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Sitting outside last night watching the sunset with my husband (we have very pretty sunsets here). As the sky was moving from day to night we saw a bright white UFO opposite the sunset. It wasn’t going super fast but certainly faster than other planes we’ve seen. No noise. No blinking lights. Just a big white light cruising across the sky. I rarely see them out so early in the evenings. It was a nice treat for sure.

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??….Паула Гилли наблюдает за небом в течение довольно долгого времени ищет аномалии в небе, кроме того, она наблюдает и контролирует Луну, Солнце и другие планеты с помощью своего телескопа……11 сентября 2018 года в 18: 59 во время мониторинга Сатурн Паула увидел то, что она никогда не видела раньше, точнее, запись показывает неизвестные лазерные лучи, идущие от Сатурна……Паула: “я увеличила контраст и насыщенность и увидела много форм пикселей, даже квадратных, но никогда не видела лазерных бимпикселей?“Это что-то новенькое!”.

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(via Silent Black Triangle UFO Caught on Man’s Cell Phone Over Chicago 👽🛸🌜🛸🐙🛸👽)

Here is a silent, Black, Triangle UFO as seen over Chicago Illinois at night time and as you can see it is very, very clear. A guy called Mr Rand snapped this on his cell phone and was stunned because this did not make a sound as was stuck there in the sky as if it was bricked into a wall. It was silent and seemed to defy the laws of gravity. Is this a man made Unidentified Flying Object or is this a well, Alien made Unidentified Flying Object? There is no right or wrong answer because it’s not likely to be identified, officially. 👽🛸🐙👽🛸🐙👽

“UFO” over Queens – Strange glow…

“UFO” over Queens – Strange glowing light captivates residents!

UFO Encounters Escalate Intensity Worldwide …

UFO Encounters Escalate Intensity Worldwide [SIGHTINGS]

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Strange Light Videotaped over Toronto Sky …

Strange Light Videotaped over Toronto Sky

Thanks to our good friend Paul Shishis, who saw this phenomenon a day earlier, and sent us links to this report.

 The city’s skies lit up Thursday evening with what appeared to be a fireball-shaped object hovering in the night sky.

The mysterious, large ball appeared before midnight, prompting reports of UFO sightings in Pickering and Scarborough. 

 The strange glowing orb flickering in the eastern sky caused quite a stir on social media, with numerous Twitter users sharing photos and videos of the unidentified object, which one user said just hovered in the sky instead of moving or disappearing. 

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3 UFOs spotted in the night sky of New Jersey,…

3 UFOs spotted in the night sky of New Jersey, triggering row over origin: undefined

encounters with strange creatures from ship th…


encounters with strange creatures from ship that come from out of this world 👽👽👽🌌😬

theufos51: MUFON Case: 94920


MUFON Case: 94920

2018-09-15, Margate, NJ, US

“Very bright egg shaped lights in the sky hovering then moving Amdahl glowing different colors.”