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5 Ghost Stories From the Sea

Published on 15 Jan 2018

From one of the most well-known paranormal images in history, to a haunted beach in Texas, myself and Kirstin Gardiner take a look at five ghost stories from the sea, all involving alleged mortal ghosts, and not just ghost ships.

Written by Curious World and Kirstin Gardiner

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Graveyard Ghoul

This photo reportedly shows an otherworldly figure in an old graveyard. What do you think?


Floating Head

This was just another ordinary picture of a computer work-station in a suburban home and nothing was noticed out of the ordinary until the film was developed. Clearly floating on the computer screen, which was turned off at the time, is a disembodied head which is definitely not someone in the background or the picture-taker herself. The photographer believes it to be the ghost of her deceased husband but he appears much younger than when he left this earth


Swimming with Doreen O’Sullivan’s Ghost  

On November 22, 1913, a teenager named Doreen O’Sullivan drowned in an Australian swimming hole. At least one woman believes Doreen’s ghost appears in the photo above, taken in the same swimming hole last year.

“At the time of taking this photo there was nothing between us,” Kim Davison told a group called the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers. “I’m holding the little girl and that white head next to me with horns is not human, I can promise you that. Its fingers are on my shoulder and on my daughter’s arm. They are long skeletal type fingers.”

An admin from the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook page posted a negative version of the image, saying: ‘Light flare will always show up as black shadowing when the photo is inverted.. and in this case the light flare is coming from full sunlight reflecting off the water onto the child’



The photographs seem to reveal a “ghost priest” possibly manifesting within the church. The photos are actually still images taken from video shot using a full spectrum camera. Chris heard a high-frequency EVP when filming the interior of the chapel and noticed a shimmering light that appeared and disappeared. Looking closely at the photographs, the shape of a human form, head and shoulders, seem to be near the black post on the left side of the photo. Cistercian monks still live at the abbey, and the site is known to be haunted.


Who is that behind the door?  

In April 2017 I went on a ghost tour of the Whaley House in San Diego.

I took many pictures while on the tour. Later on in the evening, I went through my photos to see if I caught anything.

In the doorframe of this bedroom, there appears to be a figure looking at the camera. 

Submitted by: Theshadebusiness


Looking Straight at It

This photo was taken at a wedding by a friend of a colleague. The wedding party was held at an old farm in Norway, famous for being the former home of M. Munthe (a children’s book author). There was no one present at the wedding wearing black, and the picture was taken by one of the guests (I think he/she snapped it with a cell phone camera). The professional photographer (you can see part of his gear to the right in the picture) had no “natural” explanation for the “figure.”

He hadn’t seen any camera “glitch” like it before, and they said no one else was standing where the figure is standing. So what do you think?


Confederate Ghost

This photograph was taken by a tourist visiting the Confederate cemetery near Carnton Mansion in Franklin, Tennessee. Nothing out of the ordinary was seen when the picture was taken however if you look to the upper right of the photograph, hovering in the trees appears to be a figure of man in uniform. Closer examination suggests him to be a Confederate soldier.


A ghostly face of a supposed monk was captured in the cellar of a former slaughterhouse in The Village of Mansfeild, Notts.

The photo was taken by a couple exploring with Ghost Hunts UK.

Let me know if you think this is evidence of the paranormal or if there’s a more mundane explanation.


Ghost Photo: The White Lady of Hellfire Caves

The ghost of a heartbroken woman named Suki reportedly haunts the ominously named Hellfire Caves in Buckinghamshire, England.