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The famous paranormal compilation video Ghosts, Spirits and Demons. This was one of the first paranormal videos I’ve seen, and I remember it creeped me out. I was gullible and in middle school when I saw this, since then I’ve been able to debunk certain videos, but this one is honestly iconic.


I Want to hear from ya’ll

Hey everyone I want to hear from you. Have you had any experiences with spirits in the last year? Please inbox or message me about it

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The Ghosts of Egmont Key

Accessible only by boat, Tampa Bay’s Egmont Key offers pristine beaches, abundant wildlife, and a historic lighthouse and fort. However, this idyllic island doesn’t just attract tourists. Legend has it Egmont is also rife with ghosts.

Egmont Key

Egmont Key got its name after British surveyor George Gauld discovered the island in the late 1700s. Florida was under British rule at the time, and Gauld chose to honor Lord John Perceval, the Second Earl of Egmont, by naming the island after him.

Over the years, Egmont has served as a base for Union soldiers, a prison camp for captured Seminoles, and a line of defense against Spanish troops. Now, the island is a public park and wildlife sanctuary. Visitors may explore Egmont Key by day, but at night, only rangers, and ghosts, are free to roam about.

The Ghosts of Egmont

According to Greg Jenkins, author of Florida’s Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore: The Gulf Coast and Pensacola, at least one ranger has seen a spirit on Egmont Key. In a 2006 interview, the ranger told Jenkins he’d been investigating banging sounds at the old fort late one night when he saw something he’ll never forget.

“I saw a man dressed as a Civil War soldier, complete with all the regalia,” the ranger said. “I began to think ‘okay, what is this — this had to be someone’s idea of a joke.’ But, when this character started walking toward me, stopping about four feet from me and just staring intensely at me, then turning around and walking away, only to finally vanish all together, that was it for me. I got the hell out of there, and fast.”

Union troops gained control over Egmont in 1861. If a Civil War ghost is roaming the island, it’s likely he’s from the Union side, and the soldier may have ghostly company in the form of an old nemesis: lighthouse keeper George V. Rickard.

Rickard, a Confederate sympathizer, fled Egmont Key as Union troops drew near, taking the lighthouse’s expensive lens with him. It’s not clear what became of Rickard in life, but legend has it the loyal keeper returned to Egmont after his death. Some visitors have seen a shadowy figure lurking around the old lighthouse while others have spotted a pale face peering from within. The lighthouse is now fully automated, so there’s no need for a keeper, but perhaps Rickard refuses to move on.

Screams in the Night

It seems Jenkin’s ranger isn’t the only witness to Egmont’s paranormal activity. According to a report posted on the author’s website, a troop of Boy Scouts camped on Egmont Key in 2011 and had a frightening experience.

The evening was uneventful, but at approximately 3:00 in the morning, the boys and their leaders awoke to voices and screams in the distance. The sounds drew closer and closer before tapering off at dawn. The troop never saw anything, but were more than ready to leave come sunrise. Egmont Key is off limits to visitors at night, so who, or what, did the Scouts hear?

Spirit Speculations

During The Seminole War of 1858, the United States Army imprisoned several Seminoles on Egmont Key. Many prisoners perished on the island and were buried in a communal graveyard still around today. Though there are no specific stories about Seminoles haunting the island, Jenkins and other paranormal enthusiasts can’t help but wonder if the native’s spirits remain on the island.

Established during the Spanish-American war in the early 1900s, Fort Dade served as a line of defense against Spanish troops. Back then, over 300 people called Egmont Key home, and servicemen and their families enjoyed such amenities as a movie theater, a bowling alley, and tennis courts. However, Egmont’s population plummeted after the fort’s disbandment in 1923, and crumbling foundations and submerged ruins are all that remains of the once thriving community. Some people wonder if a few of the island’s former residents returned after their death.

By day, Egmont Key is a tropical paradise brimming with visitors and activity. But once the sun sets and the tourists leave, silence descends on the island, and, some say, ghosts rise from their slumber. Do you believe the creepy tales?

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please please tell me all the weird stuff!!!!!…

please please tell me all the weird stuff!!!!! I love the paranormal!

Wow were do I start?! There’s The Beast of Bray Road a well known dog man which I live close to (36 mins) also there’s this place called St Coletta (It’s also haunted) which I guess it’s easiest to describe as a mental asylum but it really nice but they’s also sightings of a dog man in the fields around there and I live about 15 mins from there. We have several lake monsters. Devil’s Lake Monster – Baraboo (I swam there before I know about it and now I don’t know if I’d swim there again lol), Rocky of Rock Lake, Lake Koshkonong Monster, Jenny of Lake Geneva, Pewaukee Lake Monster, Lake Mendota Monster. (Minnesota is called Land of 10,000 Lakes but we have more so.) We’ve had sightings of bigfoot and goatmen (Goatman of Hogsback Road) Even a vampire Mineral Point Vampire, We have Trolls and Gnomes. Hodag a beast the size of a bear with the head and face of a grinning frog, stumpy legs, and the tail of a stegosaurus from Rhinelander. An my personal favorite Thunderbirds the bird with wings so big it sounds like a clap of thunder. We have a quite a bit of hauntings and other creepy things. To be continued in reblog.

Haunting in St. Petersburg, FL


Many tourists flock to Florida to enjoy the warm temperatures and see the sights, but the state is also filled with plenty of ghost tales and paranormal activity – many of which have led to a handful of popular tours in the region. In this article, you will encounter some of the haunted locations in Florida, such as haunted stories associated with Saint Petersburgh.

St. Petersburg Haunts

Following the publication of a book titled, ’Ghost Stories of St. Petersburg’ by Tim Reeser – a ghost tour was created when people started to show interest on the local topic. The Ghost Tour of St. Petersburg brings visitors closer to some of the tales mentioned in Reeser’s book. Some of the haunted places in the city that one may encounter during the tour include:

Jannus Landing Courtyard – Known as a popular outdoor concert venue, the Jannus Landing Courtyard is thought haunted by a phantom that supposedly dates back to the 1980s. Interestingly, on one of the ghost tours, a family approached the group and mentioned that they believed the ghost haunting the courtyard was their son.

1888 Detroit Hotel – You’d think that a hotel named Detroit would be found in Michigan, but this particular establishment is right in St. Petersburg. The tale associated with this old hotel starts with the discovery of an unidentified portrait that the owners found in the attic. Some think that the photo is of a former mayor of the city. Just like the movies, there are claims that the eyes in the portrait follows people around. The tour guides mention that the portrait is quite fond of the ladies.

The Renaissance Vinoy Hotel & Golf Club – The hauntings at the hotel had been felt by others, but it wasn’t until a visiting baseball player named Scott Williamson told news reporters in 2003 that he felt a ghost on the fifth floor of the hotel. It is believed that the tower on the fifth floor plays a role in the paranormal activity and that the site is the haunting grounds of a ‘lady in white.’

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10 Haunted Places in Florida Perfect for a Paranormal
First Date

When most people think about the components needed for
the perfect first date, a fancy meal and candlelight often come to
mind. But what about those nontraditional folk out there? What if
your crush’s idea of a good time is watching The Exorcist for the 1000th
time? These Florida paranormal hotspots are ideal locations for a first
date with someone who enjoys being a touch unorthodox. 

Long Farms Warehouse – Apopka, FL

Abandoned Fletcher House – Melbourne, FL

Boarded-up Auto Repair Shop – Panama City, FL

Mysterious Unknown Structure – Gainesville, FL

Tall Old Abandoned Hotel – Tampa, FL

Hawthorne Nursery – Ocoee, FL

Abandoned Flagler Railroad Bridge – West Summerland Key, FL

Belleview Biltmore Hotel – Belleair, FL

The Saltzman House – Crescent City, FL

Honky Ranch – Brooksville, FL

More Haunted Places in Florida

Spooky Sites: 7 of the Most Haunted Places in …

Spooky Sites: 7 of the Most Haunted Places in the United States:


You don’t need to believe in ghosts to enjoy a ghost
story. The tales that have grown over generations around reputedly haunted
places can take on a fantastic life of their own in folklore, and the stories
that surround a place can influence our experiences of them. All it takes is a
creepy place, a touch of imagination and a glimpse of something unexpected,
only half seen… 

So prepare to suspend your disbelief for this countdown of the histories of
seven of the most haunted places in the United States.

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The Willard Library

The Willard Library, located in Evansville, Indiana, was built in 1881 by William Carpenter, known locally as a pioneer of public charity. Victorian Gothic in design, the brick building stands two stories tall, with a tower and ornate window arches. Being the oldest library in the state of Indiana, it contains a treasure trove of local historical archives and genealogy materials. It also has a ghost. An apparition reportedly roams the hallways and library rooms. She became known as the Lady in Grey, since she was dressed in an 1800’s period grey dress with a matching grey shawl. First seen in the late 1930’s by a custodian, who soon quit his job in fear of seeing her again, she’s been viewed countless times since. Patrons and employees alike have witnessed water turning on and off, touches on their hair, unexplained noises, and items being moved. After numerous sightings, the library installed a series of web cams around the library, allowing viewers from around the world to search for her from the comfort of their own homes.

The results have been phenomenal. People from all around the world have captured images of the grey lady as she roams the library in the middle of the night. Some even see her during the daytime, lingering in the children’s room or browsing the titles in the library. During the mid ­1970’s, when the library was under construction, the lead librarian, a woman named Margaret Maier, reported that the ghost went home with her. Her son didn’t believe her until he saw the apparition for himself. He witnessed a woman in a long grey dress climbing the staircase to the second floor in their house. When he went to investigate, she vanished before his eyes. After construction was completed, the Lady in Grey soon returned to the library. The special collections librarian also experienced the apparition. She was reading a book, while walking out of the second story staff room. As she passed a stack of books, she stopped short, catching something out of the corner of her eye. When she looked up, she found herself face to face with the ghostly figure. Who is the Lady in Grey? While nobody knows for certain, many claim she is Louise Carpenter, daughter of William Carpenter. As it turns out, Louisa might have good reason to haunt the building her father established.


“So, little bit of background. I live in a town in pretty much the middle of nowhere in Montana, the population is about 2000, to the north of us between the interstate and my town there is a 30 minute deadzone, to the south I don’t even know how far the deadzone goes because that’s on the reservation. I moved here in July of 2014 right after my freshman year in high school. Before that I lived in a town in Washington about an hour North of Seattle where the high school itself had a population around 2000. It was a culture shock.

I live in what used to be the old rectory (a priest’s home) right behind a church. I’m also working at the power plant in town. I’m convinced that either I’m haunted or this whole town is. It’s probably both. When I lived in Washington I lived in a neighborhood that was still being built when my family moved in back in 2007. The house I’m living in now was built in the early 1900s, I don’t know the exact year. I’ve lost many loved ones and I’m pretty sure at least one is still around and watching me. All my life I’ve had weird things happening around me.

In Washington it wasn’t as often, there would be weird things like a noise upstairs when no one was home but me and the dogs. At first I would think nothing of it, these noises would happen off and on until I moved. Then I moved here, I’ve had weirder things happening. When I first moved in it was ‘old house noises’ a few months after I turned 16 I would see someone outside my window which isn’t exactly likely. My window is 6 or 7 feet off the ground and the person’s head was in the middle of my window. I was creeped out, so I now keep my blinds down so that they can’t see in and I can’t see out. Most recently I had shut the door to my room, locked it, and climbed into bed, five minutes later I look up and my door was wide open. Yes, I’m weird I don’t sleep well unless my bedroom door is locked.

Since I graduated high school almost a year ago I’ve been working at the plant. I’m a janitor so I work mainly alone at night and some pretty weird things have happened. For example my first week of work I was cleaning the training center I was in the back women’s bathroom. I had just finished cleaning the shower, the towels were still on the bench by the lockers. I was replacing the paper towels when out of the corner of my eye I saw a black figure sit down on the bench, knocking the towels onto the floor. I turned to tell them off and no one was there. I called out to see if anyone was in the building with me. No one answered. There have been more things happen like that, but that was the first time. I’ve heard my name be called. I’ve had my arm be yanked. I’ve been pushed. It’s getting to the point where I want to quit because I’m kind of scared for my safety. But I get paid well and I’m not ready to stop working here because I love my boss and my job.”

By: @yourgirllivvy98 

Spooky Sites: 7 of the Most Haunted Places in …

Spooky Sites: 7 of the Most Haunted Places in the United States:

You don’t need to believe in ghosts to enjoy a ghost
story. The tales that have grown over generations around reputedly haunted
places can take on a fantastic life of their own in folklore, and the stories
that surround a place can influence our experiences of them. All it takes is a
creepy place, a touch of imagination and a glimpse of something unexpected,
only half seen… 

So prepare to suspend your disbelief for this countdown of the histories of
seven of the most haunted places in the United States.

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