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How to Record EVP



Electronic voice phenomena, or EVP, is the
mysterious recording of voices from an unknown source. Where these voices come
from (theories include ghosts, other dimensions and our own subconscious) and
how they are recorded on various devices is unknown.

Ghost hunting groups and other researchers attempt to
capture these voices as routine part of their investigations. But you don’t
have to belong to a ghost hunting group to try EVP. In fact, you
don’t even have to go to an allegedly haunted location. You can try this at
home (if you want to). Here’s how.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 20 minutes minimum

Here’s How:

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Haunt Spots Episode 3: The Akron Civic Center

Today we talk about a spooky civic center as well as a haunted wedding dress.


New episode is up and ready for listening

Unusual encounter: Ghost hunter claims he ‘saw two spirits having sex in museum toilets’

Unusual encounter: Ghost hunter claims he ‘saw two spirits having sex in museum toilets’

theparanormalguide: Have you ever taken a photo of a…


Have you ever taken a photo of a ghost?

Ghost photos at times can be quite interesting to look at. Over the years I have seen many photos that contain an alleged ghost or two. It is always tricky to determine if what is captured is indeed a true ghost photo or just one or a combination of natural phenomena that conspire in our minds to be interpreted as paranormal.

Feel free to post your photos but make sure to include background information – what piece of equipment you took it on (make/model/type etc), where you were at the time (addresses not necessary, just some info to give it context), why you took the photo in the first place and of course why you think its a ghost or other paranormal phenomena.

I am not interested in ‘orbs’ as part of this convo and may make that as a seperate topic for discussion (nothing causes more arguments than orbs do and 99% of the time they are mundane, even if it has a face when blown up a million times…)

Which brings me to an important point, do not just post a zoomed in photo of the ‘anomoly’ but also make sure to present an unzoomed, uncropped version if possible. This is always important when presenting a photo of alleged paranormal phenomena. Best way to do this is post an unzoomed, uncropped version first then reply to your own post with a zoomed in one if you feel its necessary.

Enjoy, have fun, get communicating… and the best place to do that:

Ghost hunter captures eerie photos of ‘glass-throwing female spirit’

Ghost hunter captures eerie photos of ‘glass-throwing female spirit’

The Queen Mary Haunting


The Queen Mary was in service for decades as both a World War II transport ship and a luxury liner. It wasn’t intended as such at the time, but the Queen Mary was named “The Grey Ghost” during the war because of the colour she was painted to make her stealthy in the war-time waters.

In her time, the Queen Mary carried seasick sailors, destitute stowaways and wealthy vacationers.

With this kind of history it’s not surprising she saw her own share of deaths, now a hair shy of 50. In fact, there are so many haunting that some parts of the ship are now barred from the public. But for the paranormally curious there are still haunted tours of the cabins and halls that housed death. You can also lodge at the Queen Mary but after reading this, you may have second thoughts.

Queen Mary Of the numerous deaths, there was a young seaman by the name of John Henry who lied about his age to procure a position on the Queen Mary and was soon crushed to death while trying to flee a fire. To this day, knocks and bright lights can be heard around engine room 13 where the young man met his untimely death. Ịt’s even been reported that the door to the engine room is sometimes hot to the touch or that mixed in with a ball of light is tendrils of smoke.

If spooky little girls like the ones in the Shinning scare you then you’ll want to stay clear of the pool area. A girl from third class thought she’d have some fun and slide down the banister but a sudden wave upset her course and she broke her neck on the fall. She now wanders the pool area and nursery looking for her doll or mommy. She is not alone though. In the 30’s and 60’s two other women met their unfortunate deaths in the pool area and are seen periodically in that area.

War always brings atrocities but how about a cook that was cooked because the troops on board didn’t like his meals? They stuffed him into the oven and burnt him alive as a lesson for bad cuisine. His screams still echo his horrible death to this day.

If you’re still feeling brave enough to consider sleeping on the Queen, there was also a reported visitor that slipped a steward some cash in exchange for finding a ‘willing’ female passenger to keep him company for the night. After stowing his luggage, a female companion was found and they retired for the night. In the morning the man was missing from the dining hall so the steward went to find him. What they found instead was the corpse of the female companion! They could not locate the male guest, his registration information for that room nor his luggage, which people swore was checked and stowed. He simply vanished and left only a trail of blood and rumours.

The Queen Mary is home to 49 deaths but she was also surrounded by death. In an attempt to avoid enemy ships, she zig zagged her way into her companion ship, nearly cutting it in half, and was forced to leave 300 survivors in the water to be eaten by sharks or drowned. It is reported that mysterious pounding on the side of the Queen Mary is those men trying to signal to come on board.

The in-house psychic, Peter James, claims that he has communicated with over 150 separate ghosts on the ship. Peter gives bi-monthly ghost tours of the ship and claims to have made numerous contact with various ghosts, including a few mentioned above. From the sheer number and type of deaths that occurred, it seems plausible.

This is surely one of the most haunted places of modern time in America.

(((EPIC))) Paranormal EVENT! Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt! Global…

(((EPIC))) Paranormal EVENT! Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt! Global Experiment! 9/30/17

Live Now

Thank you @c0smic-alchemy!

Please check out @c0smic-alchemy’s video about this now famous ghost picture.  It went viral in 2012, and she tells the real backstory behind it.

April 25th Riverdale Road

April 25th Riverdale Road