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The Ghost of Guildford

This photo appeared in England’s Surrey Advertiser in March 2012. Taken at The Mount in Guildford, the eerie picture shows a white figure standing in the center. Amateur photographer, Mark Baker, 37, who took the photograph, claims there was no-one around and insists that the picture has not been altered in any way.



“I took this photo, I believe in 1991, at Maple Park Cemetery located in Springfield, Missouri. I was scanning my old photos, and for the first time got a good close up view of several pics I took in the cemetery that day. In the first view I could hardly see the figure standing near a headstone in the upper right of the photo, but as I zoomed in the figure became much more visible. It really creeps me out… I thought I was alone! “

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Lemp Mansion Second Floor Shadow Figure

This photograph was taken by Dan Parr, an overnight guest of the Lemp Mansion in 2013.  In the photo, you can see a shadow figure standing in the doorway of the Charles Lemp Suite located on the second floor of the Lemp Mansion.  Many believe this to be the ghost of Charles Lemp, because, on May 10, 1949, he committed suicide in this room.  There is another possibility on who this ghost could be, and that is Julia Feickert Lemp, and I think this is a photo of her ghost.

Julia Feickert Lemp had a strong attachment to the Lemp Mansion because her parents built the mansion in 1868 and were the original occupants.  The mansion was sold to William Lemp Sr. and Julia in 1878, and was their home until 1906.

In February 1904, William Lemp Sr. committed suicide in what today is known as the Lavender Suite Parlor.  He ate brunch, read the paper, and then produced a revolver from his vest pocket and shot himself in the head.  William Lemp Sr. was found when the servants came to clear the dishes from the parlor room table.

The suicide of her husband greatly affected Julia.  After Williams’ funeral, she requested to be moved from the Master Bedroom to the room across the hall, known today as the William Lemp Suite.  This remained Julia’s bedroom until April 1906.  Earlier that year Julia was diagnosed with cancer.  In the final weeks of her life when she became bedridden, she requested to be moved back into the master bedroom where her husband committed suicide.  She passed away just a few feet from the table where William Lemp Sr. shot himself.

Many have seen a shadow figure on the second floor of the Lemp Mansion.  It’s possible that this is the ghost of Julia Feickert Lemp, still patrolling the halls of her family home.


Shadows on the Hill

Originally built in the 1860s, Lawler Ford road, or Zombie Road as it is better known by the locals in Glencoe, Missouri, is famous for being the ‘Most Haunted Road’ in America. Stretching just over 2 miles long, this forest road is synonymous for strange lights, eerie urban legends and sightings of shadow people. Since the 1950’s there have been numerous reports of dark, humanoid shapes that mysteriously appear in the treeline, some travelers have even said that they have been followed down the road by these shadowy entities, only for them to suddenly disappear into thin air as soon as they leave the area.

These strange sightings were enough to interest the world renowned Paranormal Taskforce group who came to investigate Zombie Road in 2005. The above photograph was taken by Tom Halstead, and appears to show shadow people shadow lining the top of the hill. Halstead stated that there was no-one else present at the time the picture was taken and that the hill area was completely surrounded by water.


The Borley Rectory Monk

Once known as “The Most Haunted House in England,” the Borley Rectory was reportedly home to a number of spirits, including the ghostly monk pictured above. Strange events at the Victorian mansion included unexplained footsteps, flickering lights, mysterious tapping sounds, and bells that rang when no one was around. The home was destroyed by fire in 1939. What do you think of the photo?


Ghost Photo: The Figure in White

Taken in a South Carolina graveyard, this photo appears to show a ghostly figure standing in the background. See more details here. What do you make of the image? Have a creepy photo you’d like to share? Send it to


Ghost Photo: The Shadow

Taken at an abandoned tuberculosis hospital in Allen County, Ohio, this photo reportedly shows a shadow person. Do you think it’s real?

The hospital closed in 1972, but some locals believe the patients who died there are still around. Eerie activity includes rhythmic pounding sounds, shadowy figures that drift through walls, and disembodied screams.

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This pianist thought he was alone in the concert hall. His photo tells a different story.: undefined


This image was taken at the Beenleigh Historical Village in Queensland Australia. The village is a museum and visitor center with a haunted reputation. In one of the buildings the spirit of a woman in white is seen pacing the halls and piano music is heard late at night. Many believe the figure in the photo is the aforementioned woman in white.



These photos were taken at the Sedona desert. You can clearly see the “spirit being” standing next to the ancient rock formation. As if protecting the sacred ground upon which he stands. The set of two photos show the figure clearly forming within the small rock wall. the photographer told us they were well off the beaten path and he felt “the hair rise on his neck.” He took two photos near the rock formation and this is what showed up.

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