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SKINWALKER RANCH: Is The Military Testing Weapons on Humans?: undefined

UFOs In Restricted Airspace


I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of July 16, 2015.

I had to remake this amazing video. Watch the UFOs and how they move and you will understand that they cannot possibly be anything conventional. The video begins with them sped up by four times so that you can see how unusual they are and then watch it at actual speed. 

I spent more than a year skywatching before I ever had any idea at all that these were in the northern sky and that they existed. They are doing this in restricted airspace so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to assume that they might be ours. If they aren’t ours then whose are they, where are they from and why are they allowed to do this?

UFOs Over Vegas – Steven Barone

Published on Mar 19, 2018

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Military Encounters with Supernatural Demonic …

Military Encounters with Supernatural Demonic Entities:

War brings with it violence, horror, strife, and madness. Among all of the chaos and bloodshed there can be some rather strange incidents indeed, and across the ages there have been various accounts of something very strange going on behind the scenes of our relentless drive to kill ourselves. Although there are plenty of reports of the killing and death of war, what is not often reported upon are the numerous cases of strange sightings and phenomena that seem to be going on as well. Perhaps some of the more bizarre of these are the baffling and sinister entities that have been seen in wartime of a decidedly supernatural, perhaps even demonic nature. Here is a selection of wartime encounters with creatures and beings that seem to lie beyond our current understanding of the world as we know it.

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UFO Sighting at the White House

Published on 7 Apr 2015

A real UFO sighting surrounds Washington D.C and the White House in this documentary…were aliens flying them?…did the president have some involvement?

A mass sighting of UFOs over the White Houses’s no-fly zone airspace prompted a counter-attack from the US airforce.

The mass UFO sightings occurred in 1952 over Washington DC, started on a Saturday evening just after sunset when an off duty Army officer and FBI agent that happened to be neighbors, witnessed a red cigar shaped object sail slowly over their suburban homes towards the city.

Shortly after, air traffic controllers at Washington National Airport were stunned to see seven unidentified flying objects appear on their radar screens. They were moving in deliberate formations and spreading out over all sectors of the city, including The White House, The US Capitol Building, and Andrews Air Force Base, which also reported radar contact and visual confirmation of,
“an object which appeared to be like an orange ball of fire, trailing a tail, unlike anything I had ever seen before.”

Similar reports flooded in from airline pilots in the area, and radar operators at the secondary air traffic control tower. By sunrise, the UFO’s had vanished, and the news spread throughout the world.
Then, one week later, they reappeared again.

This time, the air force was ready, but military attempts to intercept were unsuccessful. Every time a jet fighter drew near, the glowing objects would fly away at incredible speeds, measured on radar to be over 7000 miles per hour. One pilot reported pursuing four glowing white objects at 400 miles per hour, his maximum speed, when they suddenly turned and surrounded him. He radioed the control tower for instructions and received only stunned silence in reply, before the four UFO’s harmlessly sped away.

The government’s official position on the incident is that all eyewitnesses were mistaken, and that all the expert radar controllers and supervisors were confused by readings of a common, everyday weather pattern.

But, how could the government take this position when they obviously sent the air force after the objects?
Just what could invade what could be said to be America’s most important no-fly zone and do so with abilities that seem to defy known laws of physics?…ie…flying faster than 7000 mph would create a sonic boom, but the objects simply remained silent.

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