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Jay Road, a desolate drive where travelers have encountered the restless spirit of a hit-and-run victim hoping to hitch a ride.

Wisconsin’s Most Haunted: The Jay Road Jogger

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The barefoot Princess.
Igor Oleynikov.

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My cousin used to be married to an abusive asswipe, my grandmother hated him. My grandmother, passed away 15 years ago. About a week after her death, my cousin's ex husband expressed extreme fear. He claimed someone was following him. My cousin felt a protective presence. She asked her son if he felt safe in the house, his reply was "yes, I feel very safe. But mom… I see auntie chasing dad." That was my lovely nana. In the afterlife, chasing my cousin's shit husband. Gotta love her.

That is amazing!

Bobby Mackeys Music World: AKA The Most Haunt…

Bobby Mackeys Music World:
AKA The Most Haunted Nightclub in America

Located in Kentucky is a greasy gritty dive bar known as
Bobby Mackeys Music World. While guests can come and enjoy riding a mechanical
bull or busting a move on the line dancing floor, they may also experience
something paranormal.

The building was originally used as a slaughterhouse in the
1850s. During this time the owners would take any leftover body parts and
simply dump them into the well in the basement, resulting in a grisly and
reeking pile of remains. Eventually the slaughterhouse closed in the 1890s and
a local Satanic cult moved in. The Satanic cult was thought to have used the
well as a site for rituals. As a result the well has become what many believe
to be a portal to Hell. It is still thought to be a portal to Hell today.

In the 1896 a young
woman named Pearl Bryan met a grisly fate on the property. Pearl Bryan was the
daughter of a wealthy local farmer who fell in love with a man named Scott
Jackson. Jackson was a dental student who was alleged to be a member of the
Satanic cult that resided in the closed down slaughterhouse. After Pearl became
pregnant, Jackson and his friend, fellow dental student Alonzo Walling, decided
to perform their own abortion. Pearl was heavily sedated on cocaine, and the procedure
went on for hours before the two students realized that they had completely messed
up the job. Upon realizing their mistake, they murdered Pearl and chopped off
her head so that police could not recognize her. Her body was dumped in a field
on the property, and her head was supposedly used in a Satanic ritual. Now
visitors to the premises can sometimes spot the headless figure of Pearl roaming

Eventually the building was restored in the 1920s and became
a popular speakeasy for mobsters. In the 1950’s the building became another popular
nightclub named the Latin Quarter. During this time there was a dancer known as
Johanna. Johanna was one of the most popular dancers until she became pregnant with
local singer, Robert Randall’s, child. When Johanna’s father found out about
the baby, he had some of his shadier connections kill Randall. Johanna was
distraught and hung herself in a dressing room. Johanna is now one of the most
active ghosts on site. Visitors can spot her apparition hanging around her
dressing room area. Others have felt her touching them or have heard a
disembodied voice in the area.

Other incidents that happen on at the bar include furniture
moving on its own, banging, screaming, and Jukeboxes turning on and off by itself.


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Football Phantoms

In honor of the Super Bowl, here are several stadiums which are home to more than just their respective living football teams.

In the Detroit Lions stadium it is believed that the ghost of Jimmy Hoffa can still be heard cheering on his favorite team. Jimmy Hoffa, the leader of the International Brotherhood of the Teamsters Union, was a major Detroit Lions fan up until his disappearance from a restaurant parking lot. Although no one can say what happened to him for sure, many believe that he was murdered. The former Giants stadium was also believed to be linked to the mysterious Hoffa disappearance. It was speculated that Hoffa’s body was buried underneath concrete under one of the end zones. However, there has never been any evidence to support this claim, and the stadium has since been demolished.

Memorial Stadium at Indiana University is haunted by a spirit known as “Mr. Plume.” “Mr Plume”, who’s real name was Michael Plume, was a student at the university in the 1960s. During this time, the Memorial Stadium was just being built. Only a few months away from its completion, the body of the 19 year old student was found hanging from the rafters of an incomplete section. Although he was in a construction site filled with dirt and dust, his shoes remained completely clean. Despite this odd detail, Plumes death was ruled a suicide. Now people who visit the stadium can sometimes still see the ghostly apparition of his body swinging from a rope in the spot that he died.

The Wisconsin Badger’s stadium is home to several ghostly specters. Long before it was turned into a sports field, it was the site of a training site for Union Soldiers during the Civil War. Nearby was also a prison camp for Confederate soldiers. Visitors to the area can sometimes still catch a glimpse of long gone soldiers wandering around.


SPOOKY Things Happening Right Above Us

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Bone PointingBone pointing is a method of exec…

Bone Pointing

Bone pointing is a method of execution used by Aborigines.
Supposedly the practice never fails to kill despite the fact that the victim is
never physically harmed. In fact, the practice leaves no trace whatsoever on
the condemned.

This practice is
carried out by a Kurdaitcha, or a ritual executioner. The name Kurdaitcha comes
from the slippers that the Kurdaitcha wear. These slippers, made of cockatoo or
emu feathers and human hair are completely silent when the user walks in them. The
Kurdaitcha will use this silence to quickly hunt down the person to be killed
if the person has fled. Once the person is caught the Kurdaitcha will go down
onto one knee and point the kundela, or killing bone (which will have been charged
with a psychic energy in a previous ritual), at the condemned. At this point
the victim is said to be completely frozen in fear. The Kurdaitcha will then chant
a curse. Afterwards the Kurdaitcha and fellow hunters will return to the village
and the kundela will be burned.

After the ritual the guilty person may live for several days
or weeks. However, the person believes so strongly in the curse that they will
most definitely die. Although the kundela does not physically harm the person
it is said to pierce the victim with a spear of thought, which does just as
much damage as an actual spear. Victims tend to become listless and apathetic,
refusing to eat or drink. The syndrome of dying despite not being physically
harmed is called the  “bone-pointing
syndrome”. It simply means the victim dies because of the belief that they are
going to die.


Happy New Years!!! May 2018 be a great one!

Happy New Years!!! May 2018 be a great one!

Merry Christmas dear followers! Have a great d…

Merry Christmas dear followers! Have a great day!