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Ghost Hunters livestream Shadow Spirit during exploration of Haunted Building

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Haunted Louisiana Hot Spots Are Cause for Concern

From the haunted Dauphine Orleans Hotel to the sinister LaLaurie Mansion, we look at the most haunted places in Louisiana. #HauntedPlaces #ScaryVideos #SlappedHam

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Boott Cotton Mills Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts:

Boott #CottonMills in Lowell, #Massachusetts was constructed in 1835, and remained open until 1958. It was added to the #Lowell National #Historical Park and converted to a #museum in the late 1970’s. Tourists and employees working at the old cotton mill report witnessing #apparitions and #ShadowFigures, believed to be the #spirits of former mill workers who were killed due to hazardous working conditions and inadequate safety precautions during the mill’s early production years. Others report feeling cold spots, or feeling the presence of an unseen entity, with many also noting that the majority of #ParanormalActivityusually occurs on the building’s 2nd floor.

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