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Pine Run Cemetery in Clio, Michigan:

Pine Run #Cemetery in Clio, #Michigan was established in the early 1800’s, and is said to be #haunted by the #spirits of a man, woman, and child who are buried there. Their #apparitions are often seen by visitors, who also report feeling a strange presence, as if being watched by an unseen #entity. #Paranormal enthusiasts investigating the cemetery at night additionally report experiencing issues with electronic devices, such as flashlights turning on and off by themselves, and batteries being drained unexpectedly. Others have even reported car batteries being drained, and vehicles that stop running without explanation shortly after entering the cemetery gates.

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Denton Road Bridge in Canton Township, Michigan:

The Denton Road #Bridge in #Canton Township, #Michigan is said to be #haunted by a #spirit known as The Blue Lady, whose glowing blue #apparition is often witnessed by motorists and pedestrians at night. The #BlueLady is believed by many to be the spirit of a woman who was #murdered by her husband during the early 1800’s after she was caught having an affair. On the night her acts of adultery were discovered it’s said the woman’s husband murdered the other man with an ax before continuing on to his wife. The woman fled with a lantern on foot, with her newborn son tucked in a blanket. According to #legend, she was finally caught at the Denton Road Bridge, where she was brutally murdered with the same ax used to kill her former lover. Now her spirit is said to haunt the location of her #death, where locals have also reported hearing the disembodied sounds of a baby crying late at night. Others report feeling a strange presence, as if being followed by an unseen entity.

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Ghost Hunting with Loyd Auerbach


Monroe House we’ll be coming soon! Will we survive our 48 hour lockdown?


I just uploaded a new video about going on a ghost tour at one of Canada’s most Haunted Places, Discovery Harbour and I caught EVIDENCE! It is an EVP of footsteps and running! It is pretty spooky, check it out!

Alex and me done did it – EPIC Evidence Review | Paranormal: undefined


3 years after SyFy canceled it, Ghost Hunters is back. This pleases me, as I’ve been a fan of it since it first aired. Of all the paranormal investigation shows, Ghost Hunters has always been, in my opinion, the best. As much as I am very much a believer in all things paranormal and have Seen Some Shit™, I’ve always loved their approach of ‘let’s see if we can find a non-ghost reason for what’s happening before we call it a ghost’. There’s also a lot that they *don’t* do that I like- They don’t use spooky video/audio effects and gory re-enactments to play things up, they don’t do the “I’m going to call the ghost a pussy and see what happens!….oh shit! The ghost punched me in the dick!” thing, they don’t do the “I’m going to play with this ouija board/do this summoning ritual and see what happens’ (that shit infuriates me).

Basically, Ghost Hunters aligns more with what I’d do if I could do this sorta thing. So, yeah, even though the cast is 99% new people, I’m excited to have this show back.