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Travis Walton Drops Some Bombshells I sha…

Travis Walton Drops Some Bombshells

I share some mind blowing new information by Travis Walton who was abducted by aliens in 1975.

5 Photos from Space that have NEVER been Ide…

5 Photos from Space that have NEVER been Identified

strange unexplained encounters and UFOs filmed and photographed in outer space that nobody can explain…

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 5. STS-115
STS-115 was originally scheduled to launch in April 2003. The Columbia incident in February 2003 pushed the date back to 27 August 2006, which was again moved back for various reasons, including a threat from Tropical Storm Ernesto and the strongest lightning strike to ever hit an occupied shuttle launchpad. Re-entry was also delayed after the observation of two unidentified objects in the Orbiter’s path. 

 4. Martian Sol 348 / Mars Opportunity Rover
Opportunity, also known as MER-B (Mars Exploration Rover – B) or MER-1, is a robotic rover active on Mars since 2004. Launched on July 7, 2003 as part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover program, it landed in Meridiani Planum on January 25, 2004, three weeks after its twin Spirit (MER-A) touched down on the other side of the planet. With a planned 90 sol duration of activity (slightly more than 90 earth days), Spirit functioned until getting stuck in 2009 and ceased communications in 2010, while Opportunity remains active as of February 15, 2018, having exceeded its operating plan by 13 years, 295 days (in Earth time). On Martian Sol 348, the rover photographed an unidentified metallic object that was not revealed in public photos until 2017. 

 3.  The Tether Incident
The STS-75 incident is an alleged UFO sighting where the bright spots seen moving in video coverage of a Space Shuttle mission are interpreted as a swarm of UFOs around the orbiter. It has no “official” name and it’s usually described with some combination of “Shuttle,” “STS-75,” “Tether,” “UFO,” and “incident." 

 2.  Apollo 16 UFO
Beginning their return from the moon to an April 27, 1972, splashdown, Astronauts John Young, Thomas Mattingly and Charles Duke captured about four seconds of video footage of an object that seemed to look a lot like Hollywood’s version of a spacecraft from another world. The thing was described as "a saucer-shaped object with a dome on top.” The images were captured with a 16mm motion picture camera shooting at 12 frames per second from a command/service module window. The object appears momentarily near the moon. As the camera pans, it moves out of the field of view. It reappears as the camera pans back. It appeared in about 50 frames. 

 1. J002E3
J002E3 is the designation given to an object in space discovered on September 3, 2002 by amateur astronomer Bill Yeung. Initially thought to be an asteroid, it has since been tentatively identified as the S-IVB third stage of the Apollo 12 Saturn V rocket (designated S-IVB-507), based on spectrographic evidence consistent with the paint used on the rockets. The stage was intended to be injected into a permanent heliocentric orbit in November 1969, but is now believed instead to have gone into an unstable high Earth orbit which left Earth’s proximity in 1971 and again in June 2003, with an approximately 40-year cycle between heliocentric and geocentric orbit.

You Need To Hear This  New report w/ audio:…

You Need To Hear This 

New report w/ audio: 

2017 report:

Something’s NOT Adding Up Here..

Something’s NOT Adding Up Here..

Mysterious Devil’s Footprints Around World – U…

Mysterious Devil’s Footprints Around World – Unexplained Mysteries:



“I grew up in a house that was above my family’s funeral home so often we had to be quiet as we played so as to not disturb the grieving families. This one time my cousins and I were playing some silly game I can’t remember any more. Suddenly, we hear a bunch of people crying. It didn’t bother us at first since it was kind of expected at a funeral home. Except there was no one downstairs, no service, no families. The funeral home was empty except for the people who worked there. And the crying got louder and louder. Female voices crying with such despair even now as I’m writing this I’m getting chills.

My cousin went to check the north corner of the room, and said it seems the sound came from there. My other cousin went to check the west corner, said it came from there. I went to check the south corner, and to me it seemed the crying sounded louder from there. It seemed wherever we went to check, the crying sounded louder on the side we were on. After a while we decided to nope right outta there and went to play in the park instead. Never found out what the hell it was we heard that day.

[Continued in a later comment]

“This one time we were trying to roast marshmallows on the roof of the house (it being the ceiling of the main chapel) when we heard a fluttering sound which we thought was just a dragonfly. But the sound grew louder and I thought it seemed like the wings making that sound were way bigger and stronger. My cousins and I just kept talking and eating until one of them pointed off to one side and said ‘what’s that?’ It was a smallish humanoid figure, at the time I thought it kinda looked like Cell from Dragon Ball because it was green and white and had these black wing-like things. It remained still for a few seconds and then flew away.

Another time I was playing hide and seek with my sister. As I was looking for her I heard knocking coming from one of the caskets. The sound was purposeful, like when you’re in a hurry and want someone to open the door. I knew it was empty because it was in the display room where they kept the caskets that were not being sold, so I went and knocked on the outside, twice. Whatever was inside knocked back two times as well. I knocked three more times and was waiting for an answer when my sister came out of nowhere and said, ‘don’t do that, he doesn’t like it.’”

By: ImaginaryMoon (What is the creepiest and most
unexplainable paranormal experience you’ve ever had?

5 Lake & Sea Monsters Supposedly Caught …

5 Lake & Sea Monsters Supposedly Caught on Camera

Around 95% of the ocean remains to be explored. Are there sea monsters and lake creatures waiting to be discovered?

A second man goes up in flames in England, and…

A second man goes up in flames in England, and police are stumped—again:

The bizarre incident comes a few weeks after London police launched a fresh appeal for witnesses to another man’s death after bursting into flames in front of onlookers on a street in London.

WHAT Knocked These Trees Down? Downed Tre…

WHAT Knocked These Trees Down?

Downed Trees: 

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The Phobos Incident – We Are Not Alone

The Phobos Incident – We Are Not Alone

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