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more on alien encounters here 🌎👽🛸🛸👽

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Alien Species “IF” extraterrestrial creatures?

A Brief History of Visitation to Earth | Extra…

A Brief History of Visitation to Earth | Extraterrestrial Technology:


“The ascension of humankind and the rapid development of human technology over the past two centuries have brought different forces to the world, forces who are looking for the possibility to gain advantage and to unite with humanity to gain control of an emerging world such as this. With few exceptions, this was never the focus before, for humanity lived in a primitive state and had not yet built any technology or system of communication that other races could use or benefit from. Native peoples were only of interest in terms of their adaptive capabilities and their knowledge of the local environment. Beyond this, there was no possibility of really uniting with them. The attempt at uniting with human beings genetically, therefore, has only been a very recent phenomenon.”

God and Alien Life | A New Revelation | Newsta…

God and Alien Life | A New Revelation | Newstalk interview with Marshall Vian Summers: undefined



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HUGE: “UNKNOWN” Craft Just Passed Our Moon

Triangle-shaped UFO over London, England …

Triangle-shaped UFO over London, England

London, England – 09-23-18 – The observer and videographer of this event states that he saw this triangle-shaped object flying above his head in London. 

 He states that he just had enough time to grab his 90x zoom camcorder and capture video and still frames of the enigmatic vehicle. 

 The object in question is seemingly unique in its color and shape in that the top or cupalo appears to be off-center as compared to other reports of triangle-shaped UFOs.

Of course with today’s technology it is easy to create something like this and it is wise to be skeptical. 

 You will see a blue color along with gray on the other side with the blue, off-centered top. Take a good look and see what you think. 

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What is behind the decline in UFO sightings?

What is behind the decline in UFO sightings?:

Could’ve fooled me. I could post new, credible, UFO sightings here everyday if I wanted to. 

As Seven Solar Observatories Mysteriously Clos…


The solar observatory that the FBI closed down under suspicious circumstances is scheduled to reopen. But one woman thinks she has the explanation for the […]

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Sitting outside last night watching the sunset with my husband (we have very pretty sunsets here). As the sky was moving from day to night we saw a bright white UFO opposite the sunset. It wasn’t going super fast but certainly faster than other planes we’ve seen. No noise. No blinking lights. Just a big white light cruising across the sky. I rarely see them out so early in the evenings. It was a nice treat for sure.