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Happy Hanukkah to all of my Jewish followers!

Happy Hanukkah to all of my Jewish followers!

Ghoulish Grudges: Do You Deserve to be Haunted…

Ghoulish Grudges: Do You Deserve to be Haunted?: undefined

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paranormal idaho

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How To Use An Ouija Board

How To Use An Ouija Board:

While attempting to use a Ouija board, communicate like you would with someone in the room with you. Have patience and don’t expect answers immediately. Sometimes it takes a while for a response. Change your questions and even your words used to ask them. Typically, a yes or no answer is easier to obtain than something else more specific. Have pen and paper nearby to record anything else that might have been communicated.

When attempting to make contact, be prepared for deception. An evil entity will likely disguise itself when asked whether or not it is good.

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8 Creepy Vanishing Hitchhiker Ghosts

8 Creepy Vanishing Hitchhiker Ghosts:

#6 – 

Lady Of White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake is a large reservoir in Texas. It’s a fairly normal lake other than the bizarre legend surrounding it. Legend tells that the area surrounding the lake is haunted by ‘the lady of White Rock lake’. She died during the 1930s at the young age of 20. To suit this, she can be seen wearing an old-fashioned dress soaked through with water. Like every other “Vanishing hitchhiker” on this list, she hitches a ride with kind strangers. A few minutes into the journey she tells the driver that she was just involved in an boating accident. Seconds after telling this, she completely disappears. Apparently she left behind a soaking wet book. The book contained no words – just blank pages.

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The Repository of Unusual Stories: Tobias Wayl…

The Repository of Unusual Stories: Tobias Wayland and the Surprisingly Gentle Shadow Person:


In the latest installment of The Repository of Unusual Stories, The Singular Fortean Society’s head writer and editor Tobias Wayland talks about what it was like to wake up floating above his bed to find a shadow person standing next to him.

The Haunting of Sedamsville Rectory



Located in Cincinnati, Ohio lies this Rectory rumored to have an evil presence.

This rectory built in 1891 to serve as a house for members of a local church, always seemed to have extremely bad luck.  Constantly struck by multiple natural disasters.  This and economic reasons caused the church and the rectory to eventually close it’s doors.

Eventually, rumors began that a demonic presence was lurking inside the building, but the man who purchased it said he had never experienced anything he would consider paranormal while living there.  But people far and wide came to investigate the house.

Eventually, a priest was called to bless the home.  He commented that there was no resistance from any entity during the blessing, but that there was a strange smell in the air.  Based on his experience the priest was skeptical of a presence being in the house. However, several investigators have reported being scratched while inside the house.

Haunted or not the rectory remains part of Ohio’s spooky history.

Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum Ghost Expedition 2018…

Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum Ghost Expedition 2018 [Baltimore MD] / Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) – Thoughtography Experiment

Photo set captured by Maryland Paranormal Research ® at the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum in Baltimore, MD on Nov 10 2018.  This was a reprise of a visual ITC-Thoughtography experiment last conducted at Belle Grove Plantation [Port Conway VA] Jul 09-10 2016


Thoughtography is the mental (or psychokinetic) capacity to produce images on film or other media through intentionality.  

  • The ITC-Thoughtography experiment aimed to obtain control images in discernable detail of members who resided in the Poe home to include Edgar Allan Poe, his wife Virginia Eliza Clemm, and his aunt Maria Poe Clemm.  Their images were conveniently situated on the fireplace mantle 


Video was captured on a SONY DCR-SR45 camcorder.  Camcorder video was then fed to a TV tuner stick connected to a laptop via a USB port. Audio from a Ovilus-X ITC device was sent to a distribution amplifier, which was used to create co-channel interference in the composite video signal

  • In this experiment the interference pattern was generated from audio produced by the Ovilus-X, used on the phonetic setting. This device translates electronic voice phenomena (EVP) from vocal frequency (VF) into an amplified and audible form using a speech synthesizer 
  • During instances of ITC chatter, smartphones were used to capture interference patterns generated on the laptop display.  This technique represented another departure from the traditional KSM method of examining every frame of video
  • Video is a series of still pictures usually changing at the rate of 30 frames per second.  Images are produced by voltages that control color (chroma), brightness (luma), and scan information.  Horizontal and vertical scanning is moderated by synchronization pulses  


The ITC-Thoughtography experiment unfortunately did not yield discernible images of Poe family members. Most images did not convey anything recognizable.  However, some images appeared to have representations of objects or words associated with prominent works of Edgar Allan Poe

  • The camera was situated in a display room on the 2nd floor in a corner that allowed a view of the stairwell to the garret (attic).  The first two images are baseline views of the room without signal interference.  In the second image, an investigator is in the room and camera field of view
  • The next two images display a facsimile of a smoking pipe. This was a signature accessory of the fictional detective character “C. August Dupin”, who first appeared in Poe’s acclaimed short story “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”
  • The next two images appear to display the letters “RUE”, which also connects to Poe’s work “The Murders in the Rue Morgue.”  However, some might interpret the letters as “RVE”
  • The next two images appear to display a facsimile illustration of the head of a common raven.  This may connect to Poe’s most celebrated poem “The Raven”, which cemented his celebrity
  • The final two images appear to display a facsimile of a mask in the bottom left corner.  This may relate to Poe’s short story “The Masque of Red Death.”  The image possibly also contains faces at the center right position and could also be an instance of spirit photography


The ITC-Thoughtography experiment was exploratory.  In isolation any of the reported images, which are approximations or facsimiles of objects represented, could be ascribed to pareidolia, which is the human tendency to see meaningful patterns in random data  

While different observers may see different patterns, collectively the images appear to be reasonably recognizable, although not perfect, representations of the objects in question.   And, the collective of images suggests the possibility of visual communication

There had been ample streams of EVP throughout the night and audio findings will be presented in separate posts. Some audio streams related to Poe’s ancestors such as Major David Poe (who served as the Assistant Deputy Quartermaster General for Baltimore), as well as to Edgar Allan Poe himself

While the experiment aimed for high-detail imagery obtained in the Ted Serios experiments, perhaps imaging intentionality is easier to effect on smaller scales, much as it appears easier to capture  EVP in fragmented  bursts. Nonetheless, detailed images are more convincing and leave less room for misinterpretation  

However, a question remains as to what are the sources of the effects, i.e. living and/or post-mortem agencies?  Since observers are taking photographs during apparent instances of ITC, psi functioning as well as engagement on the part of the participants may have mattered towards experiment outcomes  

Future instances of this experiment will return to the traditional KSM technique of examining every frame of video but this will be limited to high-interest periods and/or streams of audio


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Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum, Poe Baltimore MD. Nov 10 2018. All rights reserved

5 Classic Unexplained Paranormal Videos

5 Classic Unexplained Paranormal Videos

A collection of some of the best paranormal footage available on Youtube. 



Likely to be one of the most famous paranormal photographs, the “Ghost of Freddy Jackson” has been a source of debate throughout the years. Taken in 1919 at the HMS Daedalus training facility, the image depicts the proud RAF soldiers from the Goddard Squadron.

A few days before the picture was taken, Freddy Jackson, an airplane mechanic, had died in a tragic airplane propeller accident. His fellow soldiers believe that he wanted to appear in the group photograph, even after his death. To date, experts cannot explain how his ghostly face appeared in this image.