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We spoke with the dead at this haunted cemetery. Come check it out!

hauntedsprings: I call the spirit the “Conduc…


I call the spirit the “Conductor” due to its presence around the old Train Bridges and abandoned Rail Yard in Colorado Springs. The long history of terrible and tragic train wrecks seemed to be the source of the haunting. It all made sense until I learned how to contact the spirit, and it revealed its true identity.

The blue orb is one of the first sightings I recorded in 2014 from video at the Train Bridge at Gossage Park.

ghostquest-usa: Boldt Castle in #Alexandria…


Boldt Castle in #Alexandria #Bay, #NewYork:

#Boldt #Castle in Alexandria Bay, New York was commissioned by a wealthy businessman named George Boldt as a gift to his wife, Louise Kehrer Boldt. Construction began in 1900, but the island was #abandoned in 1904 when Mrs. Boldt passed away suddenly. Ever since her #death, locals report encountering the #spirit of a #woman #in #white, whose #apparition is most often seen walking along the #castle grounds at night. Many who visit #Bolt #Castle reported feeling unexplained cold spots, as well as witnessing objects being moved by an unseen entity. Other visitors report hearing the sounds of disembodied footsteps, and feeling a strange presence.

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Government Paranormal Files.What does the government know about the para…

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“It Sits On My Bed”: A Man Filmed A Paranormal Phenomenon In His Bedroom

Recently, on Twitter and simultaneously on the Reddit website, an unusual video appeared that was posted by a young girl.(paranormal phenomenon)

According to her, this video (see below) was filmed on a video surveillance camera in her father’s bedroom. At night, her father began to feel that someone was playing around with his bedding, and also it seemed to him that something was sitting on his bed.

Apparently there were no pets in this house, so the man became frightened and put a camera in his bedroom.

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Buffalo Naval Park Museum in #Buffalo, #NewYork:

Visitors at the #Buffalo #Naval #Park #Museum in Buffalo, New York report encountering #apparitions and #shadow #figures aboard a decommissioned #WorldWarII era destroyer called the USS The Sullivans. The #USS #The #Sullivans first set sail in April of 1943, and was heavily involved in the naval conflicts of the #Pacific Theater during World War II. It was named after five brothers, George, Francis, Joseph, Madison, and Albert Sullivan, who were killed when their ship was struck by a torpedo from a #Japanese destroyer. According to legend, the #spirits of the five Sullivan brothers often appear aboard the #USS #The #Sullivans, along with other former crew members whose restless #spirits still remain.

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7 GHOST Encounters Recorded By SECURITY GUARDS…

7 GHOST Encounters Recorded By SECURITY GUARDS!: undefined

Haunted Studio


One listener shares the chronological story of a haunting that tormented their home lives.

Today On Real Ghost Stories Online:

One listener shares the chronological story of a haunting that tormented their home lives.
A radio personality is haunted by a ghost in the studio.
A figurine plays a song of comfort for a grieving family.

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Famous Female Ghosts: Dolley Madison


From the spirits of famous female historical figures, to the girlish ghouls of urban legend, female ghosts are some of the scariest spirits out there. In fact, stories about female ghosts can be found across the globe, and many of these international tales of terror have chilling similarities. For instance, why do so many places have stories about women in white, or vanishing hitchhikers? These connections make us wonder what universal trauma or shared truth has made these stories take root in our collective consciousness.

Regardless, we know one thing for sure: these female phantoms are capable of chilling us to the bone. Step aside, ghost bros: these lady wraiths are redefining the scare game.

First Lady Dolley Madison played an influential role in making the White House the social center of politics in early America. Legend has it that she continues to take her duties as First Lady seriously to this day—her ghosts reportedly frightened gardeners away when they were trying to make changes to a rose garden Dolley had planted.

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The ghost of a cavalry soldier appears near an old inn

The picture was snapped by paranormal investigator J.J. Rice, who is the founder and president of TexPart Paranormal, based in Northern Texas, according to an article in Dread Central. One evening during an investigation of the property, once known as the Lady Amber Inn, Rice was standing in the backyard and took the picture shown here with her digital camera.