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(via Jaw Dropping UFO Sighting Over Marseille France 👽🛸🎞)

This UFO over Southern France looks different and as far as UFOs go this has got two colors which are black and silver. It’s flying very slowly almost as if it’s hovering but it’s not. The cameraman is zoomed in fully so the slightest hand movement will make it look shaky although besides that this really could be a genuine UFO incident? We show you them point a few things out and you make the decision and always go with your gut feelings which is what we do. It helps to have opinions as someone might point something out that even we missed. 👽🛸🎞👍🕵️‍♂️🌄🛰🛸👽

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Gold UFO Seen Observing Astronaut On Spacewalk At Space Station, Dec 2018, UFO Sighting News.: undefined



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It is an Intervention with a plan, carried out not by military forces, but by small networks of resource explorers and economic collectives—a lower order, ethically speaking, of civilized life in the universe—here to search not only for resources but for influence in the world, in worlds such as yours, which are so very rare.

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the aliens are coming 👽🛸😱

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Bright UFO Seen By Many Over Chaparrastique Volcano In El Salvador

Date Of UFO Sighting: March 4, 2019
Location: San Miguel, El Salvador
Source: Will Salgado

A very mysterious bright object was seen by many over the skies of San Miguel, El Salvador.

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The extraterrestrial activities are growing. Every year, there are more of them here. They are bringing supplies. They are deepening their engagement and involvement. They are establishing stations of communication in many places in your solar system. They are observing all of your initial forays into space, and they will counter and destroy anything that they feel will interfere with their activities. They are seeking to establish control not only of your world but of the area around your world. This is because there are competing forces here. Each represents the alliance of several races.

It sounds like science fiction but if you look at the history of the ufo phenomenon this is where the cases point to🛸🛸🛸

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What Just Happened Over CHINA? (2018-2019)

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It’s definitely one of the clearest UFOs 🛸 ever caught on camera 🎥. Professional documentary footage captured some unusual footage of a UFO 🛸 only a short time ago. @ufosightingsfootage #flyingdisk #ufosfootage #ufosightingsfootage Posted @withrepost • @quickminute ONE OF THE CLEAREST #ufos EVER #caughtontape
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Alien Species “IF” extraterrestrial creatures

Alien Species “IF” extraterrestrial creatures: undefined