to the Native Americans they are fire demons, and in Africa it is believed that they are caused by witches.

Will-o’-the-wisps are usually either death omens or they are playing tricks on the living. As death omens they are usually called corpse lights and anyone who sees them is doomed to die. Will-o’-the-Wisps can also be playful and enjoy leading travelers off their path until they become lost. There are also mixed beliefs that they will either lead you to hidden treasure or they are leading you away in an attempt to stop you finding hidden treasure.

The easiest way to escape will-o’-the-wisps is simply not to follow them. Other methods include turning your hat or coat inside out, which confuses them, or you can stick a knife into the ground blade end up. Will-o’-the-wisps who are lost souls will see the knife and become preoccupied with trying to kill themselves, which of course will not work because they are already dead.

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Alone Ghost Photo

“A woman my friend’s mom works with took this
picture of her daughter wearing her shoes. They were the only people in the

Submitted: Anonymous 

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EVP Caught in Salem, Massachusetts at an investigation of North Shore Pure Paranormal

Beautiful Jacket – we were talking about an investigators jacket at the time this evp came thru