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The Psychonaut Field Manual.

This is a stunning piece of work. The Psychonaut Field Manual consists of fourty-four brilliant pages that serve to introduce the novice magician to the ways of magick…and it’s our gift to you because you subscribe to our mailing list. On the site we have each page loaded, but they are not combined like this document has been. That’s right, you get the full PDF version just because you subscribe to our email list and happened to open this email.  

This is the latest version of The Psychonaut Field Manual as produced by the author, Arch-Traitor Bluefluke. They have added to this book over the years and we expect a new version within the year. If you want to know why they have a three-part magickal name, the answer is in the document. This book will take you through the basic of gnosis, meditation and sigil creation. Then it gets deeper into spirits, possession, astral travel, lucid dreaming and even fighting off shadow people and other fear eaters.

This text is typically outside of what most paranormal investigators consider to be useful in the field, but if you read it, you will see that there are a lot of crossovers between what is taught here and what you may be experiencing in your investigations.

Either way, take from it what you may.

This how-to guide is quite short, but it is certainly well worth reading. There is ample information inside this PDF to illuminate your magickal path for years to come.

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Around 6 months ago, I was at my best friends house getting ready to go to a party. We hadn’t been drinking or anything yet and we both smoke and so we went into her back garden to smoke. Her garden was almost pitch black (it wasn’t that late but it was winter so it got dark pretty early) and we were just chilling and smoking. I then go on snapchat and take a selfie of me and my friend using the front flash from snapchat, as I did that in the dark I looked up into the garden instead of at my phone while the flash went off and I saw what looked like a young man. So many thoughts flashed in my head at once as I tried to process what I saw. At first I thought it was my friends dad but the man was too young; and how could her dad have disappeared that quickly? I jumped so much after I saw this and I just said to my friend how I think I saw a ghost and I was shaking, but not to worry because I wasn’t scared I was just shocked and confused. My friend asked what I saw and I tried to explain. Honestly I can’t give a lot of detail in to what he looked like because I only saw him for a second, but what I do know is he was a young man and I got a “blue” aura/sense to him. This is hard to explain because the clothes he was wearing weren’t necessarily blue, it was almost like a black and white image with his outline being blue instead of black? Or a blue aura? Anyway needless to say I was stunned.

It gets weirder, me and my friend go in to see her Mum in the living room and tell her about what I saw and I keep emphasising the blue I saw (her mum knows I sense things sometimes) and her Mum says she saw a flash of blue the night before in the garden when she woke up to get some water, but she didn’t say anything because she thought her eyes may have been just playing tricks on her, and what are the odds us both getting this weird sense of blue(mine being clearer than hers). So obviously we all think its weird, me the most because I genuinely saw the man/ghost/thing??

So, later on I research more about Aura colours and chakras and see that the blue chakra is connected to the throat. As soon as I read this I got a chill, my friends mum had been diagnosed with throat cancer a few years ago but they can’t do anything about it because it isn’t active so they would monitor it every so often to see if/when it flares up(im not sure the exact diagnosis but this is as simple and accurate as I can explain it). So anyway I read that and it left a bad taste in my mouth, I then tell my best friend about what I found out and tell her I think her mum should be checked, just to give me peace of mind. Anyway a couple of weeks later the doctors run tests and low and behold the throat cancer is back (shes getting treatment now everything is going okay because they caught it early). None of us have ever seen the blue boy again and honestly I don’t know if me seeing him is linked to my friends mum and why I was the only one that saw him properly, maybe its because I open myself up more in terms of divination, iv’e always had the feeling that ghosts just see me as easy to communicate with (will go in to this more in other experiences posts) but its all so crazy and seeing a ghost like that really sealed my interest and pursuit in witchcraft.

I don’t know what it was but this experience made me believe in ghosts.

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