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“This started back in 2012, my parents sometimes leave me alone at home for work. I had a laptop and a PSP to play with and I was just tired using those so I sat down beside my bed. Checked the time and it was midnight. My room is just like any other room but its curtains are always closed so I don’t really know what’s happening or what time it is outside. 

This is where the weird part comes, I’m just laying down on the floor, bored, listening to the tick-tocks of my alarm clock for some minutes. Then my parents came back from work and knocked on the door and I opened it for them, it was 4 in the morning and the sunlight shone in my face. My family is as normal as any normal family and my dad sent the alarm clock to repairs but it didn’t show any damages. 

It happened often (like twice a week) and I really am bugged out by this for months, I didn’t tell my parents about this because I don’t want to trouble them. It’s just odd that when I relax and listen to the tick and tocks of my alarm clock, I waste three to five hours. I’m in senior high school now and it rarely happens anymore (once a month or never) because I own a digital clock now and sometimes I don’t sleep (school stuff). Sometimes I miss that alarm clock for no reason.”

By: @its-just-dex

“My immediate family goes to my grandparents’ house once a week to eat and talk or whatever, and…

“My immediate family goes to my grandparents’ house once a week to eat and talk or whatever, and sometimes the more extended family comes too. They live out in the woods near the highway so their backyard is entirely woods. They have a trail in the yard we made for our own type of Halloween trail with a broken boat, coffins, scarecrows, etc. with a clear path made out so there’s places that my sisters and cousins will go play in the woods. 

We were all eating outside and it was starting to get dark a little bit and my cousin, who was about five at the time, was running up and down this dirt path that’s just outside the wooded part. He came back and started yelling about how he saw somebody in the woods and he was scared. We all look and see one or two people in the woods for a split second. Note that everybody there saw these people. We’re like okay, the kids down the road are playing in our woods, it’s whatever. My older cousin, who was maybe 23 or 24, and my grandpa decide to go look in the woods and tell the kids to go home. 

They searched the entire area for nearly an hour and there was not a single person in the woods. They couldn’t find anybody. This was around the same time the new people next door would go through their woods with shotguns and come into the yard when the kids were playing, too. Also, my younger cousin who saw the person in the first place had been seeing imaginary friends around this time. But those people usually would come out and talk to somebody until my grandpa had to threaten them, and I know my cousin wasn’t making it up because we all saw it.

They could not find anybody. My grandparents’ house has a history of weird paranormal shit, and so does that area in general, so we were all pretty weirded out and went inside for the rest of the night. I have no idea if it actually was kids or the neighbors, or something paranormal. But we all saw someone in the woods and they somehow disappeared without making any noise or running out in the open, the literal only place they could go to get out of that part of the woods.”

By: @hairspraybucky

“Okay so this was a couple weeks ago but it still shakes me up a lot.  I just finished cleansing my…

“Okay so this was a couple weeks ago but it still shakes me up a lot. 

I just finished cleansing my room with some palo sticks after celebrating a pagan holiday. Thought it was a good way to start getting ready for the next holiday.
So I started getting hungry again. I thought, ‘okay lets get food.’ So I started heading to the kitchen. Note that my room is right next to the dining room and I have to get through the dining room to get to the kitchen.

I am halfway through the kitchen when I hear this loud growl/howl (not sure how to explain it). I stood there in fear. Not knowing what to do other than look around. I knew my dogs were asleep already and the sound came from right behind me. I heard it again before I bolted back to my room and closed the door tight. 

Then I started to hear my cat growl. She never growls EVER (I have had her for 2 years and I have never heard her growl. I got her when she was 12 weeks old.) She wouldnt stop for two hours. 

I knew only me and my kitten heard it because no one else in my house made a sound. Not even my 2 dogs.”

By: @rosequartzzwitch

“In my old house, my mom had just gotten into sewing and she got this old desk (it was the original…

“In my old house, my mom had just gotten into sewing and she got this old desk (it was the original for the machine that was in it). The only problem with it was that 1. It was old and worn down a bit and 2. It had “help me” carved into it. She overlooked that and bought it then refurbished it. 

After that things got very weird. Random noises at night that everyone would hear, doors that were left closed being found wide open, stuff getting knocked down onto the floor, etc. I was the only one that would notice a lot of these and fix them but one day I decided to see what would happen if I didn’t, so for like a week I didn’t react to any of it then the worst thing that this thing had ever done happened. 

It was late at night when I heard a loud BANG come from the bathroom so I get up to check it out. (I could tell it was in the bathroom because my room was right next to it). So when I open my door I can see the bathroom door completely open and we never leave it like that. Then when I got inside the bathroom the shower curtain was completely closed and we never leave it like that. So I quickly pull it back to see all the bottles and soap and all that stuff knocked into the bathtub. Needless to say I started reacting to what it did again.”

By: @cirilfaggus

“When I either in middle or high school, we visited my granddad at his newly built house.  So, I was…

“When I either in middle or high school, we visited my granddad at his newly built house. 

So, I was just sitting on the porch step, not doing much but enjoying the country air, when I heard a distant panting sound, like a dog. At first I figured it was my mom with our own dogs, but I remembered they were inside. Then I thought it was one of the neighbors walking their dog, so I looked around, but I saw no dogs.

But the strangest thing was that the panting sound was getting closer, and closer, until it was suddenly in my ear! I got back into the house as fast as I could and refused to go out for the rest of that night.

Thinking about it now I’m starting to think that it was possibly my granddads dog that passed away a few months prior to him moving. But to this day I cannot find any other possibility that could’ve caused that panting sound other than it possibly being a ghost dog.”

By: @beanskelly

“When I was 11 years old, my older brother and I shared a room. He was a senior in high school at…

“When I was 11 years old, my older brother and I shared a room. He was a senior in high school at the time and was out at parties on most weekends. One particular night, I woke up around 2:30 in the morning when I heard some rustling in his bed and assumed he was just getting home from a party. It sounded like he was rolling over in his bed. I hadn’t heard his car pull up or the dogs bark, so it struck me as a little strange that rustling would wake me up. It made me feel slightly uncomfortable for some reason. This went on for about thirty seconds before I finally opened my eyes to take a look. 

I couldn’t see him explicitly, but there was something definitely under his blankets that looked like a person and it was just rolling over and over. I watched it for about a minute longer before I started to get freaked out. I called his name loudly and told him to shut up and get to sleep already. He didn’t answer. After another 30 seconds or so, I got out of bed and threw a shoe at the thing under the blankets. It didn’t stop so I called his name again and threw another shoe. It still didn’t respond, which freaked me out, so I wrapped myself under my blankets and tried to make myself fall asleep. I definitively remember listening to whatever it was for at least another 30 minutes and hoping I wouldn’t hear it get out of the other bed and just trying to make myself. 

When I woke up the next morning, his bed was perfectly made with the shoes placed perfectly on his pillow. When I asked my mom where my brother was the next morning, she told me that he had stayed at a party. It sounds cheesy and fake, but I’ll never forget how scared I was and it still freaks me out to think about.”

By: tomschof (What is the most
mysterious/paranormal thing you’ve witnessed?

“This happened several years ago, even talking about it now gives me the heebie-jeebies.I woke up in…

“This happened several years ago, even talking about it now gives me the heebie-jeebies.

I woke up in the middle of the night, instantly wide awake. My room is bordered on one side by the garage and the other by the kitchen, so sometimes an odd noise or two will wake me up. I tried to figure out why I would suddenly wake up, but nothing sounded out of the ordinary, so I rolled over to go back to sleep; only to see something standing in my doorway out of the corner of my eye. (I always sleep with my bedroom door closed)

My gut reaction was fear, but I also thought it might just be my mom checking on me in the middle of the night. So I sat up to get a better look (and ask what she wanted) and holy shit, to this day I wish I would have just ignored it and gone straight back to sleep. Whatever it was standing in the doorway was definitely not human.

The door was wide open and the doorway was filled with a massive, tall, dark entity. It was standing halfway in and halfway out of my room, looking for all the world like it had been caught in the act of opening the door and coming into my room. Only the shadowy-mass was taller than the doorframe, so its head and shoulders had come straight through the wall above the door. It stood there and it was staring at me.

I knew I was in trouble right away. Right to my core. A lot of people talk about seeing ‘shadow people’ and being able to tell if they had ‘good’ or ‘bad’ intentions, but this was something else. Whatever this thing was it was powerful, dangerous, and utterly indifferent towards me. I knew that it could kill me right then and that there would be nothing I could do about it.

We stared at each other and I basically prepared myself to die right then and there. It started to move towards me, but just as suddenly, the ominous air in the room changed and the threat it had been emitting faded and changed into something fiercely protective. It stared at me a bit longer and I lay back down and watched it turn and leave, closing the door behind itself, it seemed like it was willing me to go back to sleep. I fell back asleep within a minute, feeling like I dodged a bullet but unable to resist the odd sensation of calm and safety that was suddenly enveloping me.

Woke up in the morning with complete clarity about the event, glad to be alive. It’s been years and I still think about this encounter frequently. I feel that the encounter is the closest I’ve ever come to dying, and I don’t think I’ll see whatever it was again.

Afterwards, I looked up various explanations for the phenomena but nothing fits it properly. It wasn’t a shadow person and it wasn’t a night terror. I lucid dream frequently and this was NO dream. I was definitely awake, I was moving during the encounter, and I went back to sleep afterwards. I can’t explain it.

That wasn’t my only supernatural experience, but it was by far the scariest and most serious.”

By: NeonHazard (Have you ever had an unexplained or paranormal experience?)

“As far as haunted houses go, mine is pretty intense. We have had several experiences over several…

“As far as haunted houses go, mine is pretty intense. We have had several experiences over several years, but this one is my favorite.

I walk in from the garage door with my brother and sister. There is a door to your left when you come in that is the downstairs bathroom that leads to a bedroom. My bedroom. We are all talking and coming through the door, everything normal, when the bathroom door SLAMS shut. The lights come on in the bathroom and you heard a woman’s voice yell ‘OUT’. At first I believe it is my sister and we must have walked in on her when she was using the bathroom. I go around the house to the other door to the bedroom and enter. Lights out. Window locked from the inside.

I go to check the other door leading to the bathroom. Locked as well. You can hear the sweeping motion of feet as well as a shadow pacing the floor. I use a coat hanger to unlock the door after screaming for whoever it was to answer and that I was armed (I believe I had a large metal rod).

I turn the knob. Open the door. A huge wave of cold air floods the room from the bathroom. No one was there. My sister was at a friend’s house. The house was completely empty and locked up tight.

An elderly woman passed away in the house in the late 1970’s. My room was her room because it was handicap accessible.”

By: CaptainRealObvious (Have you ever had an unexplained or
paranormal experience?

“In the year 2000 when I was 10 years old my parents sent me to a 5 day summer camp in Huntsville,…

“In the year 2000 when I was 10 years old my parents sent me to a 5 day summer camp in Huntsville, Ontario. This camp was definitely a bible camp, and being raised without religion I felt quite uncomfortable there, but I got along well with my peers.

Me and 7 other girls were staying in the room on the far right, and there were 3 other rooms on the main floor, and upstairs is where the camp counselors bunked. The main floor had a very high ceiling and near the top was a small square door which attached to where the camp counselors were staying. I was staying along the right wall on the bottom bunk. On the third night me and my bunk mates were having a blast just talking and telling jokes, but our camp counselor opened the little door at the top of the room and told us to be quiet, so we all went to bed.

Out of nowhere I hear Brianna yelling ‘Cat wake up right now! Cat wake up,’ and being the light sleeper I was I immediately woke up, I didn’t know how long I had slept for. I then hear Angel saying ‘Cat, look over to the bunk in front of you!’ I was facing the wall so I turn around and see a black figure with long, curly hair sitting on the ladder leading up to the top bunk on the bed in front of mine. The moonlight illuminated the entire room, and this figure was completely opaque, shaking (her, I think?) long curly hair. I looked around the room and noticed all of the girls were all accounted for and definitely awake. 

I stared at this thing for what seemed like an eternity. Everyone of the girls were were being completely hysterical and crying, but I was dead silent, I couldn’t make a peep. I was completely terrified to the point I couldn’t blink or even move. I mean what could I have done? The thing was sitting there right before my eyes. 

Then this figure stands up and jumps off of the ladder and just stood at the edge of the bed for a moment. All of the girls screaming ‘Cat, get out of there now!’ To which the figure moved around in almost a robotic way and started walking towards me, I finally then find the nerve to book it out of the bottom bunk and run to the other side of the room. I run up to Brianna and Angel’s bunk and climb the ladder as quickly as I could. At this point I started becoming hysterical and crying like the rest of them. The figure was still standing near my bed. Angel and I started hugging, and I was too afraid to even open my eyes after what I had seen. Angel decides to jump down off of the bunk and turn the light on and the figure was gone. 

I guess we’ve made a lot of noise and the camp counselor opened the little door and told us to keep it down. We had told her what we’d seen and she came downstairs to investigate. She came into the room and told us “There’s nothing here, your mind was probably playing tricks on you. Back to bed now.” All of the girls including myself in the room were still pretty upset and scared, and just sat up in our bunks talking about what we had seen.

About 5 minutes after we hear screams coming from the room directly across the hall from us. We all started crying again, and the camp counselor opened the little door and told us, ‘See what you’ve started, you have everyone in the cabin scared!’ the camp counselor went to investigate and we turned on the lights in our room and opened the door. We hear one of the girls in the room across from ours say while crying ‘Something lifted our bunk, please please don’t make us stay in here! It’s going to kill us!’ To which the counselor sternly responded with ‘That’s impossible, now quiet down and go to bed. This is the last time I am going to say this.’

After about 20 minutes of quietly talking, we all went to bed. Nothing else strange happened for the duration of the camp trip. I had exchanged phone numbers with the girls.

About a week after the camp trip had ended I contacted both Angel and Brianna and asked them if they remembered that night and they both said yes, and they said they’d never forget it.”

By: thecatmarie (What is the most mysterious/paranormal thing you’ve witnessed?)

“I feel like I’m haunted by a little boy. It’s really weird, it seems to have followed…

“I feel like I’m haunted by a little boy. It’s really weird, it seems to have followed me through childhood, into adulthood. 

The first time I remember anything unusual (besides general noises, feelings of being watched, giggling) was when I was about 9. I had a bunch of stuffed animals that I kept in this little nook above my bed  One day when I woke up, I was heading out of my room and I noticed one of them on the floor in my doorway. I didn’t think anything of it, just picked it up and put it away.

The next day the same thing happened. Then every day for a week the same stuffed animal was sitting in my doorway. After the week ended it never happened again, but I was now weirded out.

My dad’s cousin used to always buy me these porcelain dolls–I was pretty indifferent to them since I was more of a tomboy–but they were still set up in my room to make them happy when they came to visit. One night I had this terrible dream that they were whispering about me, and that the older ones were jealous of the new addition. I woke up and quickly flicked on my light, only to see them sitting on my floor in a circle. I freaked out and told my dad I didn’t want my brothers playing tricks on me, he told me they couldn’t be, they were at their mother’s house. 

I got rid of all my dolls after that, but my mother kept one that was hers. It had this white/ blonde hair and ice blue eyes. We moved to a new place and she kept it in the kitchen, down the hall from my room. I’d had this fear that it was alive for some reason. I started shutting my door at night for fear it would get me (I had watched The Puppet Master and I now was even more scared of dolls).

One morning I woke up and it was literally staring at me from the desk across from my bed. The thing was, it’s eyes were now this pink/ red colour. I freaked out and told my mother to get rid of the doll. She said its eyes were just sun damaged, but she didn’t know how it got in my room.

I’ve had lots of experiences waking up and feeling like something was watching me. I’ve also heard giggling and whispers. But recently I moved in with my boyfriend, and I actually saw the figure for the first time.

We were laying in bed, watching Netflix and I paused it to go pee. When I opened the door it was like this little boy was running down the hall to the bathroom–he slowed down when I opened the door, looked at me and smiled as he kept walking into the bathroom. I felt this chill go down my back and I just closed the door and sat back down on the bed. 

It was so real, he was transparent but I could tell he had blond hair and brown eyes. He had on a blue shirt and a really old-fashioned hat. I don’t know if it’s been him all these years, or if it was more then one ghost or not. He looked a little shocked that I could see him when I opened the door, but not threatened.”

By: Hedwig- (Have you ever had an unexplained or paranormal experience?)