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Poltergeists and PhDs: An Interview with Dr. C…

Poltergeists and PhDs: An Interview with Dr. Christopher Laursen: undefined

Oddity File: Harrodsburg Herald (spirits tell …

Oddity File: Harrodsburg Herald (spirits tell their side of the story) – ODDITY FILES:

The Oddity Files crew takes a road trip to Kentucky, to visit the first ever CryptidCon, visiting with paranormal celebrities like Greg and Dana Newark and Nick Groff of Paranormal Lockdown fame.

Along the way we meet a BigFoot hunter names Greg Yost who tells us about his bigfoot adventures and shows us his actual picots of baby Sasquatch.

We then head to the Hearaldburg Herald in Harrodsburg Kentucky, formerly known as the Benjamin Passmore Hotel 1843 also known as Mercer House 1900’s.The local newspaper purchased the location in 1951.

The claims at this location are just as huge as Bigfoot himself. From Shadow figures, to poltergeist activity, to even a local investigator being thrown across the room.

See for yourself what the Oddity Files Crew finds out about the Harrodsburg Herald.

paranormal-europe: Duchna – The Haunted Road …


Duchna – The Haunted Road

There is a road on the edge of Kampinoska Forest, between the towns of Laski and Izabelin, known as the “Duchna” on which a strange things happen.

First, and frequent apparitions are strange orbs of eerie light- here in Poland we call them ‘błędne ogniki’ and they’re believed to be the spirits of victims of court injustice (ex. Alleged witches) or people who committed suicide.

It is a natural phenomenon for swamp areas, except the fact that there are no spamps anywhere near, and the terrain is very dry.

Another strange phenomenon is directly related to the sense of smell – it is possible to smell a nice, sweet aroma in two places of the road. Source of this phenomenon has not been determined yet. This phenomenon has been noticed during spring as well as winter. People say that the aroma comes in waves, and there are few seconds between each wave.

In a few places we can notice growing birches, curved in unnatural way. Trees have been checked by dowsers, and as they admitted – such unnatural trees are prove for negative earth radiation. The very same radiation is causing electrical equipment malfunctions, just as it has been reported in famous Bermuda Triangle or during poltergeist activity.

You can sometimes hear he audible sounds of a marching army, a metallic clash of weapons, or receding figures.

Finally, witnesses say they have seen apparitions of horse raiders, soldiers from different periods of Europe history, and finally, a woman with huge, black dog.


A Wonderful Story: The Millville Poltergeist o…

A Wonderful Story: The Millville Poltergeist of 1885 –: undefined

The Terror in Turza Wielka –

The Terror in Turza Wielka –: undefined

Stone Throwing Poltergeist Torments Zimbabwe F…

Stone Throwing Poltergeist Torments Zimbabwe Family – the fortean:

eports of mysterious ‘rains’ of stones are common in Zimbabwe. In late 2017, I visited the country to investigate two active cases; one at Chinhoyi and another at Buhera. The latest report comes from Bikita, around 50 miles east of Masvingo.

According to a story posted on Tell Zimbabwe by reporter Brilliant Mukaro, the Musirinofa family from Muhura village was living in constant fear of being assaulted by stones whenever they set foot outside their home.

The family believed the strange attacks are being caused by an avenging spirit of a family member killed by their elderly father, Koniwa Musirinofa. Koniwa had apparently barricaded himself alone in the house to avoid the barrage of stones that came from all directions, smashing into doors, windows and roofs when he ventured outside.

Poltergeists: Three Famous Cases – Unexplained…

Poltergeists: Three Famous Cases – Unexplained Mysteries:


The Thornton Heath Poltergeist Case •

Twenty-seven years ago, in Thornton Heath, England, a family was
tormented by poltergeist phenomena that started one August night when
they were woken in the middle of the night by a blaring bedside radio
that had somehow turned itself on – tuned to a foreign-language station.
This was the beginning of a string of events that lasted nearly four

The Enfield Poltergeist Case •

Another English ghost – this one in Enfield in North London – made
headlines in 1977. The strange activity seemed to center around the
daughter of Peggy Harper, a divorcee in her mid-40s. Again, it started
on an August night. “Late at night,” An Urban Ghost Story relates,
“Janet, aged 11 and her brother Pete, aged 10, complained that their
beds were ‘jolting up and down and going all funny.’ As soon as Mrs.
Harper got to the room, the movements had stopped – as far as she was
concerned her kids were making it all up.”

The Danny Poltergeist Case •

In 1998, Jane Fishman, a reporter for the Savannah Morning News,
began a series of articles about a possibly haunted antique bed in the
home of Al Cobb of Savannah, Georgia. Cobb bought the vintage late-1800s
bed at an auction as a Christmas present for his 14-year-old son, Jason
– a purchase he later regretted.

Diabolically Infested: 5 Houses Haunted by D…

Diabolically Infested: 5 Houses Haunted by Destructive Poltergeists

The Paranormal Scholar

Published on 24 Nov 2017


 What makes a place haunted by a poltergeist? Is it the people that inhabit them, carrying a lingering darkness wherever they go? Or, is it the very walls which have been imbued with a profound tragedy, which manifests and torments all who reside there?

michaelscotyt: ‪What is POLTERGEIST ACTIVITY?…


‪What is POLTERGEIST ACTIVITY?! It’s not what you think!! 👻‬

Are Poltergeists Real? British Researcher Says Yes

Are Poltergeists Real? British Researcher Says Yes:


uch of mainstream science shares this view, but Guy Lyon Playfair, a British journalist, author, and psychical researcher, knows better, as he has been involved in investigating a number of poltergeists, including the Enfield Poltergeist, one of the most intriguing cases in the annals of psychical research.