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An Ọgbanje is a type of evil spirit in the folklore of the Igbo people of Nigeria. Its name translates as “children who come and go,” and it appears as a young child who will die and then come back to life, intensifying their family’s grief.

The Igbo people deal with the Ọgbanje in several grisly ways. One method thought to banish the spirit is female circumcision, while mutilating the dead child is also though to prevent it from rising. However, some stories exist of the Ọgbanje returning in their scarred and mangled state.

Ọgbanje came to national attention after they were mentioned in Chinua Achebe’s acclaimed novel Things Fall Apart.

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Most Spooky Castle (2017): Chillingham Castle, EnglandThis years…

Most Spooky Castle (2017): Chillingham Castle, England

This years winner of the most spooky castle award goes to
Chillingham Castle in England. Chillingham Castle is one of the worlds most
haunted castles known for its many ghosts and rare cows (not ghost cows for
anyone wondering). It was originally built in the 12th century as a
monastery. Eventually it became a royal castle in 1344 where it occupied a
strategic position during Northumberland’s bloody border feuds. Visitors to the
castle included King Henry III, King Edward I, James I, Charles I, and the
infamous Henry VIII. During WWII the castle was used as a barracks until a
baronet purchased the estate and restored it to its former glory. Today the
castle is surrounded by a park which is the home to about 90 rare wild cows.
Other than being known for its cows, the castle is well known for its ghosts.

One of the most famous ghosts in the castle is that of the
“Radiant Boy.” This spirit is a young child who can be seen floating around the
Pink Room. His cries can be heard echoing throughout the hallways at the stroke
of midnight. For a while the cries seemed to come from a spot where there is a
passage cut into the wall into the adjoining tower. As the cries disappeared a
white light would appear and the figure of a young boy dressed in blue would
approach those within the room. While the room was undergoing renovations, the
bones of a young child, surrounded by fragments of blue cloth, were found
within the walls. The bones were removed and given a proper burial. For a while
the Blue Boy was seen no longer. However once the room was rented out again to
weary travelers, reports of a blue flash shooting out of the wall began to

Another ghost seen within the castle is the White Pantry
Ghost. At one point in time the Castles silver was stored in what was known as
the The Inner Pantry. One night while a guard was guarding the silver he was
approached by a very pale woman in white begging him for water. Thinking it was
a castle guest, the guard turned to get the water. At this point he remembered
that he was locked in the room and that no on else could have possibly entered.
This same figure is still seen begging for water today. It is thought that, due
to the nature of her begging for water, she had died from poisoning.

The ghost of the former Lady Berkeley can be heard walking
through the castle corridors. In life Lady Berkeley was the wife of Lord Grey.
However, Lord Grey ran off with her own sister, Lady Henrietta. As a result
Lady Berkeley was left abandoned in the castle. Today visitors can hear the
rustle of her dress as she walks along. Visitors also note a cold chill when
she goes past.

There are many other spirits to haunt the castles. Those who
stay overnight in the chambers have reported feeling uneasy and as if something
were watching them. In the Chapel the voices of two men talking are often
heard. No one knows what they are saying as the words are impossible to make
out and they stop talking if one tries to seriously listen. Also, at night in
the Courtyard people have reported seeing figures and walking shadows.


Most Spooky Cemetery 2017: Bachelors Grove Cemetery,…

Most Spooky Cemetery 2017: Bachelors Grove Cemetery, U.S.A

Bachelors Grove is a small abandoned and dilapidated
cemetery located in Illinois,PA. It is in Chicaco’s southwest suburbs. Not only
does the cemetery have a dark history, but it is also well known for its many
ghosts. In fact, one of the most famous ghost photos ever taken was taken
within this cemetery (see photo of woman above).

The land around Bachelors Grove cemetery was originally
settled by English homesteaders. In the 1840s the land saw its first official
burials. However burials could have gone back as far back as 1834 when German
immigrant workers who were killed while working at the Illinois and Michigan
Canal were supposedly buried there. Eventually the site was reported to have
become a dumping ground for victims of Chicaco’s gangs during the 1920’s and
30’s. The last burial in the cemetery was in 1989. However, ghostly sightings
have taken place ever since the 1960s after vandalism became a real issue in
the cemetery. It is believed that the vandalism is what disturbed the spirits
rest. It should also be noted that by the small pond that borders the cemetery,
forest rangers and visitors have reportedly found the remains of chickens and
other small animals that had been slaughtered. Strange symbols and incantations
were also carved into gravestones and painted onto trees causing many to
believe that the cemetery has been used for occult activities. Either way,
whether it is due to vandalism or satanistic rituals the cemetery’s spirits are
highly active.  

One such spirit to haunt the pond area of the cemetery is an
old man and his horse. In one famous incident, two park rangers were on patrol
in the 70’s when they saw the apparition of a horse rise out of the waters of
the pond. The animal was pulling a plow behind it which was being steered by
the spirit of an old man. This vision lasted only a few seconds as it crossed
the rangers path only to vanish into thin air. Since then many have seen the
spirit of the old man and the plough horse. It is thought that this spirit is
connected to an old legend which states that during the 1870s a local farmer
was plowing a nearby field when something startled his horse. The farmer became
trapped in the reigns and was powerless has he was dragged behind his horse
into the small pond. There he was unable to escape and drowned under the weight
of his horse.

Other spirits who haunt the cemetery include the White Lady.
She can be seen walking through the gravestones carrying a baby. However she
can only be seen during a full moon. A two headed ghost can be spotted near the
same spot as the ghostly farmer, although no one knows who or what this spirit
is thought to be. Reports of religious monks have plagued the cemetery as
people have spotted figures dressed in monks robes among the graves. Another
spirit which can be seen at the entrance of the cemetery is a black dog.
Witnesses who saw the dog said that it would disappear when they approached it.
The most famous spirit to haunt the cemetery is the woman sitting on the grave.
This woman was caught on camera although the apparition was not visible at the
time the photo was taken.

Spirits of people and animals are not the only sort of
apparitions to appear in the cemetery. Visitors have reported seeing a ghost
farmhouse which will shimmer, float and vanish. Some have reported that the
house will shrink when it is approached before disappearing all together. The
road near Bachelors Grove is also home to vanishing ghost cars and phantom auto
accidents. Those traveling this road have also reported driving only to see the
tail lights of a car in front of them. The brake lights go on and the car turns
off the road. However once the spot where the car disappeared is approached,
there is no car, or road, found at all. Some have reported passing these
phantom cars on the road only to look back in the mirror to find that they have


18 News Paranormal: Ghosts that checked in to the Lindenwald Haus (Part I)

18 News Paranormal: Ghosts that checked in to the Lindenwald Haus (Part I)




April 25th Riverdale Road

April 25th Riverdale Road

April 25th Riverdale Road

April 25th Riverdale Road

April 25th, Riverdale Road.

April 25th, Riverdale Road.

Im just curious to know if any of you have been to central city colorado and if you have had any…

Im just curious to know if any of you have been to central city colorado and if you have had any experiences???

Riverdale Road- July 3rd

Tonight we ventured out to riverdale road with our brother for a quick trip but had to bring him home almost immediately. When we brought him home, miranda and myself went back out to riverdale road. We passed the tree and didn’t feel anything so we drove up the road to 136th. We turned down the road unexpectedly due to a motorcycle driving dangerously behind us. When we turned down the road, I saw what looked like an opaque human shadow walk in front of a road light. When we drove up to the gate we sat there for a minute and miranda started to get a severe shoulder pain. Shortly after that, no more than a couple minutes later I felt severe severe anxiety and felt like I had to look behind us, which brought to my attention that there was a car shortly behind us so we sped off. We went to the parking lot we normally go to and got out of the car to look for marks. Over the driver seat where I was sitting was what looked like a chicken print. On mirandas door there was fingerprints and a full palm print. We also found prints on the inside of the door where it closes when it’s shut. I got back into the car while miranda was checking her door and found a mark that looked like someone had put a cigarette out on the seat. We are both relatively bigger girls so even if it had been something we smoked, our legs would have covered it. What we do smoke was much larger than the hole that was left. There was also a tiny one in the back seat as well. We then took out the pendulum and the board to try to communicate and see if anything was there. I asked it if anything was here with us and it responded with yes. I then asked if it would like to talk to us, and on the board it just repetitively spelled out “LEAVE”. I tried asking it again and my ear started to ring and miranda felt a stabbing pain in her ribs while my leg felt like something was poking it with a needle. When miranda was holding the pendulum it didn’t feel like it was freely swinging like normal, it felt like something was pulling it toward the letters. I felt something behind me and felt very uncomfortable so we left. The ringing and the pain in Mirandas shoulder wouldn’t go away. We started to light sage but the sage smoke refused to go near an area in the car where we kept hearing tapping, even while the sage was directly below it. We quickly went into a random neighborhood and got turned around. When we finally got somewhere we knew, we were at the intersection on 136th right before the gates. I have an extremely good sense of direction and have no idea how we got there. We refused to go down it so we went north to take the highway to come south down the length of riverdale. We both continuously kept getting the chills. We passed 136th to go down 128th. Something didn’t feel right, and we got extremely nauseous. When we got home we checked my leg and saw what looked like hives where it was hurting. I’m not allergic to anything and there should be no reason to get hives. We have two dogs at home and so naturally we took them out to go potty. Keep in mind, both of the dogs are extremely protective. When we walked both the car, one of them looked at it and barked. It’s the middle of the night, no one was around and there was no reason for her to bark. Then the other dog jumped up and looked in the window. We tried to take them away from the car but they kept staring back at it until we got inside the house.

My question for any of you followers is im not sure why the hives appeared on my leg. Do any of you know any paranormal entity that would cause that? We are pretty sure that there is a demon on that road.