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Never Ride A Strange Horse

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Daywalkers Paranormal

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This is a serious book on a strange and unusual subject, that of the author’s researches as a sociologist into psychokinetic phenomena (PK). His researches began in 1982 when he befriended members of a PK group in the USA called the Society for Research on Rapport and Telekinesis (SORRAT). The members of this group included the two principal characters in the book, Ed Cox and Tom Richards. Both were academics, one retired and the other teaching. SORRAT’S PK experiments were being monitored by the Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man (FRNM) at Duke University.

To this end a series of apparently controlled experiments took place, which included the use of a sealed mini-lab. If there was any activity in the mini-lab, a motion-censor triggered a movie camera. Other activities involved writing letters to entities who had announced themselves at séances, which were witnessed by McClenon. The entities identified themselves by laboriously tapping out their names (one tap for A, two taps for B etc). The taps were unexplained noises whose origin and loci were hard to determine.

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Super Natural Encounters & Alien Experiences | Whitley Strieber Communion – Coast to Coast AM Alt

Published on Mar 3, 2016

Whitley Strieber has spent his life in pursuit of answers to the great mysteries of the supernatural, so it’s very fitting we start our first show of Mysterious Matters with him. In this interview with Bob Bain, Whitley talks frankly about everything… from the scientific community, who he feels is afraid of finding out the truth, and his ongoing life with his late wife, Anne. He speaks of his new book, “The Super Natural: A New Vision of the Unexplained”, and gives us a hint at what may truly bring answers to us all.

* Do we have the scientific equipment to measure and establish the true nature of unknown phenomena?

*Why is the scientific community afraid to find the truth? Why won’t they ask what Super Natural experiences are and why do they outright reject the very idea?

* Has the scientific community slipped into their own form of “religion”?

* Is theoretical physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku vanishing from mainstream media as a science expert and replaced by an astrophysicist with a closed mind (Neil deGrasse Tyson)?

* Is a ghost outside of nature? Or is there a Super Natural explanation?

* Whitley addresses OBE’s. How many “travelers” are out there, and are they related to ghosts? Whitley also shares a meditation to help those who wish to connect with loved ones across the veil.

* Is instantaneous travel to other planets possible?

* What is it like on the other side of the veil? What is a “Web of Being?” Are we all expressions of a greater consciousness?

* After the interview, Bob gets a surprise phone call…Anne Strieber has a message from the other side.

“Maybe I went too far with this one, but I think it’s just damn well time.” – Whitley Strieber on his interview with Mysterious Matters.

On Today’s edition of Mysterious Matters with Bob Bain, former Coast to Coast AM Weekend Host Whitley Strieber sits down with Bob to discuss his new book The Super Natural: A New Vision of the Unexplained and Whitley thinks he may have gone a bit too far on the show.

Listen to the best Whitley Strieber interview done in years! Some are even claiming Mysterious Matters with Bob Bain surpasses Coast to Coast AM hosted by George Noory.

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Raymond Buckland – The National Paranormal Soc…

Raymond Buckland – The National Paranormal Society:

(Buckland passed away in 2017)