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Sleepy Hollow

In the bosom of one of those spacious coves which indent the eastern shore of the Hudson, at that broad expansion of the river denominated by the ancient Dutch navigators the Tappan Zee, and where they always prudently shortened sail and implored the protection of St. Nicholas when they crossed, there lies a small market town or rural port, which by some is called Greensburgh, but which is more generally and properly known by the name of Tarry Town. This name was given, we are told, in former days, by the good housewives of the adjacent country, from the inveterate propensity of their husbands to linger about the village tavern on market days. Be that as it may, I do not vouch for the fact, but merely advert to it, for the sake of being precise and authentic.

 “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” – Washington Irving

Anyone familiar with the area now called “Sleepy Hollow” should be well-versed in its peculiar “history,” or at least its peculiar legend.  What is now considered Sleepy Hollow was once North Tarrytown and the site of one of America’s most famous ghost stories.

According to Irving’s tale, there were many ghosts and ghouls said to haunt the town and it was those stories that sparked the imagination of one school teacher, Ichabod Crane.  Though it is implied through Irving’s words that the most famous of those spectres, a headless Hessian horseman said to chase individuals before vanishing in a flash, was the work of a romantic rival, this has not stopped Sleepy Hollow from being unofficially called one of the most haunted towns in America–and nor should it, according to plenty of current residents.

Within Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, it is said that there is a statue that weeps with soft though audible cries and some have even claimed to have felt wetness upon those cold cheeks.  Dubbed “The Bronze Lady,” most of the witness testimony found is that of young teens and children who are often the most daring when pressured to investigate.  The statue dates back to 1903 and has been a staple to the cemetery’s aesthetic for a long time since.  Other notable ghost stories include sightings of Washington Irving himself wandering about in what is supposedly his old home on the bank of the Hudson, Major John Andre, a Revolutionary War figure involved with Benedict Arnold who is even mentioned in Irving’s tale, and a woman named Hulda the Witch who fought for her home against the British despite having been feared and despised by her neighbors.

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Military Bases and Strange Encounters With Supernatural Entities | Mysterious Universe: undefined

Why I do not go near Ouija boards.


I know I mentioned in a previous post that a lot of people around here are very firmly against using Ouija boards and similar tools, regardless of one’s skills and experience in dealing with the paranormal and/or supernatural, and I’m gonna expand on it just this once. This is, of course, my personal opinion on the matter, and not a claim to any sort of universal, objective stance. This is how I was taught, and what I’ve concluded after years of thinking and reading up on it.

In Sweden, teenagers like to play around with a “home-made” version of the Ouija board, that we call “Anden i glaset” (the spirit in the glass), which is usually performed on a home made board with the alphabet and all the other things you’d find on a regular Ouija board, and a drinking glass is used as the planchette. The procedure is the same, as is – unfortunately – the results.

I consider Ouija board to be doorways, and the use of them to be open invitations. As opposed to when you attempt to contact spirits on locations, you have no control over who or what will accept your invitation to come through. Usually, I describe it as opening the lid to an old, deep mine shaft; you can’t see how deep it is, or what’s in there. But you’re up there in the light, and the things in the mine shaft can definitely see you.
When you contact spirits on location, you’re setting up a limiter for what you’re contacting; you’re trying to talk to whatever spirit is there at the location. Meaning, the ones who are already here and that we can more easily prepare ourselves to deal with if they should be of a more negative type. You are in control of the situation. 
The same goes for many different methods of summoning spirits, or using tools to contact them – because, again, you are setting up firm boundaries regarding what spirits you want to talk to, and the extent to which they can communicate with you.

With an Ouija board, you’re going in blind. You’re opening a doorway, but have no way of controlling what comes through that doorway. You just made a come one, come all type invitation, and anything and anyone looking to come through will grab the opportunity when you present it to them. 
This is why so many demonic encounters, hauntings, oppressions, and flat out possessions happen in the wake of people using Ouija boards – especially when those using the board are either 1) young people, or 2) people who don’t believe it really works, and therefore do not take the risks seriously. 

Demonic entities are intelligent, as we already know, and they will happily pretend to be benign entities for as long as they need to if that means they’ll get to safely act out their plans once the board has been put aside and people won’t expect anything to happen.

But Loke, you might object, should you really say anything about this topic since you’ve never used a board yourself?
Yes, yes I should. I was forbidden from using Ouija boards, or participate in anden i glaset, or any similar practices for very good reasons. Teenagers are vulnerable to malevolent entities, because they generally have so much energy and stuff shifting around in them, since they’re growing and developing into adulthood. This is pretty well known, I think, and it’s an important fact. When your energy is unstable, your defenses are weaker, which makes you vulnerable. This gets extra serious if you are sensitive, because you are going to be a very big target. They’ll want you, because you’re sensitive, and you’ll be so much more fun to play with.

But I have seen the effects of these practices. People around me who played with the boards, who had some very disturbing things happen to them and their lives afterwards. There were threats to them and their families, hauntings, oppressions, some really suspicious cases of “bad luck” ending in physical injuries, attacks, etc. Then, of course, adding to that all the documented cases around the world where things have gone even further. 

So for me, this is is a case of “know that you are human, and that you are not invincible”. In other words, don’t mess with things you can’t fully understand or control. And thus, I stay as far away from these things as I can, and do my work in ways I am comfortable and experienced in.

Naturally, there are very experienced people out there using Oujia boards as part of their practice, and I neither can nor will say anything about that. I still don’t approve of the boards, but I would never tell an experienced sensitive/medium/magic worker how they can and cannot practice.

But when it comes to the other people – the teenagers, the people thinking it’s a funny game, the people who don’t believe in it and thus don’t feel the need for caution – I will remain very firmly against using it.

To me, the price and the risks will just never be worth it.

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In Greek and Albanian folklore, an Aerico is a demon of disease. They are usually invisible, hanging unseen in the air, though they can take the form of a human.

Aerico are blamed for spreading sickness and disease, such as the plague and malaria.

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Me and my friends went exploring the place shown in the pictures when we found a large room only accessible by a small ladder leading to it, once we climbed up we noticed the horrible smell and the freezing cold (it’s in South Texas during summer so 100° everywhere else) in the center of the room there was a large animal and the ribs were all spread apart and the organs where pulled from it and it didn’t have a head. We didn’t go anywhere else after that, just got the hell out of there the bottom picture is the only picture we got of it. We went back about a month later and the room was empty, smell was gone and there was no blood stains.

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A Teenager’s NDE – Cardiac Arrest at 16 – Reunites with Grandmother.: undefined

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In Danish folklore, the helhest is a spectral horse associated with death and disease. It is always depicted as having three legs, and stories exist of it being sighted throughout Denmark.

One place the helhest is most associated with is the churchyard of Aarhus Cathedral. Legend says that a man inside the cathedral once spotted the helhest outside. He was traumatised, and would not speak of what he saw. A short time later, he fell ill and died.

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7 August Events That Caused Hauntings | Ghosts and Ghouls:


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FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife Paperback – August 25, 2010

by Nick Redfern

For decades, stories of alien abductions, UFO encounters, flying saucer sightings, and Area 51 have led millions of people to believe that extraterrestrials are secretly among us. But what if those millions of people are all wrong? What if the UFO phenomenon has much darker and far more ominous origins? For four years, UFO authority Nick Redfern has been investigating the strange and terrifying world of a secret group within the U.S. Government known as the Collins Elite. The group believes that our purported alien visitors are, in reality, deceptive demons and fallen angels. They are the minions of Satan, who are reaping and enslaving our very souls, and paving the way for Armageddon and Judgment Day. In FINAL EVENTS you’ll learn about the secret government files on occultists Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons, and their connections to the UFO mystery; revelations of the demonic link to the famous “UFO crash” at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947; the disclosure of government investigations into life-after-death and out-of-body experiences; and an examination of the satanic agenda behind alien abductions. FINAL EVENTS reveals the stark and horrific truths about UFOs that some in the government would rather keep secret.

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A 15-minute painting of a Woman in White.

Archer avenue?