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I gave my friend a box and told her to put anything in it and give it back but keep the contents a secret. She then went into a quiet room in a notoriously haunted location and told the spirits what was in the box ahead of my investigation there. Through the PSB7 Spirit Box I received the correct answer to what was in the box. Absolutely amazing results!

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The Anguished Man is an alleged haunted painting owned by Sean Robinson. Sean Robinson inherited The Anguished Man from his grandmother who kept it locked in the attic for 25 years claiming that it was evil. She said that the original artist mixed his own blood into the paint before killing himself. Sean doubted the paranormal aspect of the painting and hung it up anyway. After Sean hung the painting up, he heard the sound of crying and saw a dark figure in the corner of the room that the painting was hung in. Sean eventually took the Anguished Man down however he does let paranormal investigators do research on it.


Real Nurses Share Their Ghost Stories

Long running discussion thread [What’s your best nursing ghost story?] on since 2005.  Contains over 2300 stories and comments 


Ghosts and Ghouls: True ghost stories, photos, videos


Ghost Hunters livestream Shadow Spirit during exploration of Haunted Building

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The Bridgewater Triangle

Located in southeastern Massachusetts is a 200sq foot area
known as the Bridgewater Triangle. This area got its name because of all of the
strange happenings that occur within its boundaries. It a zone that is
overloaded with the paranormal.

Here there is an abnormally high amount of poltergeist and other
spirit activities within the local areas and in residents homes.  One of the most haunted places is the
Hockomock swamp. This area is believed to be cursed by the Native Americans
that used to live here. It is also the site of a 8,000 year old Native American
Burial ground. It is said that when archaelogists opened the graves, a red
ochre bubbled up and then disappeared. No one was able to take photos of the
site as none of the pictures developed. People now here mysterious voices and
will smell smoke at random times. There have been reports of a bonfire on top
of a large rock that will disappear when a person gets too close to it. People
have also reported seeing ghostly figures dancing a ritualistic dance. Other
famous ghosts in this area include a redheaded hitchhiker on Route 44 in
Rehoboth, a spirit near the Hockomock swamp on route 138, and a ghostly truck
driver from Freetown who will blare his horn angrily at other motorists and
speed past them.

The Bridgewater triangle is also well known for its
cryptids. A Bigfoot like creature has been seen throughout the area, usually near
Hockomock swamp. In the 1970s reports of a 7ft tall creature, along with
footprints prompted the police to search for a bear. Neither human being or
bear was ever found in the area. Other than Bigfoot there have been reports of
thunderbirds. These massive birds have a wingspan of 8-12 feet and have been
spotted in Hockomock swamp and Taunton. Another mysterious report is that of a
phantom dog. It was reported that a large dog with glowing red eyes was found
killing two ponies. Supposedly the dog was as big as the two ponies were. There
have also been reports of giant snakes in the area.

Other than ghosts and cryptids, the Bridgwater triangle is
home to many UFO sightings. These sightings date back to 300 years when settlers
in 1760 saw a glowing ball of light up in the sky. Other UFO sightings include Halloween
of 1908 when UFO sightings made the local newspapers, in 1968 when five people
claimed to have seen a strange ball of light floating among the trees in
Rehoboth, A string of UFO sightings in the 1970’s, with one report in 1976 claiming
that two UFOs were seen landing along route 44, in 1994 an officer saw a triangular
shaped craft with red and white lights, and in modern times there are still
frequent reports of glowing balls of light which float over the ground a the local
dog track in Raynham.

As if the above were not enough, this area has been home to grisly
murders (including an underground bunker with chains and bindings made for
children), mysterious will-o-the wisp type lights, animal mutilations, satanic
rituals, and mysterious black helicopters that patrol the skys.


Hello dear followers and others who may see this post. Since it is Friday 13th, I thought it would be nice to reach out and see if any of you had any spooky experiences you would like to share. These can be ghostly encounters, a meetup with a cryptid, or perhaps a creepy experience involving the living. Anything goes. We’d love to hear from you

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Tonight is extra spooky due to the full moon. This occurrance is rare and hasnt happened since 2000,and wont happen again until 2049. Take the day to enjoy all things spooky and to practice any spells that take advantage of this special moonlight. Stay safe and remember, keep it spooky.


Why People See Ghosts, Explained

Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever seen one? If you
answered “yes” to both questions, you are not alone. In fact, a number
of surveys found that the majority of people who took part believe in
ghosts, with a high percentage claiming that they have seen them.

The belief in the supernatural is an old one. For millennia,
humankind have used it as a source of meaning, and continue to do so to
this day. But while many people claim to have had paranormal
experiences, science also has a word to say about this.

Click through the gallery to find out why people see ghosts, according to science.

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I Visited a Notoriously Haunted Doll, and Bad Luck Followed Me Everywhere

I’m a relatively superstitious person. I would never walk on
someone’s grave in a cemetery, I believe in ghosts, and I’m careful to
not walk under any ladders. So while I was on my honeymoon in Key West recently and heard about a ghost tour that involved Robert the Doll — a famously haunted doll that brings bad luck to those who visit him — I was pretty intrigued.

For an inanimate object, Robert is pretty well-known. He’s been featured on several TV
shows and is even toted around to various conventions that center on
the occult. Eager to see what all the fuss was about, my husband, Chris,
and I booked a tour with a company called Ghosts & Gravestones,
which included a stop at the Fort East Martello Museum where Robert
resides. While the tour was awesome, our brief encounter with Robert was
… less than ideal. Why? Well, because he “haunted” me for about 36 hours afterwards.

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Burial Hill Cemetery in Plymouth, Massachusetts:

Established in the early 1600’s, Burial Hill #Cemetery in #Plymouth, Massachusetts is said to be #haunted by the #spirits of many of the town’s founders and earliest settlers. Visitors at the old cemetery often report witnessing the #apparitions of men and women wearing clothing from the 1700’s and 1800’s, as well as experiencing other unexplained #paranormal phenomena, such as disembodied voices, whispers, and footsteps. Paranormal enthusiasts investigating the location at night also report detecting high levels of electromagnetic energy, in addition to reports of electronic devices and other equipment malfunctioning or batteries draining unexpectedly.

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