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Apparitions are visible, which either means that light is bouncing off of them or they’re emitting light themselves.  The latter option seems to be more likely, as ghosts often glow ethereally.  If this is the case though, they would not be cold to the touch; if you are generating light, you must also generate heat, but ghosts have a chilling effect, often lowering the temperature of the entire room, which would imply that they’re acting as a heat sink.  They draw energy from the room, but where is that energy going?  To cool something off, something else must heat up; ghosts never reach equilibrium, the heat never dissipates out, they just continue cooling things off.  The absorbed energy can’t be what is creating the light, as that would negate the cooling.

Generating light implies that a ghost is made of excited electrons, continually shifting from different orbital levels, emitting photons.  How are they contained?  Ghosts have no mass, so they can’t be made of matter, so there are no nuclei for the electrons to orbit, and furthermore no electrons themselves.  Where is the light coming from?  How are they creating photons from nothing, with no source of energy?

Ghosts defy the laws of physics

(that’s the hot take of the century)


Its that time again!

Amanda and Dakota delve into another Cryptid 101 Origin Story, but this time we head to Scotland and Loch Ness to discuss one of the most popular and world renown cryptids of our era, The Loch Ness Monster.

With appearances dating back as late as the 5th Century, the Monster has hundreds of visual sightings as well as a treasure trove of encounters & strange occurrences in the deep and dark waters of the Loch.

So tune in now, Nessie is a watin.

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I had a recent experience!

I had a vivid dream of a ghost, I couldn’t see it but it would manifest as great fears people have. Near the end of the dream I was tasked with killing it, so it appeared to me as a cat to make it harder for me to kill it (I love cats). I fought with it and it obviously scratched me up and fought back. I never ended up being able to kill it before I woke up.

When I woke up, I had to go to the bathroom so I got straight up and went into the restroom. I looked in the mirror, and saw this on my chest. It faded alittle before I could take the photo but you can still see it.



One of the creepiest phenomenon’s on the planet is that of
Doppelgangers. A Doppelganger is an exact double of a person. Some call it an
evil twin. It is also known in Irish folklore as a Fetch. It is generally
thought that  seeing a Doppelganger is an
omen of bad luck.

For example, in 1617 John Donne, a famous poet, saw the
Doppelganger of his wife while she was away having a baby Only later he found out
she had given birth to a still born child.

Other famous examples include Catherine the Great. One
evening while she was lying in her bed, a number of servants came in and
frantically told her they had just seen her walking into the throne room. Not
long after she suffered a stroke, which eventually killed her a couple days later. 

Elizabeth I had a similar experience. She went into her
chambers one night only to find herself already lying in bed. This double
appeared deathly ill. Only a few days later Elizabeth herself died.

Finally, Abraham Lincoln described an experience in which he
went to look at himself in the mirror, only to find a Doppelganger looking back
at him. Purportedly the image looking back at him did not match up to his own
reflection. It looked pale and sickly. When he told his wife about it, she
claimed it meant he was going to be elected for a second term in office, but would
not live to see the end of it. She was right.



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“A Murky Path Down Archer Avenue” short documentary


Of all of the unsettling denizens of the paranormal that could pop out of the darkness, one of the odder has to be the pale face of a humanoid creature beyond description, eluding all attempts to categorize it. These gaunt, hunched over specters seem to haunt the fringe of reports of the mysterious and supernatural. Yet there are countless such reports coming from people from all walks of life and from all over. Here is a selection of various reports of spectral, deathly pale beings that are humanoid to some extent, but most certainly not human, circling out past the boundaries of the truly odd.

One witness brings us the story of an anonymous Reddit poster who says he had a very spooky encounter in 2006 in rural Arkansas, in the United States. He claims that this happened when he was only 12 years old, and that he had lived in a modest house nestled on around an acre of land out in the boondocks, surrounded by dim woods and its only tendril to the outside world an unpaved dirt road meandering off through the trees. Making the whole scene even spookier is the alleged fact that there was a big old abandoned slaughterhouse somewhere back in the wooded area, as well as the remnants of some burned down house owned by anonymous parties long since gone. Whether this had anything to do with what was to come or not, the witness describes the whole area as rather “mystical and special,” as well as “odd in general,” and that his encounter would happen one evening when he went out to lie down on the outside trampoline after an argument with his parents. It was just him and that big sky with a full moon framed within it, and he says of what happened next:

So I’m laying on the trampoline, and other than the moon there isn’t any light aside from the porch light which is a ways behind me. All of the sudden I vaguely see something move. Its coming from the lot across from the dirt road, and its coming towards me. We had a Boston terrier at the time and at first I figured it was him. But as it got closer I knew that’s not what it was.

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Seguin Lighthouse

Located on Seguin island is the second oldest lighthouse in Maine,
Seguin Lighthouse. Although it shines a bright light onto the sea to guide sailors
home, it is also known for its dark history.

Legend has it that in the 1850s a lighthouse keeper got
married to a young woman. Newly-wed, the keeper decided to bring his new wife to
Seguin Island. However, being isolated from everyone and everything caused the
bride to become severely depressed.  In
order to help with her depression and boredom, the keeper had a piano shipped
to the island.

This was a great way to distract his wife at first. However,
either due to only having one piece of sheet music or because she was going
crazy, she played the same song over and over again.  Eventually her husband snapped. He took an axe
to the piano smashing it to pieces. However he didn’t stop there. He then
turned the axe on the wife, hacking her to bits. Finally, after realizing what
he had done, he turned the axe on himself.

Although the lighthouse is abandoned, it is not empty.
Ghostly sounds of a piano playing can be heard emanating from the building. Also,
there are those who claimed to have seen the spirit of a man holding an axe
drifting through the site. 

(Sources: Worlds Scariest Places)