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UFO Conjectures: The ongoing search for UFOs b…

UFO Conjectures: The ongoing search for UFOs by the U.S. military:

Kevin Randle, at his blog [] consistently finds evidence that the U.S. military continued to be involved with UFOs, long after its alleged forfeiture of the phenomenon subsequent to the 1968 Condon report.
And the recent disclosure of the 2007 to 2012 (and ongoing?) Pentagon study of UFOs indicates that some U.S. government or military personnel are still interested in finding out what UFOs are.

When UFOs Penetrated Sensitive Airspace

When UFOs Penetrated Sensitive Airspace:

I suspect that a lot of UFO activity in the latter part of the 1940s in the United States had more to do with classified, military experimentation than it did with aliens. There is, however, no doubt that there was a significant number of UFO reports from that period which are not so easy to dismiss. In many such cases, UFOs intruded upon sensitive military/government airspace in the United States. In the latter part of the 1940s – and particularly so in 1948 – a curious phenomenon was repeatedly seen in the skies over New Mexico. They were strange, glowing balls of green light that seemed to take a disturbing amount of interest in the many defense, atomic, and military establishments that existed in the state at the time. A program designed to investigate the reports, which was given the name of Project Twinkle, was soon put into place.

13 Reasons to Believe Aliens Are Real

13 Reasons to Believe Aliens Are Real: undefined

U.S. Military Interest in the Paranormal wit…

U.S. Military Interest in the Paranormal with John B. Alexander

John Alexander, PhD, is a retired U.S. Army Colonel. He is author of The Warrior’s Edge, Future War, UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences with Things That Can’t Happen – But Did. He has served as a consultant to the National Intelligence Council, the CIA, U.S. Special Operations Command, and the Army Science Board.

 Here he describes a wide variety of personal encounters with the paranormal that he experienced during his 32 years of service in the United States Army. Many of his investigations were conducted with the support of the commanding general of the Army Intelligence and Security Command. 

The experiences recounted include UFOs, plant communication, psychotronics, psychokinetic metal-bending, poltergeists, battlefield intuition, dowsing, and remote viewing. 

He emphasizes that the ability to integrate such phenomena into the military is greatly dependent on the personalities involved.

New Thinking Allowed host, Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, is author of The Roots of Consciousness, Psi Development Systems, and The PK Man. 

Between 1986 and 2002 he hosted and co-produced the original Thinking Allowed public television series. He is the recipient of the only doctoral diploma in “parapsychology” ever awarded by an accredited university (University of California, Berkeley, 1980). 

He is also past-president of the non-profit Intuition Network, an organization dedicated to creating a world in which all people are encouraged to cultivate and apply their inner, intuitive abilities.

(Recorded on November 8, 2017)

Why UFOs Are a Major Threat to ALL OF US …

Why UFOs Are a Major Threat to ALL OF US

UFOs have done things in our world that would make it a mistake to say they are all benign. I explore that in this video. 



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Pentagon’s secret search for UFO still continu…

Pentagon’s secret search for UFO still continues, says investigative journalist Leslie Kean:

Your tax dollars at work

The DoD UFO news is fading. Now what? | Openmi…

The DoD UFO news is fading. Now what? |

The news cycle on this latest revelation that the Department of Defense (DoD) had a project called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) that looked into UFOs – remember the U is for “unidentified” not aliens – seems to be coming to a close. Dozens of interviews were conducted, many, if not all, can be seen at this link, and many more stories written. But it seems with all that was learned, many more questions remain to be answered.

On December 16, 2017, The New York Times posted an article that may have forever changed how the general public views the UFO topic. Luis Elizondo, who had previously claimed to work for a UFO project for the DoD, and The New York Times, shared much more detail about the project. The news made worldwide headlines and set off a weeks long media frenzy with interviews with Elizondo, jet fighter pilots who chased UFOs, and retired Nevada Senator Harry Reid, who took the lead on securing funding for the program.

Opinion | Dad Believed in U.F.O.s. Turns Out H…

Opinion | Dad Believed in U.F.O.s. Turns Out He Wasn’t Alone.: undefined

Raytheon Brags About its UFO Tracking Capabili…

Raytheon Brags About its UFO Tracking Capabilities:

“Look at that thing, dude.”

This could be the most famous quote in ufology for the year 2017. “Look at that thing, dude” was uttered by a pilot on one of the two infamous videos released this month by parties identifying them as evidence of UFO encounters by U.S. military personnel. The “parties” are now in question, as the Department of Defense has backed off on saying it was involved in the release, and Luis Elizonso, the former head of the $22 million semi-secret UFO department called Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program and a current member of Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy, was found to have previously stated that he was going to use the videos for pilot training. Nonetheless, there’s no question that pilots dispatched on November 14th, 2004, by the USS Nimitz saw things they could not believe.

UFOs, the Media, the Military & Dreams of Disc…

UFOs, the Media, the Military & Dreams of Discovery: undefined