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Walking With Cryptids

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Japan’s Very Own Unknown Animal | Mysterious Universe:


What is particularly intriguing, but also puzzling, about this affair is that sightings of the roughly five foot tall creature did not really begin in earnest until around the dawning of the 1970s. In pretty much every other location on the planet, however, the lore and legends of cryptid apes dates back centuries. While there is no solid answer as to why the Hibagon seemingly surfaced out of nowhere, that does not detract from the potential significance of the encounters.


Witness Captures Video of a Yeti at a Spanish Ski Resort.

A witness who was visiting the Formigal-Panticosa ski resort in Spain, recently captured photos, along with this video, of what looks to be a Yeti roaming around the slopes of the resort. The photos were posted on the forum on January 29th, 2016, while the video was later posted to YouTube in early February.

The witness explains they were out with their friends skiing when they spotted the creature. The witness says they went on to inform the resort of what they saw, but claim the resort didn’t take their story seriously.

After the photos and video went viral, the ski resort took to their official Facebook page to inform everyone that they spoke with the witness and searched the area where the creature was sighted. After finding no traces of the Yeti, the resort said they believe there is no cause for alarm and reassured everyone that security is always guaranteed.

Many of those who are skeptical of the footage theorize that the Yeti was simply a person in a costume. Personally, while I agree with that theory, I’m still very much interested in hearing your thoughts on this sighting. Do you think this being was an actual Yeti? Or was it merely a costumed person?


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Republican Denver Riggleman, author of “Bigfoot erotica,” has been elected to the US Congress.

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