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1948, The Death of Thomas Mantell

January 7, 1948, would be a day of tragedy for Captain Thomas F. Mantell of the Kentucky Air National Guard, and his family, friends, and fellow Guardsmen. The Mantell case will forever be an important part of the hotbed of UFO reports of the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

He would have the unfortunate distinction of being the first human being to give his life in the ongoing chase for the elusive truth behind bizarre reports of flying craft from other worlds.

Was his sighting a carry-over from the foo-fighters of World War II? or were they altogether another phenomena?… a phenomena that was just out of his reach. He gave all he had to reach this mysterious, intelligently controlled metallic craft, but whatever it was, and whoever controlled it, escaped that day… the day that Thomas Mantell lost his life.

Mantell was piloting an F-51 that fateful day, soaring to Standiford Air Force Base, Kentucky. He was accompanied by three other Guard planes.

At approximately 1:30 PM, the Kentucky State Police began receiving reports from worried citizens of spotting a large circular object flying over the city of Mansville. In a matter of minutes the area of the sightings expanded to cover Irvington and Owensboro.

This large, metallic flying craft was then clearly seen from the tower of Godman Air Force Base. The object was described as being an extremely large, round, whitish in color, with a red light toward its bottom side, and seemed to be moving slowly toward the South.

Detailed Official Report On Harrowing Encounte…

Detailed Official Report On Harrowing Encounter Between F/A-18s and UFO Surfaces: undefined

The US military really doesn’t want to talk ab…

The US military really doesn’t want to talk about UFOs anymore: undefined

The incredible revelations about UFOS of Sun S…

The incredible revelations about UFOS of Sun Shili, a former Chinese Foreign Ministry Official: undefined

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Richard Dolan. The Navy & UAP: Controlled Disclosure Continues

The U.S. Navy recently stated that it is issuing new guidelines relating to UFOs or UAP. It’s noteworthy that the Navy acknowledges the proliferation of unknown objects penetrating sensitive airspace, something that has occurred for decades. But another trend is at work: the ongoing rebranding of UFOs into UAP. Removing the baggage of the term UFO also means siphoning out the history of military confrontation, of crash retrievals, and even of apparent alien encounters. It’s part of a slow process we can call Controlled Disclosure.

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The Inevitable End of UFO Secrecy

Posted: 29 Apr 2019 06:22 AM PDT

UFOs have always been an unspoken part of our world, something that remains officially denied but which is in fact believed by enormous numbers of people, many of whom work within the classified world and know the truth.

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UFO:s Reported by Airline Pilots. The reason why pilots don´t talk.

Published on 12 Feb 2017

UFO:s Reported by Airline Pilots.

Pilots may lose their jobs if they talk about alien and UFO sightings, could it be the reason why we don´t hear more from them.
Most Famous UFO Sightings in History

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“Stand Down”, RAF Jets Told Not To Pursue This UFO 

Is It All Just UFOlogical History Repeating?

Is It All Just UFOlogical History Repeating?: undefined

George W. Bush HUD Secretary Fitts explains …

George W. Bush HUD Secretary Fitts explains how USA lies!

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