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COMING SOON– Midnight in the Garden State podcast.

Midnight In The Garden State is a once monthly comedy podcast, exploring urban legends and local myths of America’s fourth smallest state: New Jersey.

From the Pine Barrens horney friend to murders most foul in seaside Victorian villages, and Revolutionary ghosts; listen as two New Jersey natives Cas Hardy (@thesmallestconstellation ) & Leah Matusewicz (@maidsuokasenpai ) dive deep into facts and fiction and uncover just how densely populated the state really is (with ghosts).


3 years after SyFy canceled it, Ghost Hunters is back. This pleases me, as I’ve been a fan of it since it first aired. Of all the paranormal investigation shows, Ghost Hunters has always been, in my opinion, the best. As much as I am very much a believer in all things paranormal and have Seen Some Shit™, I’ve always loved their approach of ‘let’s see if we can find a non-ghost reason for what’s happening before we call it a ghost’. There’s also a lot that they *don’t* do that I like- They don’t use spooky video/audio effects and gory re-enactments to play things up, they don’t do the “I’m going to call the ghost a pussy and see what happens!….oh shit! The ghost punched me in the dick!” thing, they don’t do the “I’m going to play with this ouija board/do this summoning ritual and see what happens’ (that shit infuriates me).

Basically, Ghost Hunters aligns more with what I’d do if I could do this sorta thing. So, yeah, even though the cast is 99% new people, I’m excited to have this show back.

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