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UFO Sighting at the White House

Published on 7 Apr 2015

A real UFO sighting surrounds Washington D.C and the White House in this documentary…were aliens flying them?…did the president have some involvement?

A mass sighting of UFOs over the White Houses’s no-fly zone airspace prompted a counter-attack from the US airforce.

The mass UFO sightings occurred in 1952 over Washington DC, started on a Saturday evening just after sunset when an off duty Army officer and FBI agent that happened to be neighbors, witnessed a red cigar shaped object sail slowly over their suburban homes towards the city.

Shortly after, air traffic controllers at Washington National Airport were stunned to see seven unidentified flying objects appear on their radar screens. They were moving in deliberate formations and spreading out over all sectors of the city, including The White House, The US Capitol Building, and Andrews Air Force Base, which also reported radar contact and visual confirmation of,
“an object which appeared to be like an orange ball of fire, trailing a tail, unlike anything I had ever seen before.”

Similar reports flooded in from airline pilots in the area, and radar operators at the secondary air traffic control tower. By sunrise, the UFO’s had vanished, and the news spread throughout the world.
Then, one week later, they reappeared again.

This time, the air force was ready, but military attempts to intercept were unsuccessful. Every time a jet fighter drew near, the glowing objects would fly away at incredible speeds, measured on radar to be over 7000 miles per hour. One pilot reported pursuing four glowing white objects at 400 miles per hour, his maximum speed, when they suddenly turned and surrounded him. He radioed the control tower for instructions and received only stunned silence in reply, before the four UFO’s harmlessly sped away.

The government’s official position on the incident is that all eyewitnesses were mistaken, and that all the expert radar controllers and supervisors were confused by readings of a common, everyday weather pattern.

But, how could the government take this position when they obviously sent the air force after the objects?
Just what could invade what could be said to be America’s most important no-fly zone and do so with abilities that seem to defy known laws of physics?…ie…flying faster than 7000 mph would create a sonic boom, but the objects simply remained silent.

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This photo taken in 1919 of the R.A.F. Airmen had an extra man present that day. The face seen behind the man in the close up was easily identified by all the airmen as their friend, Freddy Jackson, a fellow airman who was killed two days earlier in an accident. Maybe he wanted to stay close to his buddies? Or was he sending a message from the other side? (Via: Unknown)

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One of the most alluring cases of UFO existence was the 2004 Nimitz Incident. It happened during a training exercise involving the Nimitz Carrier Strike […]

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Mexico: The North American T-28 Trojan, The Mexican Air Force and UFOs

Source: Alfonso Salazar
Date: 05.31.2018

Mexico: The North American T-28 Trojan, The Mexican Air Force and UFOs
By Alfonso Salazar

The story was told to me by an aeronautical engineer who served in the Mexican Air Force around the 1970s, flying in a squadron of T-28s based out of Cozumel.

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UFO sighting 

Great Falls, Montana 1950

Filmed at approximately 11:30 AM, August 15th, 1950. This footage is supposedly the first UFOs captured on video and was filmed by Nick Mariana. Mariana sent his footage to an air force base where it was investigated and he was told the UFOs were simply fighter jets. Mariana claimed that when he got his film back, part of it was missing. The part that was missing showed the UFOs spinning as well as their elliptical shape.

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