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Owls, Synchronicity, and the UFO Abductee

Owls, Synchronicity, and the UFO Abductee:

On today’s show, an Interview with Mike Clelland, author of The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicities, and the UFO Abductee, from December 7, 2015. 

 For more on this topic, check out Mike’s book:

The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee
Richard Dolan Press

Harry Truman’s UFO Briefings. Richard Dolan UF…

Harry Truman’s UFO Briefings. Richard Dolan UFOs The Big Picture.: undefined

Daily Grail on Twitter

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UFOs…Seriously LIVE Ep 7 – Credible UFO News…

UFOs…Seriously LIVE Ep 7 – Credible UFO News and Information:

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We take a look at the serious topic and related issues of objects observed in the skies above us that remain a mystery. Host Alejandro Rojas shares updates and credible information regarding Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) including the search for extraterrestrial life and our quest to become a space fairing species.

Alejandro is a journalist who has covered the UFO topic for nearly 20 years. He also writes about space, science, science-fiction, and entertainment. He has been featured on many television programs and recently gave a presentation on the effort to get humans to Mars for National Geographic’s San Diego Comic-Con Nerd Nite party.

The Death of James Forrestal. Richard Dolan In…

The Death of James Forrestal. Richard Dolan Intelligent Disclosure (live): undefined

Cases of Interest: UFOs creating ‘dead silence…

Cases of Interest: UFOs creating ‘dead silence’: undefined

New Socorro UFO Landing Information

New Socorro UFO Landing Information: undefined

Have you experienced something unexplainable? …

Have you experienced something unexplainable? : nate_beckons:


My name is Nate Brislin. I am a filmmaker, artist, paranormal investigator, cryptozoologist, and UFO investigator. I am the founder and admin of the Association Of Cryptozoological Fieldwork & Analysis (linked below) which is always accepting new members. I am writing this post with the intention of making it easier for those of you who have any strange or unexplainable reports, stories, or experiences to come forward. This is an outlet for you, free of judgement. Please contact me if you’d like to talk. I’d be more than happy to hear your what you have to say with no judgement.



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The Alien Abduction Phenomenon Is Clandestin…

The Alien Abduction Phenomenon Is Clandestine, David Jacobs Speaks Out

“First and foremost, the abductees are not allowed to remember what happened to them.”

 ~ Dr. David Jacobs

Amongst the most controversial people in the world of Ufology is David Jacobs, Ph.D.
According to Wikipedia, the recently retired Associate Professor of History at Temple University specializing in 20th century American history and culture. Jacobs is particularly well known in the field of Ufology for his research and authoring of books on the subject of alleged alien abductions. 

Jacobs obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1973, in the field of intellectual history. He wrote his dissertation on the controversy over unidentified flying objects in America.[1] A revised edition of his dissertation was published as The UFO Controversy in America by Indiana University Press in 1975, and sold out (very unusual for an academic work).[2] 

 As a faculty member of the Department of History at Temple University, Jacobs specialized in history of 20th-century American popular culture.[3] He stated that his current research interests “involve a delineation of the role of anomalous experiences in personal and cultural life.”[3] For over 25 years[1] Jacobs has taught a course on “UFOs in American Society.”[4]

 In this exclusive interview for EMN shot at Contact in The Desert, Joshua Tree California, Jacobs suggests that the abduction phenomenon is not a benevolent, other-dimensional spiritual experience like so many people report. Rather, Jacobs’ research through hypnotic regression with alleged alien abductees suggests that alien-human hybrids are engaged in a covert program of infiltration into human society worldwide. 

 “These human hybrids are training to live here,” Jacobs asserts, “and they are being trained by the abductees.”

And what is the end game according to Dr. David Jacobs?

“The planetary acquisition through the creation of human-like hybrids.”

“The more you look at this”, says Jacobs, “the more rational it becomes.”