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cryptids-of-the-world: The Spectral Moose is …


The Spectral Moose is a ghost moose found in Maine. The Spectral Moose is a giant ghost moose that has been seen since the 1900′s. The Spectral Moose is a said to disappear and reappear at will and bullets are said to pass right through it. However experts believe that the Spectral Moose could be a white albino moose but that doesn’t explain the fact that it can disappear and reappear and how bullets can pass through it.

Driving over third bridge when out of nowhere …

Driving over third bridge when out of nowhere our car started to make a really awful noise. (No we didn’t hit anything!) 1-22-18

The drive over third bridge!

The drive over third bridge!

The road coming up to third bridge. It’s a wee…

The road coming up to third bridge. It’s a wee bit spooky isn’t it?

What we believe is an orb getting closer while…

What we believe is an orb getting closer while we sit here.

Riverdale Road 6-1-17

Riverdale Road 6-1-17

Riverdale 6/1/17

Riverdale 6/1/17


Overnight Investigation

On the third I’m doing an overnight investigation with my team PRISM colorado! Super stoked for this! Can’t wait to fill you guys in on what happens! Keep in touch! 🖤🖤🖤

What happens in The after life right when you …

What happens in The after life right when you die

I’ve never had a near death experience. But i can tell you what ghosts and spirits have described to me.
Depending on how they die their experiences are different but calm or expected deaths usually just lead to the person getting out of bed and realizing their body is still in the bed. Then they see basically a bright portal in the room and know they can walk into it to move on.
Unexpected, violent, or traumatic deaths can cause the person to get stuck here because they either don’t understand that they are dead. Some I know of:
1. They don’t see their body, are in complete denial, and continue with an imaginary life as usual redoing the same things every day. I call these recordings. They can be stuck and need a portal opened to leave or they are actually gone but left a sort of energy imprint of themselves doing a thing that repeats and never goes away, maybe stuck in the atmosphere? Recordings can include noises, apparitions, temp. changes, and movement. These ones repeat at certain times of day or can be triggered by repeated events like walking up a flight of stairs or opening a certain dresser.
2. They see nothing and walk around in blackness going crazy. They can only see portals as well as people with one foot in the other side so to speak. They see those people as points of light which is why they try so hard to get their attention. These ones can usually hear us though they can’t see us well. These ones sometimes cause poltergeists.
3. They know exactly what’s happening and can see and hear but can’t find the portal to leave (these are often aware of other spirits or entities nearby). These ones usually visit family while they are sleeping. They can cause some activity but are the least disruptive as a whole unless the person has some sort of agenda like protecting a property from intruders, keeping an eye on a family member, searching for their murderer, etc. Poltergeists are just ghosts with a bunch of energy who want to move things around for any number of reasons. They can get that energy from their own emotions, draining people or electronics, or pulling great energy out of the air, making it cold.

*** Most people who die understand that they have the power to open the door and leave whenever they want. Ghosts either choose not to leave, are confused, or have so little confidence in their own abilities to manifest reality that they get trapped. Every situation is unique but these are the ones i see every day

librum-prodigiosum: An Ọgbanje is a type of evil spirit in the…


An Ọgbanje is a type of evil spirit in the folklore of the Igbo people of Nigeria. Its name translates as “children who come and go,” and it appears as a young child who will die and then come back to life, intensifying their family’s grief.

The Igbo people deal with the Ọgbanje in several grisly ways. One method thought to banish the spirit is female circumcision, while mutilating the dead child is also though to prevent it from rising. However, some stories exist of the Ọgbanje returning in their scarred and mangled state.

Ọgbanje came to national attention after they were mentioned in Chinua Achebe’s acclaimed novel Things Fall Apart.

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