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Shag harbor UFO Crash!


Published on Sep 7, 2015


An investigation into the 1967 Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia incident where a UFO was reportedly seen entering and traveling underwater which alerted a nearby U.S./Canadian submarine base.  Thanks for watching.

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5 Horrifying Extraterrestrial Encounters Reported by Soldiers

The idea that unknown extraterrestrial beings are visiting the Earth for hidden purposes is horrifying. Yet, if the following cases are to be believed, then that may very well be precisely what is happening. Whilst it is terrifying to consider the intentions of alien beings who possibly observe us, it is even more frightening to consider how those they are tampering with are the very people we rely on to keep us safe. 


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Richard Dolan – Reclaiming our destiny from a lifetime of truth suppression

Published on 7 Jun 2014


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Richard Dolan at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, 2013 Boulder

Title: Reclaiming our Destiny from a Lifetime of Truth Suppression

Run time: 01:06:57 min
Speaker: Richard Dolan
Produced by: Globalbem
Language: English

Presentation : Our future has been held hostage by the suppression of important truths. For seventy years, the U.S. military, and other militaries, have encountered what we call UFOs, and have been secretly studied the related technology. However these objects move from Point A to Point B, it is not via petroleum, and hence they pose a revolutionary prospect to our global infrastructure and all forms of life on Earth. This suppression has gone for so long that we tend to think it will last forever. It will not. Our civilization is rapidly moving toward a destination that will unveil deep, profound truths, some pleasant, others not. Historian and author Richard Dolan starts here and goes deeper than ever before to analyze the structure of power and secrecy that has enveloped our world, and describes active measures we can take to reclaim our freedom.

MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2019

Peru: Peruvian Air Force Confirms UFO Sighting Over Lima

Source: PLANETA UFO (Argentina) and (Peru)
Date: June 19, 2019

Peru: Peruvian Air Force Confirms UFO Sighting Over Lima

Two unidentified flying objects (UFOs) flew over the skies of Lima at 1:30 a.m. on 27 February of this year.

They were described as highly luminous vehicles at a distance of 5 nautical miles and an altitude of 2400 meters, near the Jorge Chavez International Airport, according to confirmation given by the Peruvian Air Force to CNN. However, following publication, the very same official who spoke to the news outlet has denied the truthfulness of that statement.

According to CNN, the presence of these objects was elaborated and reported by commercial flights. The crews of LAN Peru 2437 and Latam Ecuador 1442 identified the UFOs during communications with the control tower. Both aircraft were on the airport runways, ready to take off for their respective destinations.

The incident alert lasted 40 minutes. The Corpac radar recorded the event and documented it, as explained by a Peruvian Air Force official report to which CNN en Español had access.

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1948, The Death of Thomas Mantell

January 7, 1948, would be a day of tragedy for Captain Thomas F. Mantell of the Kentucky Air National Guard, and his family, friends, and fellow Guardsmen. The Mantell case will forever be an important part of the hotbed of UFO reports of the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

He would have the unfortunate distinction of being the first human being to give his life in the ongoing chase for the elusive truth behind bizarre reports of flying craft from other worlds.

Was his sighting a carry-over from the foo-fighters of World War II? or were they altogether another phenomena?… a phenomena that was just out of his reach. He gave all he had to reach this mysterious, intelligently controlled metallic craft, but whatever it was, and whoever controlled it, escaped that day… the day that Thomas Mantell lost his life.

Mantell was piloting an F-51 that fateful day, soaring to Standiford Air Force Base, Kentucky. He was accompanied by three other Guard planes.

At approximately 1:30 PM, the Kentucky State Police began receiving reports from worried citizens of spotting a large circular object flying over the city of Mansville. In a matter of minutes the area of the sightings expanded to cover Irvington and Owensboro.

This large, metallic flying craft was then clearly seen from the tower of Godman Air Force Base. The object was described as being an extremely large, round, whitish in color, with a red light toward its bottom side, and seemed to be moving slowly toward the South.