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Taking Tea in Baba Yaga’s Hut:


A little Winter encounter with Baba Yaga 


In his quest to explore the depths of Inquisitorial documentation into historical magic practices in Portugal, scholar and translator of the “Book of St Cyprian: A Sorcerer’s Treasure” José Leitåo has launched another incredible Patreon for those looking to find themselves on the inside of some of the most important research being done in the realm of Iberian magic today.

As with his last Patreon, José is offering an inside prepublication scoop and access to research documents while he is working on them. This is a rare opportunity to support scholarly magical research and gain access to leading edge translations and rare historic documents never before published.

If your interests lie in Portuguese and Iberian magic, the work of St Cyprian, folk necromancy and historic learned and folk magics this project is something you will want to watch unfold.

Give José your support and gain access to occult history as it unfolds:

Inside the central city cemetery

What we believe is an orb getting closer while we sit here.

Riverdale Road 6-1-17

Riverdale Road 6-1-17

Riverdale 6/1/17

Overnight Investigation

On the third I’m doing an overnight investigation with my team PRISM colorado! Super stoked for this! Can’t wait to fill you guys in on what happens! Keep in touch! 🖤🖤🖤

Riverdale road