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Dead Children’s Playground

Located in Huntsville Alabama, this haunted playground is situated behind Maple Hill Cemetery (the state’s largest and oldest cemetery).It is set in a low spot and surrounded by rocks and trees on three sides, making it all the more claustrophobic.

The playground has accumulated a deep catalogue of supernatural associations. Locals have claimed to hear children laughing/screaming in the middle of the night. They have seen swings move on their own and ghostly orbs floating around at night.

Legend says that during the 1960s, the area around Huntsville was gripped by a terrible rash of child abductions that devastated the city. Unfortunately, many of the children didn’t survive the clutches of their captors, and their bodies were discovered around the area where the macabre playground now sits.


THE HAUNTED CRYBABY BRIDGE ON SENATH’S SPOOKLIGHT ROAD – Senath, Missouri. Dunklin County Road 602 – near the small, rural town of Senath in the bootheel of Missouri – is a remote farm road/Lover’s Lane that has long had a reputation for being haunted. According to local folklore and witness accounts, along this four-mile stretch of CR602 can be encountered a myriad of supernatural activity: glowing tombstones in a haunted cemetery, an ominous hanging tree, a possessed church, and luminous spooklight orbs that are said to flit-about and stall car engines. Also, on this dusty road, can be found this (pictured) “Crybaby Bridge” and the common urban legend that comes with such a place – a haunted passage over water where the lost soul of a mournful mother, or her crying infant, can be heard to pierce the silent night, echoing some forgotten tragedy. EVPs of a crying “something” have been reported here (I recorded it myself soon after this photo was snapped). Graffiti of a Satanic Nature can found under this locale, where bored (and beer-laden) teens are said to frequent as they search for a creepy thrill from taunting the supernatural. Most visitors, however, come to see the road’s spooklights (referred to as the “Senath Lights” or the “Hornersville Lights” or the “Arbyrd Lights” depending on which nearby townsperson is providing direction or telling a tale) – mysterious “basketball-sized glowing balls” which can be encountered in the black of country night when facing westward. The cause of the alleged spooklight phenomenon (and the other alleged phenomena found on this stretch) remains unknown. An undoubtedly creepy spot in the dead stillness of dark. Photo by Michael Huntington – October, 2015. @Huntington_Strange_Travels #MichaelHuntington #StrangeTravels #HuntingtonAdventures #SenathSpooklights #ArbyrdSpooklights #HornersvilleSpooklights ##HauntedChurch #CrybabyBridge #602CrybabyBridge #LoversLane #HauntedCemetery #Haunted #Ghosts #Spooklights #Orbs #HauntedMissouri #HauntedDunklinCounty #CR602 #DunklinCountyMissouri #SenathMissouri #ArbyrdMissouri #HornersvilleMissouri (at Senath, Missouri)


I had a recent experience!

I had a vivid dream of a ghost, I couldn’t see it but it would manifest as great fears people have. Near the end of the dream I was tasked with killing it, so it appeared to me as a cat to make it harder for me to kill it (I love cats). I fought with it and it obviously scratched me up and fought back. I never ended up being able to kill it before I woke up.

When I woke up, I had to go to the bathroom so I got straight up and went into the restroom. I looked in the mirror, and saw this on my chest. It faded alittle before I could take the photo but you can still see it.



One of the creepiest phenomenon’s on the planet is that of
Doppelgangers. A Doppelganger is an exact double of a person. Some call it an
evil twin. It is also known in Irish folklore as a Fetch. It is generally
thought that  seeing a Doppelganger is an
omen of bad luck.

For example, in 1617 John Donne, a famous poet, saw the
Doppelganger of his wife while she was away having a baby Only later he found out
she had given birth to a still born child.

Other famous examples include Catherine the Great. One
evening while she was lying in her bed, a number of servants came in and
frantically told her they had just seen her walking into the throne room. Not
long after she suffered a stroke, which eventually killed her a couple days later. 

Elizabeth I had a similar experience. She went into her
chambers one night only to find herself already lying in bed. This double
appeared deathly ill. Only a few days later Elizabeth herself died.

Finally, Abraham Lincoln described an experience in which he
went to look at himself in the mirror, only to find a Doppelganger looking back
at him. Purportedly the image looking back at him did not match up to his own
reflection. It looked pale and sickly. When he told his wife about it, she
claimed it meant he was going to be elected for a second term in office, but would
not live to see the end of it. She was right.


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Columbia Court Apartments in Battle Creek, Michigan:

The Columbia Court #Apartments in #BattleCreek, #Michigan were constructed in the early 1900’s as two separate #apartment complexes; Kulp Court Apartments and Webster Apartments, which were later combined into one building. Tenants at the Columbia Court Apartments often report witnessing the #apparitions of men and women believed to be former residents who passed away, in addition to experiencing other unexplained #paranormal phenomena, such as lights flickering, sudden cold spots and drops in temperature, or hearing the sounds of disembodied voices, whispers, and footsteps. Others have reported hearing the sounds of disembodied screams and objects being thrown violently coming from vacant apartments, as well as encountering the #spirit of a man who sometimes attempts to grope or sexually assault female tenants.

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Still from ‘The Haunted Hotel’. Vitagraph Company of America, circa 1907.

“If you’re not haunted by something, as by a dream, a vision, or a memory, which are involuntary, you’re not interested or even involved.”__Jack Kerouac


I gave my friend a box and told her to put anything in it and give it back but keep the contents a secret. She then went into a quiet room in a notoriously haunted location and told the spirits what was in the box ahead of my investigation there. Through the PSB7 Spirit Box I received the correct answer to what was in the box. Absolutely amazing results!

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