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“Remember me you passers by , As you are now so once was I, As I am now you soon shall be , So stop awhile and pray for me”

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“It Sits On My Bed”: A Man Filmed A Paranormal Phenomenon In His Bedroom

Recently, on Twitter and simultaneously on the Reddit website, an unusual video appeared that was posted by a young girl.(paranormal phenomenon)

According to her, this video (see below) was filmed on a video surveillance camera in her father’s bedroom. At night, her father began to feel that someone was playing around with his bedding, and also it seemed to him that something was sitting on his bed.

Apparently there were no pets in this house, so the man became frightened and put a camera in his bedroom.

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Apparition of a Suicide VictimDuring the late …

Apparition of a Suicide Victim

During the late 1800s there was a paranormal investigative
society known as the Society for Psychical Research, or SPR. This society investigated
over 700 incidents which they compiled into a study. The following case was one
of their most interesting encounters.

According to the case notes, there was once a girl named
Ellen. Ellen was in love with a disreputable young man whom her family did not
approve of. In order to ensure that she would not marry this man, Ellen was
sent to Brighton, which is on the southern coast of England. One night, Ellens
mother and young brother were sitting outside in their garden. All of a sudden
the brother exclaimed “Look mother there is Ellen!” Sure enough Ellen was seen
dressed in black walking at the edge of the garden. The mother told the brother
to go and see what she was doing there, however due to a sprained foot the
brother was unable to run towards her. Instead they called in the house to have
the youngest sister come out and run to her. They wanted to bring Ellen back
before her father saw her and there was an unpleasant scene. The youngest
sister ran across the lawn yelling Ellens name. Ellen did not respond. She
simply continued walking down the pathway away from the house. When the young
girl finally caught up with her sister she asked where she was going. She went
to grab her sisters arm when her hand passed right through her. She ran back to
her mother and told her what she had seen. The next day the family learnt that
Ellen had thrown herself into the sea and drowned at the exact same hour she had
appeared to them in the garden.

Source:The Complete Book of Ghosts by Paul Roland

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Most Spooky Hospital (2017): Clark Airbase Hospital,

The winner of this years Most Spooky Hospital award goes to
Clark Airbase Hospital. Not only is this location eerie because it is
abandoned, but it is also incredibly haunted. This hospital was featured in
National Geographic’s series “I Wouldn’t Go In There,” and was reported by
Ghost Hunters International to be one of the most haunted places in the world.

Clark Air Base was previously a United States military
facility from 1903 to 1991. During WWII and the Vietnam War it was used as a
hospital for injured and dying military personnel. Now it is thought that many
of these personnel never left. Those who have visited the facility have
reported seeing the apparitions of soldiers walking throughout the halls. Strange
orbs will often float by and doors will open and slam shut by themselves.
Visitors have also heard screams and voices emanating throughout the abandoned
facility. Some of the ghosts are also known to be violent as visitors have
sometimes been pelted with items by an unseen force.


Haunted Nebraska

Haunted Nebraska:


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In the early 1970s a home in …


the early 1970s a home in the town of Hexham in the United Kingdom was the site
of one of the most bizarre haunting episodes that has ever taken place. CLICK FOR MORE INFO 

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How to Spot Real Paranormal Activity in a House

How do you know if the ‘footsteps’ you hear overhead are those of a
ghost or just floorboards settling? When the lights dim and go out—is it
a ghost that’s causing it or just a faulty light bulb? It’s very easy
to be duped by natural events in a house we think might be haunted.
Weird sounds, odd smells, creepy shadows and eerie lights can all have
logical explanations. When you can rule out common causes for peculiar
effects, it is easier to spot real paranormal activity. The most common
events are listed below but there are many others. A haunted location
may have one or more of the incidents given, but it is rare for a
location to have every kind of phenomena present at the same time. Some
common indications of paranormal activity include:

– Unexplained Noises

– Objects/furniture misplaced and/or moving

– Electrical Disturbances

– Shadows/Mists

– Animal behaviour

– Feelings/Sensations—smells, being watched, cold and hot spots, being touched

– Seeing and hearing

    Let’s take a look at some of these anomalies and get a better idea of what to look for.

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    13 Spooky Restaurants That Are Rumored to Be Haunted By Ghosts

    You’ve probably heard spooky tales about haunted houses and haunted hotels, but we’re calling it now: Haunted restaurantsare the next big thing. See, almost six in 10 Americans believe in ghosts, according to an Ipsos/McClatchy poll, so what better way to connect with the spirits than via a supernatural supper?

    Step inside 13 restaurants from coast to coast that just so happen to be graced with haunted histories and a few extra dinner guests. And if you dare, maybe you just might decide to step inside and dine there for yourself…

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