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Modern witchcraft is a fascinating phenomenon

It’s fascinating the way modern witchcraft is this giant amalgam of old and new traditions. Like, we have witches who are getting super into crystals and Buddhist meditation. Witches who keep their BOS online and do things like make sigils under their nail polish. Witches who embrace ancient shamanistic practices of earth worship and animism, and witches who use modern technology to work their magick. Witches who worship Frida Kahlo. Witches who worship the most primordial earth goddesses. Witches who worship no one.

We’re quickly approaching a new era (the Fourth Turning, as some describe it), and our renewed interest in magick, spiritual fulfillment, and the spirit world reflects that. The old ways of magick-working still run through our veins, calling us back to a time when we heeded our inner magick and the world of spirits all around us. And our unique expressions of witchcraft perfectly sum up how diverse and pervasive this desire to connect with our inner power is.

Witchcraft isn’t “fake” if it incorporates new elements from all across cultures. Witchcraft evolves and changes with the human race. As we grow, so does our craft. Keep on being yourself and shaping your craft based on what YOU feel is powerful and awe-inspiring.

Don’t ever feel stupid or “not good enough” if you don’t have a classically Wiccan or otherwise old-timey craft. We are all evolving together. Let your inner power shine!

Walpurgis Night: The Other Halloween – The Sec…

Walpurgis Night: The Other Halloween – The Second Scariest Night of the Year is April 30th:

Although not widely known in the US, this May-Eve night shares many of the traditions of Halloween and is, in fact, directly opposite Halloween on the calendar.

According to the ancient legends, this night was the last chance for witches and their nefarious cohorts to stir up trouble before Spring reawakened the land.

Britannia, Druids and the Surprisingly Modern …

Britannia, Druids and the Surprisingly Modern Origins of Myths: undefined

rowan-witch: All About AurasAn aura could best be described as…


All About Auras

An aura could best be described as the energy given off by someone or something. Supposedly, everything has an aura, even an apple. Many people are able to either see or ‘sense’ auras, which may appear as a haze of light or colour surrounding something.

The colour an aura appears can have many correspondences, which can relate to someone’s mood or spirituality, or can be because of external factors such as light intensity. It’s even said to be possible to tell if someone is pregnant from the way their aura appears.

Common misconceptions about auras:

  • It is always the same colour.  – This is untrue, as auras tend to change colour when affected by many different factors. However one colour may be dominant.
  • It is always the same shape and texture.  – Nope, they could appear hazy, smooth, or spiky. Some could have auras spanning an inch from their bodies, but others could have auras reaching out to a metre.
  • There is scientific evidence for auras.  – Again, untrue. Despite many people being able to see auras, there is no way to measure them or comprehend why it is even there.
  • Your aura is a shield.  – Whilst it’s possible to utilise your energy to shield yourself from things through visualisation, your aura alone is by no means a barrier against spirits and vampire-like entities looking to ‘feed off’ your energy. Learn how to ward yourself.
  • There is only one colour at a time.  – Your visible aura can actually be a mix of colours. However, there are also seven different extents of your aura, ranging from physical to spiritual, which could all be a different colour at one time.
  • It is especially important to note that auras are constantly changing. This could be seen as Anicca, or impermanence, in which the Buddha taught that nothing is permanent and everything is constantly changing. The aura reflects this truth in ourselves and those around us.

Seeing Your Aura

Some people are able to see auras with ease without a whole lot of practice, whereas others might never be able to comprehend the aura. It is common for many witches to practice with seeing their aura.

Here is a simple exercise which will help you to begin seeing your aura. This is what I tend to get people to do often when starting with auras. If inexperienced, it is important to practice often in order to get better!

  1. You may want to begin by meditating or casting a circle in order to have a better focus on your aura. Make sure you are calm and in the mindset to concentrate.
  2. Find a blank area, such as a white wall or a sheet of paper, and hold your hand out to it. It is important that you don’t get distracted by the colour of the wall or anything on it.
  3. Rather than focusing directly onto your hand, shift your gaze to look just past it. For instance just past your fingers, but not the space directly between your fingers.
  4. Focus on this space. To avoid distracting yourself, practice steady breathing as you would in meditation.
  5. Eventually, you should begin to see a haze of light surrounding your hand. At first it may appear small and even colourless, but keep practicing and you will start to see it even better.

Colour Correspondences

The colour of an aura can have many connotations, and can be dictated by thr shape and texture too. But here is a guide to help you with the typical deciption of simple aura colours.


Centred/grounded, passion, anger, energetic.


Power, confidence, outgoing, good health.


Spiritual awakening/awareness, playful, happiness.


Healing, good communication, jealousy.


Intuition, calm,
clairvoyance, honesty, fear of the future.


Daydreaming, spirituality, artistic, psychic abilities.


Newness, purity, reaching enlightenment, angelic.


Negative feelings, blocked energy, potential illness.


Grounded, tied to the outdoors, afraid to let go.


Loving, sensual, psychic gifts, dishonesty.


Physical and spiritual wealth, awakening of higher thought.


Enlightenment, protection from divine entities, guidance.


A rainbow aura can indicate a healer, a new soul, or reaching enlightenment.