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A nuno is a type of nature spirit in Philippine mythology. They appear as diminutive, dwarf-like people with long beards. They are often depicted wearing a salakot, a traditional wide-brimmed hat. They live in anthills and termite mounds.

The nuno’s purpose is to protect nature. They must be consulted when a tree is to be felled or the ground is to be dug up. Otherwise, the nuno will inflict a curse upon those who disturb the natural world. These curses can range from making excessive hair grow on the target’s back to the victim vomiting up blood.

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Hello dear followers and others who may see this post. Since it is Friday 13th, I thought it would be nice to reach out and see if any of you had any spooky experiences you would like to share. These can be ghostly encounters, a meetup with a cryptid, or perhaps a creepy experience involving the living. Anything goes. We’d love to hear from you

During college, I worked as a ride operator at Knott’s Berry Farm, whose claim-to-fame is being America’s oldest themed amusement park, and being notoriously haunted, as many of the buildings in the aptly named “Ghost Town” were taken from actual abandoned towns throughout the Wild West.

Of course, I heard ghost stories from coworkers, but being a level-headed, scientific-minded person, I dismissed them. A trash barrel moved on its own? Must be a cockroach or something underneath. Queue chains swaying without anyone nearby? Perhaps it was a breeze that I just didn’t feel. Weird voices early in the morning before we opened the gates? Has to be odd acoustics.

I had a “scientific explanation” for everything I experienced … until one morning, when I had opening shift.

I honestly loved opening. You got there half an hour before anyone else. No workers, no crowds, only an occasional maintenance cart speeding by. Our job was to wipe down the morning dew and collect maintenance sheets, checking if a ride was down for the day or if it passed. This morning was chilly, a little foggy, absolutely perfect to me. I was collecting the sheets for Camp Snoopy A, which included the Flying Ace planes, the tugboat (back when Reflection Lake still existed), Snoopy’s Gr8 Sk8 (no longer exists, thank God, I hated that ride), and the Grand Sierra Railroad (kiddie train, best ride for an operator!)

Gr8 Sk8 had a metal ramp up to the ride loading area and control booth, and since it was tucked away in some shade, it collected a lot of dew, so I had to make sure the seats were dry.

While I was wiping them down, I heard a child’s giggle. Obviously, so early in the morning, this was worrisome. Had some child managed to hide out all night in the park? I called out and searched all around. I looked in the bushes and even under the ride, within the gears that lifted the ride back and forth.


I called out again, searched more, really listened hard for breathing, shifting shoes, anything. I shook my head and figured I needed more coffee.

I went down the ramp and began to head across the causeway to the train. Halfway across the road, I heard the metal ramp behind me vibrate.


No like a little pop from temperature change, but like a child was stomping down. As I spun back around, I could SEE the ramp shivering as a bombastic STOMP STOMP STOMP echoed through the park.

Then I heard the giggle again.

Okay … officially freaked out.

If this was a kid … I mean, maybe he was under the ramp? Hitting it? With his fists? I began to walk back, when I heard the train bell ringing.

Ooookay … not possible. That bell does not ring on its own, especially on a day with no wind. You have to really tug the cord hard to get it to ring, and the engineers were not due to arrive for another half hour.

I thought maybe … MAYBE … this was a maintenance person having some fun, or maybe it really was a kid playing around, so I cautiously approached the train station. I didn’t any workers, and the maintenance sheet was already filled out, but just to make sure, I checked the Employee Only room that the train engineers use to rest between rides. Sure enough, it was still locked, no one in there. I checked around the train, and the bell was still slightly swaying. I hadn’t just “imagined” that ring. I thoroughly checked EVERYTHING, still trying to tell myself it could have been a child, it HAD to have been something logical, corporeal.

I found nothing.

The train was the last ride to check, and I got out of there before I really did bump into anything unwanted. I decided to keep my experience to myself, rather than have the other employees think I was trying to prank them, as I had so often dismissed the stories of others. Still, later that day, when I rotated into the train, I told the engineer what had happened.

“Oh yeah. That’s the kid who likes to play around Camp Snoopy. He swings in the ferris wheel, too.”

This “kid” was well-known around the Camp Snoopy employees, although few spoke up about it, since the newbies all thought these were mere stories to spook them, and all the veterans knew all about it already. Besides, they were harmless acts. Just some “kid” having fun before the crowds poured in.

That was not the last time I came across something unknown. I did eventually see physical manifestations around Ghost Town, transparent people with hazy, blank faces dressed in 1800s miner outfits, and “The Pets,” a cat and dog ghost who chased each other around the Ghost Rider queue on slow days.

I hired into Knott’s Berry Farm scoffing at the idea of ghosts, and I left convinced that at least something paranormal existed in this world.

Hello dear followers and others who may see this post. Since it is Friday 13th, I thought it would be nice to reach out and see if any of you had any spooky experiences you would like to share. These can be ghostly encounters, a meetup with a cryptid, or perhaps a creepy experience involving the living. Anything goes. We’d love to hear from you

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Tonight is extra spooky due to the full moon. This occurrance is rare and hasnt happened since 2000,and wont happen again until 2049. Take the day to enjoy all things spooky and to practice any spells that take advantage of this special moonlight. Stay safe and remember, keep it spooky.


Living in the Philippines, I have gotten closer to paranormal phenomena than I ever would have imagined… I lived in a house that was shared with a traditional creature called a “dwende” (dwarf).

Many people claimed they saw doors opening and closing by themselves, but I chalked it all up to imagination and/or gusts of wind until it happened to me… I went into the bathroom to change shorts, and immediately felt someone trying to push open the door from the outside. I thought it was someone in the house; I shouted “Hey, someone’s in here” and pushed back against the door… for two seconds I felt someone strong pushing back against me, then suddenly no pressure at all. Immediately I opened the door, and no one was there… in fact, no one was home at all.

On another occasion, I was sitting alone in the living room… late at night, after 1:00 am. I happened to be looking at the refrigerator. Without warning – no funny feelings or anything on my part – I sat there and watched as a shot glass levitated itself off the surface of the refrigerator… there were eight shot glasses lined up in two rows of four; one glass in the back rank just raised itself up in the air almost two inches, hung there in the air for a second (as if to make sure I was watching), then flung itself over the back of the fridge to shatter on the wall and leave broken-glass scraps all over the floor.

I was just frozen – I sat there and watched, out of nowhere, that glass suddenly just lift itself into the air, hang there briefly, then smash itself into the wall.

Again, my girlfriend said “That was the dwende… he’s just telling you that this is his place.” She didn’t see anything unusual at all about a glass lifting itself into the air: that’s just what the dwarf does.


In June 1980, 38-year-old Robert Davidson was driving his motorcycle down the I-74 in Acton, Indiana, when an unexpected storm rolled him. Unable to see due to the extremely heavy rain, Davidson pulled over at the side of the road. Almost immediately, he was struck down by lightening. A witness called 911 but by the time they arrived, it was already too late – Davidson wasn’t breathing. Paramedic Kim Cobb said, “When I got there and saw this man, where the lightning struck it was actually smoldering. It looked like steam was coming out of his wound.”

Bizarrely, the ambulance suddenly lost power; even the back up battery appeared to have died. As if this wasn’t strange enough, a woman wearing a long black dress that looked to be from the Victorian era, appeared from the crowd that had gathered around the commotion, proclaiming that she had to touch Davidson to bring him back to life. She knelt down beside him, placed her hand on his chest, and began to recite verses from the Bible before speaking in tongues. Randy Neibert, one of the paramedics on the scene, noticed that even though it was raining very heavily, the woman appeared to be bone dry. The woman then departed back to the crowd from which she appeared and into obscurity forever.

Miraculously, Davidson then began to breathe and the power in the ambulance came back. When Davidson awoke from his coma, he had no recollection of the accident or the woman in black. Many people who witnessed the bizarre event believe that something otherworldly had taken place. Oddly enough, there was a vacant meadow near the accident site that was once Acton Campground, a 19th Century Methodist spiritual retreat. Many people believe the mysterious woman had been a member whose spirit now resides in the surrounding area.