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Car was making strange noises. Wanted to see i…

Car was making strange noises. Wanted to see if we hit anything. 1-22-18

Driving over third bridge when out of nowhere …

Driving over third bridge when out of nowhere our car started to make a really awful noise. (No we didn’t hit anything!) 1-22-18

The drive over third bridge!

The drive over third bridge!

The road coming up to third bridge. It’s a wee…

The road coming up to third bridge. It’s a wee bit spooky isn’t it?

for your post about third bridge, it made me really want to share my experience. i’ve been once and…

for your post about third bridge, it made me really want to share my experience. i’ve been once and it was by far the most paranormal/generally really weird and intense experience i’ve had out of all the paranormal and abandoned sites in colorado i’ve been to. it was me, my boyfriend, and our two other friends. on the way there was when the weird stuff started, they talked about trying to “find” third bridge before but somehow ending up on what sounded like riverdale road, despite the amount they traveled could’ve only been within the area of third bridge. it was really strange. but anyway, we get there and decide to park at the bottom of that little hill. we all joke around and my boyfriend is kinda wigged out. we got there around 6 or 7, and the weirdest part is that when we left it ended up being around 11pm, almost midnight. it only felt like an hour maximum that we were there. we stayed in the truck, being dumb teens we pretty much talked trash to the spirits the entire night. not too much time passed before we tried to leave, drove down the bridge and made a U-turn to go back up the bridge and we stalled on the hill. my boyfriend and his friend hopped out and decided to look at what was up because it seemed like something with the battery. both my boyfriend and his friend pretty much went white, and started freaking out and got back in the car and wouldn’t talk about pretty much anything. i finally got through to them, and both of them told me they saw a little girl in a white dress. we tried to leave, but it was like the truck was moving in sludge and we couldn’t go more than maybe 5-10 despite trying to floor it. i don’t know what really happened, but we were on the bridge top of the hill again and it was dark out. we didn’t really get out much or anything, but when we did there were small handprints from dirt on the tailgate of the truck (VEEERY distinct, esp since the truck was white) and tons and tons of them coating the back window. it also looked like there could’ve been footprints in the bed of the truck. we then started hearing the drums, we all kept getting a little freaked out. i remember the feeling of being watched. i think i got bored at one point and was just staring off into the trees for a little while before realizing i could see a bunch of people in the brush and all that. all four of us also saw hands climbing up from the side of the bridge, and me YET AGAIN being a stupid teen wanting to antagonize spirits, i walked to the side of the bridge and looked down to see nothing. i turned around to make fun of my friends for being scared and to make fun of the place being hyped up BS, the drums suddenly got way louder and we all turned towards the possible source of the sound. note: my friends were toward the other side of the bridge where the truck was, all looking in that direction. i immediately turned back toward the brush on my side of the bridge due to it sounding like it was right next to me, and then something prompted my boyfriend to run to me, then i felt multiple sets of hands try to shove me. got reaaaally close to falling head first, boyfriend got there just in time to catch me. at this point we ended up just straight up leaving, and the entire stretch + the paved road until we got to the main street was eerily dark, we also all could see horses running through the fields, along with hearing the drums. when we all got home we pretty much messaged each other at around 3:30-4am, talking about having crazy dreams and/or hallucinations that all followed the same common themes (i.e. looking in the mirror and seeing blood coming from mouth or nose, seeing a girl in a white dress when walking/outside, dreams with the drums increasingly getting louder until you get jerked awake, being shoved into things, small handprints on mirrors and glasses when none of us live with small children, etc.). it was terrifying. lasted exactly 9 days, and then we all kind of acted like it didn’t happen. that entire experience still trips me up.

Edit*** A personal story from one of our followers. This is absolutely terrifying. It goes along with what a lot of stories are. If anyone has any personal stories from their ghostly adventures we would love to hear them!

Here are some reports of what other people said they have…

Here are some reports of what other people said they have experienced at third bridge. We have had similar experiences to some of these. Have you ever been? Have you had any similar experiences? What do you make of these ones?

News article- 2016 wreck

News article- 2016 wreck:

Video coverage of the car accident in 2016