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#Historic #Latta #Plantation in Charlotte, North Carolina:

Constructed during the early 1800’s, visitors at the 52-acre Latta Plantation in #Charlotte, #NorthCarolina report encountering apparitions and shadow figures throughout the property, as well as the plantation’s main house, where employees report hearing disembodied voices and strange noises, as if heavy furniture is being moved in empty rooms. Others report hearing the sounds of children running and playing in the attic, or report feeling a strange presence.

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“We used to live in a pretty old house from about the late 1800s or early 1900s. Keep in mind that I don’t typically believe in spirits, but my sister does and claims to be very perceptive and sees them often. 

It started out with just hearing creaks and footsteps, until one night at dinner, my sister’s eyes went completely blank. She started sobbing and talking about how she could “see her” and “she was trying to get in”. This freaked us all out a bit, but my sister is prone to panicking so we figured it might just be that. After this event, she couldn’t remember anything except the feeling of pure terror from that moment. 

A few days later, we heard a series of crashes. My sister keeps all her figurines and trinkets lined up on her windowsill, and something had knocked them all down in a domino-esque fashion while she’d been sleeping. She slept on a cot in my room from then on, with the door closed, but we’d hear banging on the door from the other side often. At one point, we left the door open, and I woke up with something sleeping next to me. I thought it was my dog until I looked up and nothing was there except for a dent on the bed like someone was laying down. I pushed the thing off and the dent went away. 

We had multiple people sleep over and claim that a little girl had gotten in bed with them. Some of them even asked if one of us had slept in their bed. After all this, we decided to research our house, and it turned out that a little girl was brutally killed by a man who used to live in our house in the early 1900s. A few days before we moved out (for unrelated reasons), I went up to my room to get my boxes. I saw a weird shadow and I heard a voice as clear as my own saying ‘it hurts, make them leave, kill them’ and other things like that. I said it was okay and it was over now before running down the stairs. 

Creepy ass Victorian houses. Damn.”

By: @neptunespearl

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Duke Mansion Bed & Breakfast in #Charlotte, #NorthCarolina: 

Constructed in 1915, many claim that #Duke #Mansion #Bed & #Breakfast in Charlotte, North Carolina is #haunted by the #spirit of a #man named John Avery, who died of #polio, and whose #apparition is said to appear in the #garden late at night.

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Atlanta Woman’s Home Security Camera Might Hav…

Atlanta Woman’s Home Security Camera Might Have Captured Image of Deceased Son’s Ghost:

A woman in Atlanta, Georgia took to social media earlier
this month to post a still image taken from her home security camera that seems
to show a ghostly image of her son who passed away two years ago.

Robbie Hodge died in 2016 when he was only 23 years old;
the cause of death was believed to be an accidental overdose of counterfeit

His mother, Jennifer Hodge, recently shared an email to
Facebook that she had received from home security company Nest on January 5th,
showing the ethereal figure.

“Putting this out there so people will see this is
the email I received from,” Hodge wrote in a
caption. “It has been a crazy week, as the person spotted does look like
my son. Lauren and I were home alone, watching a movie when the notification
appeared on my phone.”

For the full article, visit The Singular Fortean Society. 

My Dad’s House

“So when I was a little girl, my mom and dad broke up because my dad wanted to be with his now Fiancé, Melanie. So they live in a safe neighborhood in the good part of North Carolina. I’ve always had paranormal experiences as a kid. I was 12 years old and I was with my little sister at the time.

So their house is two levels.The bedrooms and a bathroom were usptairs. So Leah (little sister) and I were in our bedroom with the door wide open around 2am. We were watching PBS kids and we heard footsteps running up and down the stairs. We thought it was nothing.

A hour goes by and I close the door, while Leah is asleep. But all of the sudden the door opens wide and I see this figure walking down the stairs. I couldn’t sleep that night and to this day I still hate going to his house.”

By: @bvx-besttt

It Ain’t a Horror Story without Empty Public R…

“Warning: anti-climactic

So when I was a kid (age 6), my family and I went to church every Sunday. During service one day, I decided I had to use the bathroom, so I left to go upstairs where the restrooms were. It was incredibly quiet, since no one was in this part of the building but me.

The bathroom stalls were odd. In order to close the door, you had to pull on it and wedge it between the frame. It wasn’t difficult to do, I just thought it was weird.I don’t know if it was the angle or the way they were built, but the doors were always shut, whether someone was in the stall or not. Even if you left one open, it would slowly swing closed by itself.

I bent down to look under the first stall and saw no feet, so I chose that one. While I was finishing up in there, I started hearing a woman humming. I paused and listened because I was sure no one else was in there, but didn’t understand how I would hear her from outside the room either. It didn’t even sound like an actual song or tune. It sounded like cut off pieces of different songs, or like someone who seriously didn’t know what music really sounded like. At that point, I was thinking she must have entered the bathroom right after me and I hadn’t noticed. It seemed she was in the stall next to mine. I thought it was weird, but continued what I was doing. The humming stopped and I figured she left. As I buttoned my pants, I heard the humming again. Confused, I stopped and listened. She hadn’t left? I looked under the stall to try to see her shoes. Sometimes I could tell who people were based on their shoes. There were no feet next to my stall or next to that one. This restroom only had three, by the way. It was small.

I thought she was in front of the sinks. I left my stall to find no one in front of the sinks. The humming stopped. I crouched down to look under all three stalls. Nothing. I was washing my hands when I heard it again, and it was definitely coming from one of the stalls. I dried off and glanced outside the restroom to see if someone was in the hall. No one, and I could hear the priest in the other room speaking. Whatever I was hearing was not coming from the service.

I stepped back inside the restroom and glanced around, trying to figure out where it was coming from. The humming had stopped again, but it was really bothering me that I couldn’t understand what was happening. I also wasn’t in a hurry to get back to the service, honestly. I stood in silence, and after a minute or two, the humming resumed. I crouched down and looked under the stalls again only to find nothing.

I approached the first stall, the one I had been in, and pushed the door open. It became quiet again. There was no one, but that was expected. The second one I was scared to inspect, but my curiosity was strong. I forced myself to open the second door and found nothing. My fear intensified at the thought of opening the third door, so I stood in front of it for a moment. I quickly pushed it open and skittered away from it, even though there was nothing there either.

I pressed myself against the far wall, panting and staring in confusion. There was absolutely nothing here. Maybe I had been imagining it because I was bored?

I heard the humming again, louder. It sounded like it was coming from the middle stall. I stood still and waited for it to stop, but this time it didn’t. I grew anxious enough to run out of there and get back to the service. I didn’t use that restroom for two years after that, and then when I did, I always chose a time when lots of other people were in there so I wouldn’t be left alone.

So yeah, maybe a bit uneventful, but as a coward and a 6 year old, I was scared. Thinking about it still gives me an eerie feeling, but I doubt it was really anything sinister, paranormal or not.”

By: @prayforlawnchairs

5 Spooky Paranormal Entities Photographed at H…

5 Spooky Paranormal Entities Photographed at Haunted Locations: undefined

Paranormal in Pennsylvania! Historic Charming …

Paranormal in Pennsylvania! Historic Charming Forge Mansion Up for Sale:

As a “bonus” for buyers, this place is also
home to a few ghost stories. The Reading Eagle reports
such tales go back centuries.

The tales include a woman crying in the halls, awaiting
her lover who fell from his horse approaching the house; sightings of her
deceased paramour in the yard; and sounds of the German prisoners of war during
the American Revolution. Stiegel himself is believed to have died in the house
under his nephew’s care, and some claim to have heard him stomping around.

the full article, visit SF Gate.

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The Bridgewater Triangle is a 200 square mile are found in Massachusetts. The Bridgewater Triangle is said be a hotspot for paranormal and cryptid experiences. There have been reports of Bigfoot, Thunderbirds, UFO’s, orbs, balls of fire, and even apparitions. The Bridgewater Triangle is said to be haunted due to a curse placed upon the land by the Native Americans due to the poor treatment the settlers gave them; and during King Philip’s War the Wampanoag people lost a very sacred relic called the Wampum Belt which leads many people to believe that a lot of the paranormal is due to the fact that this sacred belt was lost.

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paranormal vancouver

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