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Im just curious to know if any of you have been to central city colorado and if you have had any…

Im just curious to know if any of you have been to central city colorado and if you have had any experiences???

Central city cemetery trip three

Our third trip up to central city was definitely more interesting than the first two. It was snowing pretty hard so we stayed in the car for the most part. The gate was closed so we stayed just outside the gate. We definitely felt like something was with us so we took out our pendulum to talk to them.

They told us that there were five spirits with us. Four of them said that they were negative and wanted to hurt us. One wouldn’t really tell us anything. It then seemed like one spirit in particular took over the pendulum. We asked him how old he was and he told us 51. We then asked him what his name was and he told us “I HAVE NO NAME”. If that wasn’t creepy I didn’t know what was.

It wasn’t until the following week when we came back during the day and found the grave of an unknown man who was 51 that did of it make sense.

We started seeing shadows pass by the car and our flashlights started to freak out and not work. We sat there for a while until larissa had said that she felt like she needed to get out. Miranda decided to go with her. They both got out of the car and hopped the fence and started walking towards the gate.

Something didn’t feel right whatsoever. I took out my pendulum and decided to ask the spirits here what they were doing. I asked them if they made them get out of the car and they told me yes. At this point I almost couldn’t see their flashlights anymore. I then asked the spirits if something was trying to hurt them and my stomach dropped when they responded with a yes. We saw that larissa and miranda had made it to the cemetery gate and stood there for a minute. I then saw their flashlights face me and they came running back. When they reached the car they had said that something kept growling at them the closer they got.

We asked the pendulum if it was the man with no name trying to make them go in. It told us yes. We then asked if he wanted to hurt them and he said yes. When we asked how he told us “LOST”. We didn’t really understand what that meant then. After visiting his grave we saw that he was lost for quite a bit of time and it all made sense. We didn’t feel comfortable being there anymore so we left shortly after this encounter.

Central city cemetery

The first time we ever went up to central city we couldn’t find the entrance to the cemeteries anywhere. It simply seemed like they didn’t exist. We drove around for almost an hour trying to find them but it just wasn’t working.

The following time we went up there was a few weeks ago. We went into the cemetery and things just didn’t feel right. Larissa who was driving, was driving a brand new SUV (and by brand new I mean she bought it and drove it off the lot less than a week prior) and kept having her car act up. It kept starting and stopping at weird points where nothing she did could have possibly made it happen. When we got out of the car and walked into the cemetery we kept hearing weird noises from all around us. We didn’t get that deep before we heard what I could only describe as a high pitched growl. Unsure of what it was and hearing things prior we didn’t think it was a good idea to continue. We walked out of the cemetery and left for the evening.