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A nuno is a type of nature spirit in Philippine mythology. They appear as diminutive, dwarf-like people with long beards. They are often depicted wearing a salakot, a traditional wide-brimmed hat. They live in anthills and termite mounds.

The nuno’s purpose is to protect nature. They must be consulted when a tree is to be felled or the ground is to be dug up. Otherwise, the nuno will inflict a curse upon those who disturb the natural world. These curses can range from making excessive hair grow on the target’s back to the victim vomiting up blood.

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The Spectral Moose is a ghost moose found in Maine. The Spectral Moose is a giant ghost moose that has been seen since the 1900′s. The Spectral Moose is a said to disappear and reappear at will and bullets are said to pass right through it. However experts believe that the Spectral Moose could be a white albino moose but that doesn’t explain the fact that it can disappear and reappear and how bullets can pass through it.

Driving over third bridge when out of nowhere our car started to make a really awful noise. (No we didn’t hit anything!) 1-22-18

The drive over third bridge!

The road coming up to third bridge. It’s a wee bit spooky isn’t it?

What we believe is an orb getting closer while we sit here.

Riverdale Road 6-1-17