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Bone PointingBone pointing is a method of exec…

Bone Pointing

Bone pointing is a method of execution used by Aborigines.
Supposedly the practice never fails to kill despite the fact that the victim is
never physically harmed. In fact, the practice leaves no trace whatsoever on
the condemned.

This practice is
carried out by a Kurdaitcha, or a ritual executioner. The name Kurdaitcha comes
from the slippers that the Kurdaitcha wear. These slippers, made of cockatoo or
emu feathers and human hair are completely silent when the user walks in them. The
Kurdaitcha will use this silence to quickly hunt down the person to be killed
if the person has fled. Once the person is caught the Kurdaitcha will go down
onto one knee and point the kundela, or killing bone (which will have been charged
with a psychic energy in a previous ritual), at the condemned. At this point
the victim is said to be completely frozen in fear. The Kurdaitcha will then chant
a curse. Afterwards the Kurdaitcha and fellow hunters will return to the village
and the kundela will be burned.

After the ritual the guilty person may live for several days
or weeks. However, the person believes so strongly in the curse that they will
most definitely die. Although the kundela does not physically harm the person
it is said to pierce the victim with a spear of thought, which does just as
much damage as an actual spear. Victims tend to become listless and apathetic,
refusing to eat or drink. The syndrome of dying despite not being physically
harmed is called the  “bone-pointing
syndrome”. It simply means the victim dies because of the belief that they are
going to die.


Happy New Years!!! May 2018 be a great one!

Happy New Years!!! May 2018 be a great one!

Merry Christmas dear followers! Have a great d…

Merry Christmas dear followers! Have a great day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your day be f…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your day be filled with fun and food.

unexplained-events: This strange video was recorded in a forest…


This strange video was recorded in a forest in Indonesia. 

Most Spooky Hotel 2017: Stanley Hotel, United StatesStanley…

Most Spooky Hotel 2017: Stanley Hotel, United States

Stanley Hotel is one of the most reportedly haunted hotels
in the entire world. It has been featured on several ghost related shows such
as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. The hotel was so haunted that it even
inspired famous author Stephen King to write his novel The Shining.

There are several “more haunted” spots throughout the hotel.
The first is room 217. This room is the most famous spot in the hotel as it was
where Stephen King got his inspiration for the Shining. It is believed that
this room is haunted by Elizabeth Wilson, or Mrs. Wilson. Mrs. Wilson was the
hotels head housekeeper. One night, during a storm in 1911, she was injured
during an explosion while lighting up the lights in room 217. Although she
survived, the traumatic experience has caused her to remain within the room
after her death. Guests within the room have reported items being moved and
their luggage being unpacked. Lights are often turned on and off. Mrs. Wilson
is also old fashioned in that she will haunt any unmarried guests who decide to
stay the night. These visitors have reported feeling a cold force come between
them while they are trying to sleep.

Two other rooms known for their hauntings are room 401 and
room 428. When the hotel first opened the entire fourth floor was where female
employees, children and nannies lived. Now visitors to the fourth floor, and
more notably room 401 have reported hearing children running around and
laughing. Room 401 also has a closet which is notorious for opening and
shutting by itself. Room 428 has its own set of ghosts. Visitors to this room
have heard furniture moving and footsteps moving above them, even though it is
physically impossible for anyone to go onto the sloped roof. There is also a
cowboy who will appear to visitors at the corner of the bed.

Another spot that is haunted in the hotel is the Concert
Hall. It is believed that one of the ghosts in the concert hall is Paul. Paul
was known to do a little bit of everything around the hotel. One of his jobs
was to enforce the 11pm curfew in the hotel. Now guests who stay out late at
night will sometimes hear a voice tell them to “get out.” Paul is also known to
occasionally nudge guests and workers. Another spirit to haunt this location is
the hotel founder’s wife, Flora Stanley. Flora can be heard playing the piano.
A third spirit named Lucy is also known to act up. She will often communicate
with ghost hunters by flickering flashlights on and off. No one knows who Lucy
was in life, although it is speculated that she was either a runaway or a
homeless woman.

Other haunted locations at the Stanley hotel include the
Grand Staircase, the Vortex and the Underground Caves. The Grand Staircase is
believed to be a spot where many of the ghosts pass through. The apparition of
a woman has also been seen by multiple guests descending the staircase. The
Vortex is where it is believed many of the ghosts travel through as it is a
natural spiral of energy. The Underground Caves is another spot thought to
attract ghosts due to its high volume of limestone and quartz (two materials
believed to trap spiritual energy). Visitors to this area have reported shadow
figures, voices, and cold breezes brushing past them.


Happy Halloween Everyone!Keep it spooky!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Keep it spooky!

Southern Texas HauntsI have received a request to do an article…

Southern Texas Haunts

I have received a request to do an article about haunted
places in southern Texas. Not one to disappoint my followers I have found three
bone chilling haunts located throughout this region.

Sarah Jane Road, Port
: Located in the southeastern portion of Texas is a stretch of road
known as the Sarah Jane Road. There are several legends surrounding this
location. Most of the legends state that there was a woman named Sarah Jane who
hid her baby in a wicker basket in the river after either bandits or Union
soldiers were heard near her home. When she went back to retrieve her baby, she
found it was missing. Another version of the legend has that Sarah was crossing
the bridge of the canal when she accidentally dropped her baby in the water.
The baby drowned and the distraught Sarah subsequently hung herself from a
nearby tree. Whichever version is true, Sarah Jane can now often be spotted
standing in white on the side of the road at night. If any approach her, she
simply disappears.

The Tremont House
Hotel, Galveston
: This historical hotel in Galveston Texas is home to many
different spirits. The first commonly seen ghost is that of a Civil War
soldier. This ghost haunts the first floor lobby, bar, dining, and office
areas. Visitors and staff will often hear the marching of boots walk around the
floor only to find that no one is there upon investigation. His apparition has
also been seen walking this area from time to time. Another spirit to haunt
this location is known as Sam. During his life Sam was a gambler with a severe
limp who one night had an extremely lucky evening. After collecting his
winnings he headed back to his room in the former Belmont Boarding House,
located where the building stands today. While he slept, someone came into the
room and murdered him in order to steal all of the money he had won. Now
visitors have reported that their rooms will shake followed by a large pound.
Others have reported hearing a one-footed stomping followed by a distinct
dragging noise in the hallway. Another spirit is that of a little boy named Jimmy
who haunts the lobby and elevators. Those who have seen him report that they
will see a little boy out of the corner of their eye. When they look he is
gone. One time a front desk clerk was helping a man check in when she saw a
little boy playing in the lobby. She assumed that the boy was the mans son,
however when the man left the little boy did not follow. When she looked to try
and find the boy again, she saw he had disappeared. Later that night when she
saw the same man she asked him about the little boy and he said that he had not
seen the child and that he had no children of his own. Little Jimmy is also
known to push glasses off of the bar. A fourth spirit is believed to have been
a victim of a severe storm in the 1900s since the activity becomes worse during
storms. On the 3rd and 4th floors people have heard
knocking, moaning and crying. Ceiling fans have been turned on and off and as
well as lights and televisions in both occupied and vacant rooms. People have
also seen shadow figures darting around.

The USS Lexington, Corpus Cristi: Having served through
almost every major battle in WWII and with more than 300 crew members killed
while serving aboard her, it is no wonder that the USS Lexington, now a museum,
is known to be extremely haunted. Visitors have reported hearing strange voices,
screaming,  and crying throughout the
ship. Near the kitchen area, the strange smells of food cooking are also
sometimes present. Apparitions of men in uniform have been seen walking the
ships corridors. One woman reported seeing a spirit with no eyes and a scarred
face that lunged at her. The most famous ghost aboard the ship is named
Charlie, who haunts the engine rooms. Visitors have reported that while in the
engine rooms they had the most wonderful tour guide who wore an old navy
uniform. The only issue is that all the tours on board are self guided; there
are no tour guides available on the ship. Earlier this year, a family touring
the ship caught some ghostly activity on camera. The link to the news story
covering this video can be found here:


One of our most recent trips out to do the fun Halloween things!…

One of our most recent trips out to do the fun Halloween things! We went to Anderson farms and had a blast!

It’s October! That means Halloween is coming and the spooky…

It’s October! That means Halloween is coming and the spooky things are here! While we love the paranormal year round, October has the spooky vibe to it! Send us in your ghost/spooky/creepy stories so we can enjoy what you like to talk about in this creepy beautiful time of the year.

*photo featuring two of our fur babies in their Halloween costumes!!!*