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Austin Paranormal Investigations – EVP How to

Uploaded on 6 Oct 2007

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Austin Paranormal Investigations
How to record your own EVP.

EVP means Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Some people believe that spirits or ghost can cause voices to be recorded on tape. In this video Katrina tells you how you can test this for yourself.

EVPs are one of the tools that ghost hunters or paranormal investigators try to use to obtain evidence of the supernatural.

COAST TO COAST AM – October 31 2019 – Ghost to Ghost 2019: undefined

FLIR Shadow:


Back in August out team headed to Illinois for an event at Ashmore Estates. This clip was caught on the FLIR which is a thermal camera. One of out investigators, Sam, hears something and gets up to find the source. As the FLIR was scanning the room we caught a mysterious shadow or anomaly. Can you guys see it? Let me know in the comments.

Thanksgiving Session at the House (do Spirits celebrate?): undefined

Exclusive Researcher Only Evidence | LIVE Review: undefined

Extreme UFO Anomalies in England with Paul Sinclair

November 15, 2019

Yorkshireman Paul Sinclair is back with us on Dreamland, fresh from more adventures in the extreme high strangeness regions of east and north Yorkshire. Join us on a journey along foggy cliffs and down into haunted tunnels beneath an “abandoned” RAF base where Satanic symbols cover the walls. UFOs bigger than battleships, terrifying creatures haunting the moors–it’s all here in this show AND in Paul’s expertly researched Truth Proof 3.

Paul is the kind of researcher we love on Dreamland. He doesn’t just sit in a room reading, he gets out and walks the paths of strangeness and interviews the witnesses…and on the way has some extraordinary adventures himself.

Visit Paul at TruthProof. Go to his YouTube Channel.

Ghost Hunting with Loyd Auerbach

Paranormal investigators at Mishawaka Hacienda capture spooky recording: undefined