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St. James Cemetery EVP | RA Weekly #16

St. James Cemetery EVP | RA Weekly #16:


Is the Grinning Man real?

The Grinning Man was apparently first


in 1966, according to John Keel, the paranormal investigator mostly know for his book

The Mothman Prophecies. 

The story about the Ginning man involved 2 boys walking along a street in New Jersey in October 1966. The boys were walking in the same area that earlier that day a woman had reported being chased by a “tall, green man”, and the two were nervous about the story. They were to report later that they saw perhaps the same man, standing behind a fence in some brush, looking at a house across the road from the boys.

The being was behind them, and was wearing a green one-peice suit that reflected the streetlights nearby. It noticed the boys looking at him, turned and began to smile – a grin that stretched from ear to ear. Having elongated eyes, the boys could not make out whether the creature had ears, a nose or hair.

That same night, miles away, reports of a “bright-white” UFO began filtering in to the police, and several officers reportedly saw the object themsleves hovering near a local reservior.


Hauntings and apparitions are often a personal experience. Just…

Hauntings and apparitions are often a personal experience. Just stories you hear about without actually seeing any evidence.  But capturing EVPs are unique as they can be shared with anyone willing to listen and serve as strong proof that in the end, there is life after death.

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theparanormalguide: Haunting- Paranormal Vocabulary- A haunting…


– Paranormal Vocabulary

– A haunting is typically defined as occurrences of anomalous activity at a location, or about an object or person that is attributed to a ‘ghosts’ presence. However, even the nonparanormal definition of the word holds true to studies of the paranormal, with definitions such as ‘to visit often’ and ‘to have a disquieting or harmful effect’.

Stories of hauntings appear in the folklore and legends of just about every culture, where there are ghosts, there are hauntings, and you would be hard pressed to find a people who do not have such entities and histories in their writings and oral recollections.

When looking into the history of hauntings many researchers have categorised two very defined types of hauntings under the following headings – ‘Residual hauntings’ and ‘intelligent hauntings’.

A residual haunting is typified by repeated activity that tends to follow the same course without deviation. The activity can be that which affects any of our senses. An example would be a ghost that continuously follows the same path through the location it is seen. It may walk down a hallway and out through a door, and should the layout of the building be changed, it will still follow the same path, covering the main ground.

A residual haunting is not aware of the living world around it, and many believe that the haunting itself is the result of an emotion, perhaps even a memory that is somehow recorded into the physical environment itself, and when the conditions are right, that ‘recording’ is played out once again.

Old schools, prisons, asylums and hospitals are all locations where residual hauntings are said to be quite prevalent. These locations were filled with many emotions and traumatic experiences during their working years, intangible memories of its working life seeped into the walls.

A ‘ghost’, or other entity, that may form part of a residual haunting, would not have a choice in being there, it is not intelligent, it has no emotion of its own, but is rather just a playback of an event.

An intelligent haunting, concerns activity where the ‘ghost’ or entity is aware of the living world around it. The entity can (potentially) interact and respond to people, objects and changes to the environment.

An intelligent haunting may occur for many different reasons, and unlike a residual haunting, the ghost/entity may have some choice in its presence being there and revealed. On the other hand those who claim to be able to communicate with the dead have said that at many times a ghost/entity may be forced to stay at the location, or bound to an object – the reasons for this can be quite complex but generally amounts to having unfinished business, a punishment from guilt, fear of moving on or even not even knowing they are dead.

When a person or object is haunted it is typically said to be of an intelligent nature.

Every country around the world has its haunted hotspots. There are thousands of locations around the globe that boast their own haunting, many objects that have had to be ‘cleansed’ to remove them of their entity and many, many people who have been haunted – have had an attachment, a ghost that follows them.

I would love to hear stories of hauntings from your parts of the world, the history and the activity. Maybe you have been haunted or have a haunted object in your possession (and how you deal with such events)?

Ashley Hall 2013.

Pictures show famous haunted locations in several countries (clockwise from top left):
Monte Cristo Homestead (Australia)
Borley Rectory (England)
Bhangarh Fort (India)
Banff Springs Hotel (Canada)
Waverly Hills Sanatorium (United States) [Center]

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equinoxparanormal:The Haunting History of England’s Epping…


The Haunting History of England’s Epping Forest

Ghostly appearances, spooky sounds and bizarre phenomena that seem to defy the laws of science are all a part of a paranormal legacy in the wild corners of Epping Forest.

The forest’s size, density and proximity to London have made it a popular criminal hideout for centuries, and its dark woods have likely been the site of many hidden burials.

Stories and reports of ghostly sightings in the forest are a source of ongoing fascination, with many groups and organizations showing an active interest in the spooky stories

In December 2003, an episode of the paranormal investigation show Most Haunted was broadcast live from the forest as the crew apparently pursued the spirit of the infamous highwayman Dick Turpin.

Although he was born in Hempstead around 1705, Turpin is known to have opened a butcher’s shop in Buckhurst Hill and in his later life he was notorious for using the forest as a base for his criminal activities.

He murdered at least one man in the forest, for which he was tried and hanged in York in 1739.

In the live broadcast of Most Haunted, Turpin’s spirit apparently presented itself to Yvette Fielding and led the crew off the path and into the depths of the forest, forcing them to call a forest keeper to rescue them.

They had originally been filming at Loughton Camp, an area of the forest that Turpin used as a hideout and is notorious for paranormal activity.

The site, which is just outside of Loughton, is thought to have been used as an army base by the tribal queen Boudica, and this has led a number of people to think that the spirits and memories of dead soldiers have been left in the area.

Alan Smith, member of the paranormal investigation group Parahauntings UK, said there is a possibility that certain emotions can linger.

He said: “The ‘Stone Tape’ theory suggests that emotions and energy imprints itself on the surroundings in a magnetic way, much like cassette tapes.

“The camp would be an area of very high emotion. Being a war time camp, there would be the emotions of going to war and being worried about not coming back.”

He added: “You never know what you could find when you go down there.”

A number of accounts have reported muffled sounds of drums and marching emanating from the forest, and some people believe that this is caused by the spirits of dead soldiers.

Several reports have been made over the years of spirits apparently taking material form.

In the 1960s, there were sightings of ghostly figures emerging from a pond near Lindsey Street in Epping.

The figures were said to emerge from the pond on horseback before riding towards town and disappearing.

Another pond at an unknown location deep in the woods is said to draw people to commit suicide in its murky waters, after two young lovers died in a tragic murder-suicide at the pond 300 years ago.

Restless spirits have also been blamed for Epping Forest’s most well known and bizarre supernatural phenomenon that persists to this day: cars appearing to roll uphill at Hangman’s Hill.

If left in neutral, cars left at the bottom of Hangman’s Hill in High Beach appear to defy gravity and roll uphill, and local legend has it that this is the spirit of a hangman dragging an unfortunate criminal to his execution.

A more scientific explanation suggests the phenomenon occurs because of an optical illusion, with the road only appearing to slope upwards.

Despite the mystery of Hangman’s Hill being solved, many people have been left unable to explain their own experiences in the forest and the supernatural legacy of criminal activity and hidden violence persists to this day.

[Joseph Flaig, The Guardian]

Investigating The Universe: An Interview with Michelle McKay


Investigating The Universe: An Interview with Michelle McKay

I was interviewed by Alexandra Holzer for an article she wrote about me in OM Times Magazine. The interview centered on my great-uncle pioneer physical trace UFOlogist Henry McKay. Alex is a great gal, thanks Alex — hugs xox!!!
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Dartmouth Ghosts: Young Boy and Man Seen in Bungalow


Dartmouth Ghosts: Young Boy and Man Seen in Bungalow

Dartmouth Nova Scotia true ghost stories

  Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada Ghost report from Valerie on August 15, 2017: “I first noticed strange things in my house when I moved in 17 years ago. It’s just a small, older bungalow not far from the harbour. It all started with footsteps in our unfinished attic. Not long after, I would notice the light on the clock radio in my kitchen would turn on by itself. I’d switch it off…

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Investigating FIVE Victorian Mansions


Investigating FIVE Victorian Mansions

ghosts haunted paranormal Five Haunted Mansions

Photo by Michelle McKay   So there I was, sitting on a hoity-toity antique couch in the parlour on the first floor of a Victorian mansion a few nights ago while listening for responses to the questions I was asking the “spirits”. It was active that night and loud banging rapped back to me from way up in the attic. Why does it have to be the attic, I thought to myself. It’s really creepy up there.…

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Paranormal investigator claims looking at ‘possessed doll’ makes you ill

Paranormal investigator claims looking at ‘possessed doll’ makes you ill

Marfa Lights

The Marfa lights, also known as the Marfa ghost lights, have been observed near U.S. Route 67 on Mitchell Flat east of Marfa, Texas, in the United States.

According to Judith Brueske, “The ‘Marfa Lights of west Texas have been called many names over the years, such as ghost lights, weird lights, mystery lights, or Chinati lights. The favorite place from which to view the lights is a widened shoulder on Highway 90 about nine miles east of Marfa…at this ‘official Marfa Lights viewing site’. The lights are most often reported as rather distant bright lights distinguishable from ranch lights and automobile headlights on Highway 67 rimarily by their aberrant movements.

Robert and Judy Wagers define "Classic Marfa Lights” as being seen south-southwest of the Marfa Lights Viewing Center (MLVC). They define the left margin of the viewing area as being aligned along the Big Bend Telephone Company tower as viewed from the MLVC, and the right margin defined by Chinati Peak as viewed from the MLVC.

Referring to the Marfa Lights View Park east of Marfa, James Bunnell states, “you might just see mysterious orbs of light suddenly appear above desert foliage. These balls of light may remain stationary as they pulse on and off with intensity varying from dim to almost blinding brilliance. Then again, these ghostly lights may dart across the desert…or perform splits and mergers. Light colors are usually yellow-orange but other hues, including green, blue and red are also seen. Marfa Mystery Lights (MLs) usually fly above desert vegetation but below background mesas.

The first published account of the lights appeared in the July 1957 issue of Coronet magazine. In 1976, Elton Miles’ Tales of the Big Bend included stories dating to the 19th century, and a photograph of the Marfa lights taken by a local rancher.

Marfa Lights


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