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I just uploaded a new video about going on a ghost tour at one of Canada’s most Haunted Places, Discovery Harbour and I caught EVIDENCE! It is an EVP of footsteps and running! It is pretty spooky, check it out!

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3 years after SyFy canceled it, Ghost Hunters is back. This pleases me, as I’ve been a fan of it since it first aired. Of all the paranormal investigation shows, Ghost Hunters has always been, in my opinion, the best. As much as I am very much a believer in all things paranormal and have Seen Some Shit™, I’ve always loved their approach of ‘let’s see if we can find a non-ghost reason for what’s happening before we call it a ghost’. There’s also a lot that they *don’t* do that I like- They don’t use spooky video/audio effects and gory re-enactments to play things up, they don’t do the “I’m going to call the ghost a pussy and see what happens!….oh shit! The ghost punched me in the dick!” thing, they don’t do the “I’m going to play with this ouija board/do this summoning ritual and see what happens’ (that shit infuriates me).

Basically, Ghost Hunters aligns more with what I’d do if I could do this sorta thing. So, yeah, even though the cast is 99% new people, I’m excited to have this show back.

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New Boston Inn in Sandisfield, Massachusetts:

Constructed in 1737 by the Daniel Brown family, the New #Boston Inn in Sandisfield, #Massachusetts was first registered as an #inn and #stagecoach stop in 1750. It was added to the National Register of #Historic Places in September of 1988, and is said to be #haunted by several different #apparitions and #spirits. During the #American Revolutionary #War the New Boston Inn was used by #Patriot forces to covertly train troops for the local #militia, and during the 1800’s the location served as a stagecoach stop for thousands of travelers and #pioneers heading west. Guests at the inn report witnessing unidentified apparitions and #specters dressed in clothing from the #Victorian and #Colonial eras, in addition to experiencing other unexplained #paranormal phenomena, such as items moving around by themselves, or being rearranged by an unseen entity. Others report hearing the sounds of disembodied footsteps and voices, while also feeling a strange presence. One spirit said to #haunt the location is that of a young woman named Harriet, who was #murdered in the summer of 1805 by a jealous ex lover on her #wedding day. Harriet was from an affluent family that came to #Sandisfield every #summer to stay at the New Boston Inn. One summer, she fell in #love with a local #farmer, who quickly asked for her hand in #marriage. Harriet’s parents rejected the young man, fearing their daughter would live a life of poverty and squalor. The following summer, Harriet returned to the inn, where she was to be wed to another man who had received the approval of her parents. According to  legend, during the wedding #ceremony, the other man returned, begging Harriet to marry him instead. When she #rejected him, he pulled out a #pistol and shot her to death at the altar where she stood. Ever since, guests at the New Boston Inn have reported encountering the apparition of a #WomanInWhite, believed to be spirit of Harriet, still wearing her wedding dress.

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Northshore Mall in Peabody, Massachusetts:

The Northshore #Mall in #Peabody, #Massachusetts was constructed in 1958, and is said to be #haunted by a number of unidentified #spirits and #apparitions. Mall employees working around closing time often report witnessing apparitions and #ShadowFigures, as well as feeling a strange presence. One popular #UrbanLegend claims that the Northshore Mall was built over an old #cemetery, however these claims are largely believed to be nothing more than rumors.

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Northampton State Hospital in Northampton, Massachusetts:

The #Northampton State #Hospital in Northampton, #Massachusetts was constructed in 1856 to treat men and women suffering from a variety of #MentalIllnesses. It was initially designed to accommodate 200 patients, but by the late 1950’s had expanded to house over 2,300 mentally ill men and women, who were subjected to inhumane medical treatments and #deplorable living conditions. Patients were often left in solitary confinement for long periods, or otherwise neglected and abused by caretakers. In January of 1978, the Northampton District #Court issued a decree ordering the closure of Northampton State Hospital, which took over 15 years to complete. The #asylum was finally closed in 1993 after treating over 64,000 patients, and was added to the National Register of #Historic Places in July of 1994. It sat #abandoned for many years, and over time developed a reputation for being #haunted. #UrbanExplorers and those who dared to enter the old buildings during this time have reported encountering the #spirits of former mental patients and medical staff, as well as hearing the sounds of disembodied voices, whispers, footsteps, and screams. Others report witnessing heavy doors being slammed shut by an unseen entity, and objects moving by themselves or being thrown violently across the room. In the early 2000’s one of the buildings was sold to L3 Communications, which has offices in the building, and in 2006 the Northampton State Hospital’s main building was torn down and replaced with the Villages At Hospital Hill #Condominiums. Although most of the other buildings on the old hospital’s campus have been demolished, the buildings that now stand at the site of the old asylum are still believed by many to be haunted.

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