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I think I may have seen a UFO.

I was on my way to my hospital rotation early this morning when I notice a particular looking star. But it wasn’t a star, because stars tend to have a white glow about them, and this particular object had a blue glow. It was also two distinct circles so close to one another but far enough apart that it did not morph together. Many thoughts crossed my mind. “Maybe it’s an airplane” but unlike airplanes, the object remained stationary like it was hovering midair. I kept driving down I-35 keeping a close eye on this object, waiting for logic and reason to sink in so it could be explained away rationally. But the object remained in place. I could tell I was getting closer to the floating orbs as it seemed to become more distinct. Eventually I was forced to pass directly underneath the object, losing all sight of it and losing hope of debunking my queries.

Has anyone else ever seen anything like this in the sky? Could it be a drone?


Stunned Witness Captured UFOs Rendezvousing Over Yvelines, France

2019-10-05, 11:32 PM, Yvelines, France

Witness states: It was 11:32 PM in the area of Gambais on October 5, 2019 when Lys Orlova was heading for a night out but from the moment she opened her front door she felt a strange atmosphere, “there was no noise no wind, it was cloudy” Lys told me. She went on to say that she was not prepared for what she was about to witness this night. At first Lys noticed three of the objects which formed a triangular formation only to be joined by five other objects. Lys Orlova told me that they formed a Pentagon and was moving slowly from left to right, “it was pretty big and it disappeared in the clouds.” she added.


UFO sighting over Clermont, Florida

MUFON Report: 103967

2019-10-12, Clermont, FL, US

Witness States: “Unknown Glowing Object from SSW to NWW”


UFO SIGHTING over Ocean City, New Jersey.

9/14/2019. 8-9 EST

Witness states: “I noticed something bizarre in the sky. If you watch the footage, the three points of light appear to be a triangle that at one point looks like a pyramid with a forth light. I have tried to get my exact location with coordinates (39.2565393, -74.6323995) I don’t know why I stopped filming honestly, maybe just too much anxiety/excitement cause I had idea what to think in the moment. I will say fireworks did go off right in front of whatever this was after I stopped filming, but you could still clearly see the lights. I did not watch them disappear but once I got back into our car and rounded the corner of the liquor store, they were gone.”

Senators get classified briefing on UFO sightings: undefined


UFO Footage Filmed Over Lake Norman In North Carolina

That’s about 25 mins from where I live


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Multiple UFOs Recorded In Oxfordshire – April 9, 2016


There is no story of the unexplained more bizarre, more outlandish, more “Wisconsin” than the one I am about to relate to you.

At 11:00 AM on April 18, 1961, Joe Simonton was sitting in his rural Eagle River home enjoying a late breakfast when he heard a commotion outside. When he investigated he witnessed a flying saucer “brighter than chrome” hovering above his house. The craft eventually landed in his backyard. The saucer opened up. Sitting inside were three mute aliens which Joe described as “Italian looking.”

Joe was given a large container, and somehow discerned that these strange creatures wanted water. When he returned with the liquid, one of the aliens was cooking pancakes on a flame-less cooking appliance. The creatures gave Joe the pancakes, saluted him, and flew away south, into legend.

Despite the incredible, even silly, details of this story, it was investigated by the United States Air Force, and is listed in their files as “unexplained.”
If you’re wondering, Joe tried one of the pancakes, which he said “tasted like cardboard.” He gave the other two cakes to a Vilas County ufologist. I’m not certain whatever became of these tasteless culinary oddities.