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Pine Run Cemetery in Clio, Michigan:

Pine Run #Cemetery in Clio, #Michigan was established in the early 1800’s, and is said to be #haunted by the #spirits of a man, woman, and child who are buried there. Their #apparitions are often seen by visitors, who also report feeling a strange presence, as if being watched by an unseen #entity. #Paranormal enthusiasts investigating the cemetery at night additionally report experiencing issues with electronic devices, such as flashlights turning on and off by themselves, and batteries being drained unexpectedly. Others have even reported car batteries being drained, and vehicles that stop running without explanation shortly after entering the cemetery gates.

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Eaton Theater in Charlotte, Michigan:

The ​Eaton #Theater in #Charlotte, #Michigan was constructed in 1931 by Rick Eaton, whose #spirit allegedly #haunts the location. According to #legend, Mr. Eaton was found #dead by a fellow employee after falling from one of the theater’s balconies. Another spirit said to haunt the old theater is that of Mr. Eaton’s wife, who committed #suicide shortly after her husband’s death. Although these events are unable to be verified, many employees and moviegoers over the years have reported encountering the #apparitions of a man and woman, believed to be Mr. and Mrs. Eaton.

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This cctv footage shows a woman in Columbia walking down a path and vanishing into thin air. The event was captured on multiple cameras. It is possible that the video could be a glitch, however some say that it would not explain why she clearly disappeared on two different cameras.


When I was younger, I used to take naps upstairs but by the time I was 8 years old I absolutely REFUSED to go upstairs. The upstairs had two large ,Closets? Attics? They ran from one side of the upstairs all the way to the other side on both sides. It was essentially a crawl space that was maybe 30 feet long.

It started one day when a friend and I went crawling from one side to the other with flashlights like kids normally do. Then I saw a girl, sitting there, in the corner acting like she wanted to play with us.

I know a lot of people say when they see a ghost they aren’t scared. Just interested. Nope, I was beyond terrified. This girl looked normal, had blonde hair, a nice dress and seemed friendly. I stayed silent, kept crawling behind my friend and got out of the closet. Told him what I saw in there, he said he didn’t see it, but felt like he didn’t want to go back in.

Then my parents would occasionally send me upstairs to get something and when I would get up there I would see the doors swing open. As if they were trying to get me to come inside. I would lose toys and wouldn’t be able to find them anywhere. Suddenly, my parents would be fishing out christmas presents out of the attic and we would find some of my toys in there.

I remember being 8 years old, my parents are asleep still in the morning and I leashed up my dog to go take on the monster in the attic. My dog, usually up for anything REFUSED to go off the top step into the attic.

My parents never believed me with all the weird things that happened in that house. I would get blamed for things that happened all over the house. Leaving lights on, toys all over, things I knew I didn’t do.

Well, anyway we move out of there when I am 10. Not a week passes before the new owners call us up and ask if the house is haunted. There daughter sleeps upstairs, she says that she has been playing with a blonde haired girl at night.

My parents laughed at how crazy these new homeowners must be. To make an already long story short, the girl started appearing in other parts of the house for them (they kept in contact with us.) They would look over while watching tv and see the girl sitting on their daughters lap etc. They looked up on the computer the past owners of the house, found an old dress maker that lived there and yep, a picture of the little girl wearing one of the ladies dresses.

The family that moved in there were absolutely torn apart by the events. Got divorced, dad stayed living in the house and ended up taking his own life in that house.



Apparitions are visible, which either means that light is bouncing off of them or they’re emitting light themselves.  The latter option seems to be more likely, as ghosts often glow ethereally.  If this is the case though, they would not be cold to the touch; if you are generating light, you must also generate heat, but ghosts have a chilling effect, often lowering the temperature of the entire room, which would imply that they’re acting as a heat sink.  They draw energy from the room, but where is that energy going?  To cool something off, something else must heat up; ghosts never reach equilibrium, the heat never dissipates out, they just continue cooling things off.  The absorbed energy can’t be what is creating the light, as that would negate the cooling.

Generating light implies that a ghost is made of excited electrons, continually shifting from different orbital levels, emitting photons.  How are they contained?  Ghosts have no mass, so they can’t be made of matter, so there are no nuclei for the electrons to orbit, and furthermore no electrons themselves.  Where is the light coming from?  How are they creating photons from nothing, with no source of energy?

Ghosts defy the laws of physics

(that’s the hot take of the century)


A recently widowed man took this photograph of his daughter playing with her new Christmas presents only to discover that the developed picture clearly shows a spectral figure crawling across the floor. His daughter seems to have noticed the ghost, as she is looking towards it, smiling. He firmly believes that this is the ghost of his dead wife trying to play with their daughter on her first Christmas without her mother.


Trowbridge Road Bridge in Bloomfield Township, Michigan:

The Trowbridge Road #Bridge in #Bloomfield Township, #Michigan was constructed in 1930 during the beginning of The Great #Depression, and is said to be #haunted by the #spirits of numerous men and women who committed #suicide by jumping more than 100 feet onto the #railroad tracks below. #Paranormal enthusiasts who visit the bridge at night often report witnessing the shadowy #apparitions of men and women, many of whom were hit by trains after jumping to their #death and have taken on a disfigured, mutilated appearance. Others claim to feel as if being pushed by invisible hands when standing near the edge of the bridge overlooking the railroad tracks below, as well as hearing the sounds of disembodied voices and whispers. At the height of its use as a suicide location it’s estimated that a new victim jumped from the bridge approximately every 30 minutes.

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THE HAUNTED CRYBABY BRIDGE ON SENATH’S SPOOKLIGHT ROAD – Senath, Missouri. Dunklin County Road 602 – near the small, rural town of Senath in the bootheel of Missouri – is a remote farm road/Lover’s Lane that has long had a reputation for being haunted. According to local folklore and witness accounts, along this four-mile stretch of CR602 can be encountered a myriad of supernatural activity: glowing tombstones in a haunted cemetery, an ominous hanging tree, a possessed church, and luminous spooklight orbs that are said to flit-about and stall car engines. Also, on this dusty road, can be found this (pictured) “Crybaby Bridge” and the common urban legend that comes with such a place – a haunted passage over water where the lost soul of a mournful mother, or her crying infant, can be heard to pierce the silent night, echoing some forgotten tragedy. EVPs of a crying “something” have been reported here (I recorded it myself soon after this photo was snapped). Graffiti of a Satanic Nature can found under this locale, where bored (and beer-laden) teens are said to frequent as they search for a creepy thrill from taunting the supernatural. Most visitors, however, come to see the road’s spooklights (referred to as the “Senath Lights” or the “Hornersville Lights” or the “Arbyrd Lights” depending on which nearby townsperson is providing direction or telling a tale) – mysterious “basketball-sized glowing balls” which can be encountered in the black of country night when facing westward. The cause of the alleged spooklight phenomenon (and the other alleged phenomena found on this stretch) remains unknown. An undoubtedly creepy spot in the dead stillness of dark. Photo by Michael Huntington – October, 2015. @Huntington_Strange_Travels #MichaelHuntington #StrangeTravels #HuntingtonAdventures #SenathSpooklights #ArbyrdSpooklights #HornersvilleSpooklights ##HauntedChurch #CrybabyBridge #602CrybabyBridge #LoversLane #HauntedCemetery #Haunted #Ghosts #Spooklights #Orbs #HauntedMissouri #HauntedDunklinCounty #CR602 #DunklinCountyMissouri #SenathMissouri #ArbyrdMissouri #HornersvilleMissouri (at Senath, Missouri)