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La Sayona is the spirit of a woman found in Venezuela. La Sayona is described as a woman wearing a white dress where is where she gets her name from with long black hair. La Sayona is said to appear to people who have affairs out of the marriages and she sometimes is carrying a child with her and she asks the victim for a ride or a cigarette and she tries to hide her face but when her victim sees her face it appears as a skull. The legend of La Sayona is about a woman name Casilda who always swam in a nearby river and one say she noticed a man watching her and once she told him to go away he said he came to warn her that her husband was having an affair with her mother furious she ran home and burned her house down with her husband and child still inside and the she went to her mother’s house and slashed her with a machete. Her mother then cursed her saying now she would have to avenge all women by killing their unfaithful husbands for all eternity. 




A Doppelganger is believed to be a spirit double of a living person that when encountered is said to be a harbinger of bad fortune even death. The term itself is German in origin but the phenomena is reported world wide.

In many high level haunting environments the energy present has been known to mimic people involved. This could be throwing their voice to full bodied apparitions identical to a person present in the environment.

Some very famous haunted locations seem to play host to this kind of activity. The one example that comes to my mind is the famous Doppelganger of Waverly Hills in Kentucky. Visitors to the location have long reported coming in contact with an entity that resembled someone in their tour group or someone they know in their personal lives not physically present.

Data for this phenomenon is sketchy at best but with a rich history and thousands of reports it certainly merits our continued research and investigation.



WAMPUS: West Virginia’s Black Panther Sightings

Growing up in rural West Virginia talk of large black cats roaming the hills and stalking farmlands was pretty common. There was no doubt or question as to the existence of such creatures. My high school was named after the beast and I know of dozens of people who have had alleged encounters with the creature over the years including my father.

This belief is not without documented evidence. Every year pictures and video emerges claiming to depict the panther but yet the mainstream scientific community approaches the subject with a very strange and negative bias in spite of the overwhelming data that suggests something is out there. That tends to be the song and dance all to often these days unfortunately.

Tracks, prey animals found in trees with large puncture wounds to the neck, loud screaming calls heard deep in the night, face to face sightings like the one in going to mention below that leave no doubt as to what is being seen.

My father got up one morning and got dressed and headed off to work. It was a clear, sunny, fall morning but something happened to him that day that changed him forever. In fact, not a day went by after that he didn’t mention his encounter and he went to his grave never changing a single detail. Anyway, there was a lound screech of tires out front and dad came running back inside completely out of breath and in total shock and awe. He proceeded to tell me that on the way to work he was traveling the dirt road up the mountain and there on the bank less than 30 yards from him was a large black cat that he said looked like something right out of Animal Planet or the Zoo and there was no doubt that he was face to face with a black panther. He said the beast had the body size of a very large dog with a long, curved tail and overall kept very low to the ground. He said it looked him in the eye and sort of growled a little revealing a nasty set of teeth. The beast shook it’s head, got up and walked up the hill and out of sight.

I remember him getting furious with the show Monster Quest which did an episode about the Black Cats of West Virginia in which they concluded it was impossible for such a creature to live in these parts which goes in the face of centuries worth of reported sightings.

The Native Americans witnessed the creature regularly and recorded it in their art, stories and oral culture passed down through generations. Wampus Cat they called it. Same description as the creature seen to this day. To simply cast all the data aside and say there is no such thing Is completely ridiculous and unscientific. There is more evidence for this creature than there is for most widely accepted scientific fields of study and yet most won’t even consider the possibility or give it the serious inquiry it truly merits.

For now sightings continue to pour in as they always have and parents are teaching their children to fear the woods and the many creatures within. The only ignorance found in this case is on the part of the scientific community which has failed to act accordingly to one of the greater mysteries in US History.



The Five Types Of Hauntings

In the everchanging field of Paranormal Research and Investigation things can be a bit of a mystery. Our field of study is really in the foundation building stages so there is not much to go on by means of set standards. Even with our current limitations and uncertainties there seems to be a pattern emerging when it comes to the classification of a Haunting. In the following article I will attempt to give you a brief outline of the different types of hauntings In the hope of clearing up a few misconceptions and giving a sort of a summary of the kind of stuff we face on a daily basis conducting our Research and Fieldwork.

Intelligent Haunting

Probably the most popular and studied manifestations of a Haunting is that of an Intelligent Haunting. In theory, an Intelligent Haunting consists of an active, atentive being that is fully aware of your presence. These entities are able to communicate with Investigators through various methods and are often thought to be the spirit energy of a deceased person.

The majority of effort, time and theory in our field is spent on better understanding this one branch of a Haunting in particular. It seems like everyday someone, somewhere is coming up with new, clever methods of further communication with the true unknown.

Residual Haunting

In the grand scheme of things, The Residual Haunting is probably the most common manifestation of the five. Think of it as an Energetic Recording of a life event that produced such an extremely high amount of emotion that parts of it get imprinted on inanimate objects, buildings, ect. They are then played back through the years in the form of Shadow Figures, Disembodied Voices and even Apparitions. Unlike an Intelligent Haunting, these beings are merely energetic residue. Something a person leaves behind. These types of occurences tend to happen in Hospitals, Prisons, Historic Battlefields, Hotels, Places where a crime has been comitted and even in places that have been exposed to suicide. It is my personal opinion that this type of Haunting will be the first of the 5 to gain a lot of inquiry from mainstream science and will prove to be one of the most amazing scientific finds in history.

Poltergeist Activity

In folklore and parapsychology, a poltergeist is a type of ghost or other supernatural being supposedly responsible for physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects moved around or destroyed. Most accounts of poltergeists describe movement or levitation of objects, such as furniture and cutlery, or noises such as knocking on doors. Poltergeists have also been claimed to be capable of pinching, biting, hitting and tripping people.

Poltergeists occupy numerous niches in cultural folklore, and have traditionally been described as troublesome spirits who haunt a particular person instead of a specific location. Such alleged poltergeist manifestations have been reported in many cultures and countries including the United States, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and most European nations, with early accounts dating back to the 1st century.


An Elemental or “Earth Spirit” as they are often refered to are spiritual beings of nonhuman origin.Probably the most rare and mysterious of the 5 these beings are hard to place because so little is known about them scientifically. Widely reported in cultures all over the world these entities are commonly reported in the form of “Ghost Lights” or “Willow The Wisp”. Luminous balls of energy that have quite the reputation. Historic accounts claim these balls of light would be seen on the outskirts of towns and villages usually in highly wooded areas and would lure people from the safety of the community and deep into the forest never to be seen again. This remains one of the most debated and heated topics being discussed in The Paranormal Community and will most likely remain to for the forseeable future

Demonic Hauntings

The most controversial and terrifying of the 5 is that of Demonic Hauntings. Few things in life even compare to the horrific events expierienced during these infestations. A Demonic Haunting occurs when a Demonic Force enters the life of a victim and literally goes to town hellbent on destroying the life of that individual. This can happen one of three ways. Demonic Depression, Demonic Obsession and Finally, Demonic Possesion. (We will get into these at a later time). The most common phenomenon attrubuted to cases like this are things like Levitation, Possession, Depression, Disembodied Voices, Scratches, Bitting, smacking, precognition and the mocking of The Trinity. I have personally handeld a few of these cases and they really change your life. The only way to truly be freed from the chains of the Darkness is total faith and trust in God. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will get into this subject in depth on a later date and break all this down into segments but true evil exists in both life and death. Consider yourself warned.




West Virginia

Everyone in the Paranormal World knows all about the legendary Mothmad sightings that occured in West Virginia in the 1960’s. My team and I have spent several nights out there in the old TNT Area in search of anything Mothman. There are a lot of rumors and theories as to what the creature might have been. Ive been in this field a long time and believe me Ive heard them all. A quick walk through town and you will find out that The Mothman is central to the atmosphere and culture of the town.

Theory 1: Misidentification

This seems to be the go to explaination when people are initially confronted with the Mothman tale. From Owls, Cranes and Herons onwards there never seems to be a lack of natural wildlife people go to for a quick fix. In reality there really is nothing native to those woodlands that even comes close to resembling the creature witnessed in the area.

Theory 2: Toxic Waste/Mutation

Another theory comes from the horrible enviornmental damage the military inflicted in the area when they had a secret facility in the woods for the purpose of manufacturing and housing explosives during wartime. The base was also said to have been used for other more mysterious and sinister purposes as well. Many in the town will tell you that biohazardous materials were designed and tested on site as well as top secret weaponry being developed with reports also claiming an Extraterrestrial presence which they believe the Mothman originated. All speculation aside the whole are had been declared an ecological disaster and some believe these chemicals have mutated the wildlife in the area causing severe deformities and thus explaining the strange creature sightings. Ive been to the area and the chemical waste does seem to have an effect on atleast the local plant life and swamp land ecology. Perhaps this could be true.

Theory 3: Native American Connection

Another claim suggests that the Mothman isnt a creature of flesh and blood at all but a protector spirit of the native tribes that once flourished in the area. Chief Cornstalk was said to have put a curse on the town and that the Mothman was the climax and flfillment of that curse. The TNT area also sits on Native American burial sites which were disturbed in many ways over the decades. I dont doubt at all that there is some spiritual element at work in the area but I cant be sure that the Mothman is part of it.

Theory 4: Alien Connection

Reports have risen about supposed Men In Black agents in the area questioning witnesses at the time of the sightings. Rumors say that a military experiment or an escaped Alien being was the cause of the creature sightings. This is an exciting theory and with any secret military opperations the conspiracy theories fly so I can understand the jump to this explaination.

Theory 5: Harbingers

All over the world and throughout history there have been reports of spiritual beings coming to warn people of impending disater and doom and to most residence that can remember the horrors of the Silver Bridge Collapse this theory rings true. They either believe the Mothman was sent to warn the people or they believe he caused the accident directly but either way he is fully suspected to have some involvement in the matter. The Mothman was spotted on the Silver Bridge the night of the collapse and the days leading up to it. Also the creature wasnt seen in the area again after the collapse. This could also be explained by the sudden jump in attention and emotion from one viral story to another. Add in some PK manifestations and the story takes a strange turn and explains the sudden disappearence of the being and the more strange encounters like home visitations and its apparent ability of aportation. Similar beings were also seen in China before the big earthquake, before the nuclear disaster in Ukraine, Hurricanes in Texas, Septmber 11th and various other disasters. Perhaps this theory is correct.

In the end what you believe is yours to decide. The facts are that something was seen by countless wintnesses over the course of weeks and months. Lives were lost and changed forever and the whole ordeal went on to become a legend of international fame. I look forward to heading back to the area this new season and seeing what new data we can come up with.



Thoughts On The Classic Haunted House

A House is the stage on which the drama of our lives plays out. It is exposed to the very best of times and often the very worst. It sits there as a silent but all observing witness recording every thought, every memory, every emotion. The intensity and collection rate depends on several environmental and material factors. It is a well known fact that some materials are more conductive of energy than others. However few people understand that those conductive factors extent from the physical to the metaphysical. The resulting phenomema is known in Paranormal circles as a Residual Haunting. It is literally an energetic recording and playback function that occurs naturally without any eternal stimuli or in some cases there seems to be factors that can trigger this activity. The houses in question can absorb so much psychic energy from lives coming and going that it takes the fragments and condenses them into a sort of Semi Consious entity that awakens and sort of takes on an identity all its own. This identity is always in a state of change and flux. It is truly dependant on the energy that is projected into it and the intent and manifestations act accordingly. This is why people who enter true haunting environments encounter phenomena liken to their own beliefs. One person may see the activity as evil and this the energetic make up of the locations shifts in that direction. Another may come in right behind the previous person and believe the activity is harmless and caused by the spirit of a small child and indeed that is the energy and manifestations presented by the home. This is a true and tried case of mind over matter. The power of the mind and our amazing connection to all things. The melding of the Physical world and the Psyche. In between those points are numerous nuances to be studied and explored. The Dynamics of A Haunting, if you will.

In my 13 years in the field I have personally seen this pattern play out on nearly every case I have worked and I have conducted hundreds. The true functions and reaches of the mind extend much deeper and in directions we cant even imagine. I think more and more the mainstream scientific community is beginning to catch a brief glimpse of this and finally coming to admit just how little we know about quantifiable reality and our place within it and our effects upon it. For the new investigative season that will begin March 1rst 2019 and run through October 31rst of the same year, this will be my main objective. I am in the process of setting some very complex research goals and making the most of every moment in the field in an attempt to take my studies to a whole new level and focus.

In the mean time I continue my research as always and continue to devise new theories and means of opperations to make things flow more efficiently and smoothly. The next phase in this process will be aquiring the new tech I need to apply focus on Residual Hauntings and that is by no means cheap. With the current season on the edge of closing on one of the most emotional and disappointing seasons in my entire career I can only pick myself back up and make sure that my next season will be the best yet.


Why I do not go near Ouija boards.


I know I mentioned in a previous post that a lot of people around here are very firmly against using Ouija boards and similar tools, regardless of one’s skills and experience in dealing with the paranormal and/or supernatural, and I’m gonna expand on it just this once. This is, of course, my personal opinion on the matter, and not a claim to any sort of universal, objective stance. This is how I was taught, and what I’ve concluded after years of thinking and reading up on it.

In Sweden, teenagers like to play around with a “home-made” version of the Ouija board, that we call “Anden i glaset” (the spirit in the glass), which is usually performed on a home made board with the alphabet and all the other things you’d find on a regular Ouija board, and a drinking glass is used as the planchette. The procedure is the same, as is – unfortunately – the results.

I consider Ouija board to be doorways, and the use of them to be open invitations. As opposed to when you attempt to contact spirits on locations, you have no control over who or what will accept your invitation to come through. Usually, I describe it as opening the lid to an old, deep mine shaft; you can’t see how deep it is, or what’s in there. But you’re up there in the light, and the things in the mine shaft can definitely see you.
When you contact spirits on location, you’re setting up a limiter for what you’re contacting; you’re trying to talk to whatever spirit is there at the location. Meaning, the ones who are already here and that we can more easily prepare ourselves to deal with if they should be of a more negative type. You are in control of the situation. 
The same goes for many different methods of summoning spirits, or using tools to contact them – because, again, you are setting up firm boundaries regarding what spirits you want to talk to, and the extent to which they can communicate with you.

With an Ouija board, you’re going in blind. You’re opening a doorway, but have no way of controlling what comes through that doorway. You just made a come one, come all type invitation, and anything and anyone looking to come through will grab the opportunity when you present it to them. 
This is why so many demonic encounters, hauntings, oppressions, and flat out possessions happen in the wake of people using Ouija boards – especially when those using the board are either 1) young people, or 2) people who don’t believe it really works, and therefore do not take the risks seriously. 

Demonic entities are intelligent, as we already know, and they will happily pretend to be benign entities for as long as they need to if that means they’ll get to safely act out their plans once the board has been put aside and people won’t expect anything to happen.

But Loke, you might object, should you really say anything about this topic since you’ve never used a board yourself?
Yes, yes I should. I was forbidden from using Ouija boards, or participate in anden i glaset, or any similar practices for very good reasons. Teenagers are vulnerable to malevolent entities, because they generally have so much energy and stuff shifting around in them, since they’re growing and developing into adulthood. This is pretty well known, I think, and it’s an important fact. When your energy is unstable, your defenses are weaker, which makes you vulnerable. This gets extra serious if you are sensitive, because you are going to be a very big target. They’ll want you, because you’re sensitive, and you’ll be so much more fun to play with.

But I have seen the effects of these practices. People around me who played with the boards, who had some very disturbing things happen to them and their lives afterwards. There were threats to them and their families, hauntings, oppressions, some really suspicious cases of “bad luck” ending in physical injuries, attacks, etc. Then, of course, adding to that all the documented cases around the world where things have gone even further. 

So for me, this is is a case of “know that you are human, and that you are not invincible”. In other words, don’t mess with things you can’t fully understand or control. And thus, I stay as far away from these things as I can, and do my work in ways I am comfortable and experienced in.

Naturally, there are very experienced people out there using Oujia boards as part of their practice, and I neither can nor will say anything about that. I still don’t approve of the boards, but I would never tell an experienced sensitive/medium/magic worker how they can and cannot practice.

But when it comes to the other people – the teenagers, the people thinking it’s a funny game, the people who don’t believe in it and thus don’t feel the need for caution – I will remain very firmly against using it.

To me, the price and the risks will just never be worth it.

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These pics are enlarged here not by my doing but you can see them better on my PsychicMyst Facebook page. They were taking during an experiment portal ITC session.  



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