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Buffalo Naval Park Museum in #Buffalo, #NewYork:

Visitors at the #Buffalo #Naval #Park #Museum in Buffalo, New York report encountering #apparitions and #shadow #figures aboard a decommissioned #WorldWarII era destroyer called the USS The Sullivans. The #USS #The #Sullivans first set sail in April of 1943, and was heavily involved in the naval conflicts of the #Pacific Theater during World War II. It was named after five brothers, George, Francis, Joseph, Madison, and Albert Sullivan, who were killed when their ship was struck by a torpedo from a #Japanese destroyer. According to legend, the #spirits of the five Sullivan brothers often appear aboard the #USS #The #Sullivans, along with other former crew members whose restless #spirits still remain.

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Apparition of a Suicide VictimDuring the late …

Apparition of a Suicide Victim

During the late 1800s there was a paranormal investigative
society known as the Society for Psychical Research, or SPR. This society investigated
over 700 incidents which they compiled into a study. The following case was one
of their most interesting encounters.

According to the case notes, there was once a girl named
Ellen. Ellen was in love with a disreputable young man whom her family did not
approve of. In order to ensure that she would not marry this man, Ellen was
sent to Brighton, which is on the southern coast of England. One night, Ellens
mother and young brother were sitting outside in their garden. All of a sudden
the brother exclaimed “Look mother there is Ellen!” Sure enough Ellen was seen
dressed in black walking at the edge of the garden. The mother told the brother
to go and see what she was doing there, however due to a sprained foot the
brother was unable to run towards her. Instead they called in the house to have
the youngest sister come out and run to her. They wanted to bring Ellen back
before her father saw her and there was an unpleasant scene. The youngest
sister ran across the lawn yelling Ellens name. Ellen did not respond. She
simply continued walking down the pathway away from the house. When the young
girl finally caught up with her sister she asked where she was going. She went
to grab her sisters arm when her hand passed right through her. She ran back to
her mother and told her what she had seen. The next day the family learnt that
Ellen had thrown herself into the sea and drowned at the exact same hour she had
appeared to them in the garden.

Source:The Complete Book of Ghosts by Paul Roland

The Ghost of UB 65 It has long been theor…

The Ghost of UB 65

It has long been theorised that ghostly manifestations are the echoes of human souls, whose lives were cut unexpectedly short, forever anchoring them to a fixed place. But what happens when that place is a mobile instrument of war, capable of travelling halfway around the world? This week, we bring you the ghost of UB-65.

Haunted Nebraska

Haunted Nebraska:


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The Ghost of Dead Woman’s Crossing

The Ghost of Dead Woman’s Crossing: undefined

Phantom Hitchhikers : The Vanishing hitchhiker…

Phantom Hitchhikers : The Vanishing hitchhiker Ghost Stories – Unexplained Mysteries: undefined

Spooky Stories: Touched By a Spirit?


One night, Hhurdd was at a friend’s house. She was downstairs watching a movie, and the friend was upstairs playing video games. Feeling neglected, she fell asleep despite feeling deeply uncomfortable, like she was being watched.

She went back to sleep after asking her friend if he’d be coming to bed soon. When she woke again, it was to someone touching her face, saying “don’t worry love, I’ll be down soon.” She disregarded it as a dream and went back to sleep. Then she was awoken again by the same voice saying “I know, I know, I keep using this excuse… I’m coming soon. I really do miss you.”

This time, she knew something wasn’t right. She got out of bed and searched the entire downstairs area, but found nothing. She heard snoring upstairs and knew her friend was sound asleep. Since it was now seven in the morning, she got ready and left for work

The next time they were together, she asked her friend if he’d been messing with her that night. He said no, but at that moment, a song came on the car radio that sounded exactly like the voice. She asked who the singer was, and he said it was his best friend’s band. His best friend had been the lead singer but had committed suicide a year before. They’d lived together for awhile, and most of his stuff was still in the house. It appears that at least his dead ghost friend hadn’t wanted her to be alone.

Spooky Stories: Ouija Board Warning


Last year, I went to a friend’s house for a party. Around one in the morning, the group decided to use a Ouija board. I was the only one who believed in accounts of the paranormal so I was hesitant when my friends brought out the board. But instead of giving my friends more reasons to tease me when it came to the paranormal, I acted as if I didn’t believe in such activity.

They began asking the board questions. They started with a few normal questions, and nothing really exciting happened. Then someone asked if the spirit wanted to hurt us, and it responded with “only one.” The group started to get creeped out at this point—and rightfully so. When one friend asked the natural follow-up question, who, the board spelled out Natasha: My full name. It should be noted that I don’t care for my full name and has everyone call me Tasha instead. I then left the room while my friends continued playing but found out later that night that the group forgot to say goodbye to the board. Anyone familiar with a Ouija board knows that closing the interaction with the spirit is crucial before stopping use of the board. Needless to say, I was nervous.

After this, I have no memory of the night. I only remembers getting a migraine and nosebleeds. My friends took videos of me acting strangely, speaking with a changed voice, and a few instances of me talking in other languages. However, that night wasn’t the only time this happened. In the days following, my parents reported the same things happening. Once again, I remembered nothing but migraines and nosebleeds.

About two weeks later, I was back to normal. Or so I thought. I was suddenly hospitalized for an excruciating pain in my kidney—so bad that it almost shut down. The doctors tried everything but couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then, on the day I were scheduled for surgery, the pain suddenly stopped. One day later, I was released.

Since that incident, I have never felt like I was truly alone. Sometimes, I feels someone grabbing my hands or neck, making it difficult to breathe. I have always believed in the paranormal, but this experience made it far more real for me.

Spooky Stories: Name Calling and Strange Breat…


JDBARNES123 has always been afraid of anything paranormal. For five years when he was young, he suffered from severe anxiety and depression. While this was going on, some strange things began happening. One night, he was having trouble sleeping when he heard a man’s voice say his name. He blew it off as something in his head and eventually fell asleep.

A few nights later, he heard it again. But this time it was louder, clear as day, and a woman’s voice. He tried to respond, but the room was silent. At this point, he was starting to get nervous. Once again, the nights following were quiet, so he slowly forgot about the incident. That was until one night when he was laying in bed and started hearing someone breathing. He hid under their covers until it stopped, but the incident made it hard to sleep during the week following.

Now that this Reddit user has moved and learned to better manage his depression and anxiety, the paranormal occurrences have stopped.

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Cool Spring Place & Tavern in Fayetteville, #NorthCarolina:

Constructed in 1788, the #Cool #Spring #Place & #Tavern in Fayetteville is said to be #haunted by the #spirit of a former North Carolina #Governor named #Richard #Caswell, who passed away while hosting the state’s #Constitutional #Convention in November of 1789. Guests also report encountering the #spirit of a young #woman who committed #suicide, whose #apparition is seen at night carrying a candle.

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