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19 People Describe Eerie Gut Feelings That Pro…

19 People Describe Eerie Gut Feelings That Proved To Be Correct:

“Seeing three people walking down my street and had the worst gut feeling that something was not right with them. I went home, and as it turns out, they broke into my home and robbed me.”

ghost-images: Dark Ghost At Nursing Homehis p…


Dark Ghost At Nursing Home

his photo was taken by a resident of the Nursing Home that my Mom
works in. Prior to the photo being taken, members of the staff and other
residents heard the sounds of a door opening and closing along with the
appearance of a call light turning on and off, yet nobody was in the

From what I have been told this picture had been taken roughly 15
minutes after a patient in the facility had passed on, is it possible
this is the person? Or perhaps ‘The Reaper’? The latter seems to be most
popular among the staff. Thoughts and opinions?

THIS Just Happened Above Earth Idaho Gees…

THIS Just Happened Above Earth

Idaho Geese story:

Saudi hail vids: 

Dallas light beam:

Oxfordshire blue glow: 

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SPACE FEED Shut Down: What Are They Hiding? …

SPACE FEED Shut Down: What Are They Hiding?

Independent witnesses report silent ghost plan…

Independent witnesses report silent ghost plane over Ripley, UK which ‘turned the sky dark’ — undefined

7 of the Most Bizarre Facts About the Bradshaw…

7 of the Most Bizarre Facts About the Bradshaw Ranch:

Named after Hollywood stuntman Bob Bradshaw, who
purchased the 140 acre ranch in 1960, the unusual activity that’s taken place
here is almost too plentiful to list. Here are seven of the spookiest facts
about the infamous Bradshaw Ranch.

reading at The Hauntist.


“When I was young, maybe like, 7, my dad and I went camping a lot, accompanied by his friend, his friend’s wife and his daughter. And each time we went camping, it was in the same place, a completely normal mountain with no particular gory history or weird feeling.

That being said, one night I woke up for no reason in particular. It wasn’t a scary reason, I just simply, got up and walked out of the tent and got face to face with a figure about 30 feet away. The figure must have been like 6 feet tall, looked like it was wearing a cowboy hat, and I distinctly remember it taking one step back. And I just stared, and it stared back. 

Eventually, whatever it was, backed off and turned it’s back on me, slowly backing off of the campsite and into the trees. And I went back into the tent. Speaking truthfully, when I think of it today, I think it’s funny. Ghost or not, I saw something wearing a cowboy hat in basically the middle of nowhere. It’s also a little creepy though I guess, because human or not, it wasn’t supposed to be there.”

By: Anonymous

This Town Wants to Warn You About Its People-E…

This Town Wants to Warn You About Its People-Eating Vortex:

Locals say that the strange anomaly causes people to seemingly disappear, only to reappear later… usually. Some believe it’s just a fun urban legend, while others give stern warnings to stay as far away from Thompson Park as possible. Either way, the new sign’s dedication ceremony drew a crowd of hundreds. The Mayor has since attempted to put the rumors to the test, with admittedly little luck.

“I keep bringing people up here I’d like to disappear but it never happens so we’ll keep trying,” he said.

more at Roadtrippers.


“I’ve only been to one haunted house, and I don’t intend to go back.

While real haunted houses exist, haunted houses with actors are more common and very popular around here. I went to one with my cousin and mom last year, october 15th. It was a house where you followed a story and had to find your way out.

My cousin and I got separated from my Mom, and wandered into a dungeon-themed room. Now, at a haunted house, the rules are ‘If you don’t touch the actors, they won’t touch you.’ So when I felt a breath on my neck, I thought it was my cousin, but she was on the other side of the room. My entire family is black, but my cousin looked at me and I swear on my life her face went deathly white.

I felt like I was in danger but I couldn’t move because someone was restraining me, someone laughing and swaying me back and forth. My vision clouded up and I think I started crying. My cousin was screaming and clawing at whoever, whatever, was holding me back. She pulled me away, and we turned to see a tall, skinny, white thing with no eyes or nose but a smile that radiated evil and makes me start to cry just thinking about that thing’s appearance. She grabbed my hand and we ran out of the house, through one of the emergency exists.

She bought me a water and we waited outside for my mom. When we saw her, the three of us confronted the staff, but they said that they didn’t have an actor that fit the description about the creature.

To this day, I have reoccurring nightmares of standing at the end of a hallway, unable to move, as the thing stands on the other end, smiling.”

By: @sher-the-eggling

Interactive map reveals the locations of UFO s…

Interactive map reveals the locations of UFO sightings every day:


For any of you serious Ufologists out there.