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UFOs over Popocatepetl volcano


Check out this interesting video compilation of a bright UFOs in the sky above Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico. 

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UFOs and the Media: Disinformation or Disclosu…


Triangle UFO TR3B Sighted Over Winchester, E…

Triangle UFO TR3B Sighted Over Winchester, England ( May 19, 2018 )

UNEDITED WITNESS STATEMENT : UFO Sighting & Lights in sky winchester, england

City in England
Winchester is a city in the county of Hampshire, on the edge of England’s South Downs National Park. It’s known for medieval Winchester Cathedral, with its 17th-century Morley Library, the Winchester Bible and a Norman crypt. Nearby are the ruins of Wolvesey Castle and the Winchester City Mill, a working 18th-century corn mill. The Great Hall of Winchester Castle houses the medieval round table linked to King Arthur. 


weveneverbeenalone: They’re Not From Our Ocea…


They’re Not From Our Oceans..

Massive UFO Landed Mount Adams



Three Dark UFOs Cross the Moon [SIGHTINGS]

Three Dark UFOs Cross the Moon [SIGHTINGS]: undefined



In 1948, Joao Prestes Filho came home from fishing with his friends. Filho lived in the village of Araçariguama, which had no electricity and was isolated. When he got home, he tried to open the door to get inside, but the door was locked due to his wife and children leaving for the night to attend a carnival close by. After attempting to open the door, he managed to get in though a window that was opened. Once he was inside, Filho got the feeling that he was being watched, and looked out the window. He saw a glowing object that shot some kind of beam at him. Filho covered his face and collapsed after getting hit with a red light that burned him. In a panic he ran out the door to his sister’s home, where it was revealed that he was badly burned. His burns were severe and he was taken to the hospital, where he later died. Oddly, while at the hospital Filho’s skin began to rot away, and show bone; while his hair and clothes stayed intact. During the last hours of his life, he would have chunks of skin and flesh fall off his bones, and was described as decomposing while still alive.

Richard Dolan Show April 30 2018. AATIP or AAW…


Superb episode. Best bit , IMHO, was the last 30 minutes where Dolan articulates what could well be the PTB’s greatest fear as to why they delay, Disclosure. Makes a great deal of sense and will give some pause.

The Buff Ledge Abductions


Daytime UFO over Medford, Oregon 15-May-2018


This strange craft was seen and recorded in the sky above Medford, Oregon. Witness report: At the Medford airport. Looked up it was hovering and […]

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